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World of Tanks – 121. Update 1.10.1 buffs the T10 Chinese medium tank, the 121, substantially – but is it enough?


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming is available as a free download.


  1. No one cares about 121 quicky boy

  2. Zach The Northwest Ohio Railfan

    Which one is better: M60 or 121B? I am almost to enough bonds and I don’t want to waste them, or should I not buy it at all?

  3. Still no reason to plat this over obj 430u

  4. would be good to see more battles with it, 2 or 3.

  5. The hitlog was yellow as In reggular WOT

  6. I have been thinking about getting the 121B for a while and now I am surprised nobody talks about that tank with regards to the changes. Will the 121B also get buffed? If not, is that tank now irrelevant?

  7. Pay2win was meant to win, why wouldn’t APCR and HEAT work on this fast armored tank?! lol
    Also, I think QB believes his mediums in the game should bounce most shots.
    (Armor meta only exists to encourage players to pay2win or more often; change my mind lol)

  8. 430U still looks like the obviously better choice.

  9. The 121’s main problem is the horrible gun depression, which has not been improved. But the Obj.140, which is a pretty good tier X medium, got its gun depression buffed from -6° to -7°. As DezGamez put it: Somebody at WG who is able to pull a few strings must have played the Obj.140 recently and has not been perfectly happy with it …

  10. are there any differences to those heat shells with a tad of red? or are they the same, or have they given it a new color?

  11. why bother grinding the 121 even its buff..still 430u best at everything

  12. Last year we have real buffed tanks ( stb-1 line great, kranvgn line decent, leopard 1 great) and you can enjoy and play, this year the buffs are just paper nothing special e100 is4 e5 now mediums tanks, this year buffs are just joke. WG SAY we promise and we buff but actually they clean his hands with some paper and nothing more.

  13. I am E 50 M guy it is my fav tier X
    so hyped when first time i heard about buffs but for the god sake they buffed almost nothing .😣

  14. I just wish they would increase the gun depression by at lest 2-3

  15. 113 is the real tier X Chinese medium tank

  16. Man that furball at C3.

  17. Still waiting for the 113 to get love

  18. I am glad the 121 is getting some love. I enjoy all my t10 meds, but haven’t played it in a long time.

  19. He says “to be able to” WAAAAY too many times in a conversation…

  20. Why can’t they buff Wz-120 gun depression from 3 to 5?! It’s ridiculous!

  21. But WZ-120 single-shot damage is often less than 440 or even 390

  22. erh, 121 is my lowest win ratio tank at the moment, shame shame shame.

  23. Do you think IS7 needs buffs too now? I have it and no matter how well you angle it of hide the lower plate it gets penetrated.

  24. As QB says, constant buffs, fake nerfs such as Wheeled Vehicles and power creeps. We have been trapped monetized strategy by the WG.
    I no longer play this game really enough of wrong directions taken by the WG and state of game design at present.

  25. This still doesn’t change the fact that the Leo is still totally broken OP tank. EVERYTHING about the Leo is good, except the armor. Movespeed like a light tank, the gun pen. is like from a TD gun, the dmg. per shot is almost like a heavy with 420 avr. and high rolls like 500 at least. at with that – the gun has the wooping 1.7 sec. aiming time, pretty much no dispersion while moving and 0.28 stationary. The reload time is also good enough. Overall – I mean to say that for example now with this 121 ..the Leo is still more powerfull and better pick then the 121. On teory the 121 has armor.. but we all see that the armor doesn’t really matter, especially against gold spammers (which is another topic..) but with like 280 /ish pen. of the Leo – he didn’t need gold APCR’s to pen the 121.

  26. 121 or 121B? What is the different?

  27. I wish AMX 30B would get some love too.. the current state looks underpowered

  28. WG: 5% of all ammo shot are premium ammo

  29. Armour buffs only apply to free2play players

  30. I still prefer my 121B as it has the same armor as the buffed 121 with a better gun and dynamics.

  31. Why didn’t they buffed it in a different way? Now it’s more like a obj 430. They should have buffed even more the mobility of the tank and nerfed the hull, so the tank would be a very fast tank with 440 alpha and would be played different to the 430 and had his own playstyle

  32. 4.17
    Pretty sure it must be 121 and not 430 whoops 😉 great vid anyway!

  33. Did they change the HEAT icon? It looks much brighter and more yellow than before.

  34. 0:52 That is not correct. Only AP gets faster, HEAT and HE got nerfed to 907 m/s.

  35. “Invest as little as £1 in the leading companies on Trading 121” – literally my most common and most annoying advert in existence!

  36. The 140 got the best buff imo. While using the new 7 degrees of gun depression the upper plate is now an autobounce.

  37. I saw the NA Server October Sneak peak shows the 121 will be the On Track/To of the tree on October 5th. Been waiting a while for that discount to buy my WZ-120 and try and reach the 121 shortly after, Also about 900 bonds away from the 121B as well.

  38. 0 DMG blocked. Armor has been sooo powercreeped in WoT. I feel in every Tier there are like 5 Tanks that can rely on their armor, everything else just gets penned by paper Tanks and/or gold

  39. Lol the 121 got buffed but so did the 140 😂 why would you play the 121 when an already amazing tank got buffed

  40. I’ll never understand why ppl spam gold only on the testserver. doesnt make any sense

  41. I only read the article… But where is my t-34-2 penetration buffs… 🙁 I do not fire prem rounds. So when fighting heavies i literally can’t do crud…

  42. The vid shows nicely what a bs gold ammo is yet again. The single most fun destroying thing is gold ammo. You learn to sidescrape and angle etc and then instead of being rewarded you just get goldspammed and yourself why you even bothered learning it…
    I wish they’d just nerf gold shiz pen i to a place where skill matters instead of spam…

  43. This makes me feel better about grinding this line

  44. 😍😀 I love playing 121

  45. I was playing the 121 before the buff and I’m gonna play it the next patch, it’s my favourite tank with 113. But 121 really needs that love, it was underdog. It cant compete with other t10 tanks, 277 had the same mobility as this with better armor and gun. 430U put this tank to the shadows so it’s nice to see that tank get stronger

  46. They should have left it’s hull armor the same but just increased its side armor to make it like 100/110 so it can side scrape and give it its own novel gameplay, especially because it’s turret it’s the anything crazy but oh well it being OK at everything it does is at least a little better than it was before

  47. Do you use a 4k monitor?

  48. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    The upper plate should be around 150mm, it’s going to keep suffering a lot. The gun handling is still horrific and the differences between tiers 8-9 and 10 are getting bigger and bigger. Remember the 430U only received the nerf in the cupola that went from 330 to 295…what a ”nerf”.

  49. You know pretty much everything you have talked about the newly buffed 121 in the video, the hitpoint, the armor, over-matching that poor STRV, the 430U is equally as good, if not better. Maybe except for the DPM, but the 430U is just a better tank. I’d like to see how you do in the newly buffed 121 on a live server with decent players.

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