BUFFED E 50 M – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – E M. Update 1.10.1 made a tough tougher! But is it enough in 2020?


World of Tanks Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Better but still not a competative tank.

  2. WG-
    Yeah, give it some cheek armor and call it a buff.
    What? Its still a piece of crap?
    Yeah, just buff the Obj. 140

  3. E-50M is Weaq

  4. 2:34 obj 430U lowest roll possible, WG pls buff. Needs +200% alpha damage and a min roll of -0%, a max roll of +5000%!!11!1
    Also buff armour, else this tank not relevent. 500mm of all round armour would be a good start

  5. Once I get my laptop back I think imma start going towards this, just looks fun tbh.

    Edit: brilliant stream today as well.

  6. Just another tank to dab the 2 key against

  7. Looks like the dollars per minute algorithm kicked in at the end their to let the maid kill you and end the game faster

  8. Juan José Del Pino Rivas

    The team held up well on Ensk until the 279 fell. That pretty much sums up what the games are becoming. E-50M is better now but the dpm is still too bad.

  9. 47 shots only 2 misses mmmmm

  10. i shot an e50m in the turret 8 times with 320 pen heat. didnt damage once.

  11. still weak QB , lols

  12. hi quicki, a question why is your WOT LIVE STREAM so bad because of the contrasts. but your yt videos are so much better there?

  13. BlackWolf Space-Cowboy

    I thought the Armor was going to be 262 in the front on the M and 230 on the IX E50. Looks like that’s not the case. Was reported the other way initially.

  14. QB easily impressed with his own gameplay here.

  15. There is nothing like the feeling of a high weight e50 storming downhill with 65kmh on a 30t-40t enemy medium tank and see the fear in “his”….cheeks.

  16. Has no one noticed the side skirts on the E50M vanishing and the collision model of the track reworked to weaken the side armour? WG did not say anything of this sort in the patch notes!

  17. E50 M still needs a 10% dpm buff. Its ridiculous that you don get a dpm upgrade from t9 to t10.

  18. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    new code ABODE2020

  19. ROFL, that enemy tvp: Coming through, shot me, if u must, just passing by 🙂

  20. Has 121 been buffed yet? Quit wot around 2 years ago

  21. Hey QB, did you know that the E75 also has this problem? I remember when I was side scrapping perfectly as well but people kept penning me regardless and it always confused me until I looked closer at the models. The E75 also has the horrendous 40mm “side flap” that if the person who’s shooting at you knows about it they’ll easily pen you no matter how well you side scrape.

  22. Sir General Adalbert

    *Petition to make all gold rounds do less damage*

  23. The most toxic streamer ever. QB, you are so nice (kinda) on youtube. But your streams are unwatchable. If you win, you say it’s because you are brilliant. If you lose, your team are morons, complete idiots, complete donkeys. I liked your streams for a gameplay. But your commentary… Absolutely unwatchable. You think too much about yourself.

  24. I put an HE round between my wife cheeks this weekend

  25. I’ll be playing it soon hopefully!

  26. Re-bought the E-50 M and as i’m just an average player, didn’t really notice much difference to how my games used to play out. Good against tier 8-9, need to be a better player than average to be effective at tier 10, and Quickybaby I am not!
    I went head to head with a Obj140 once, it wasn’t even a contest.

  27. its not viable if it cant beat 430u, ranked is infested with these things

  28. Tvp 50/51: “bye,have great time…”

  29. still easily penned… needs lower plate buff and side buff bc this thing only bounces tier 8s

  30. Plot twist – emil kills the e50

  31. Hey so guys, I wanna start playing WoT. I currently play WoT Blitz and I wanna WoT.
    So just wanted to ask if it’s hard to be a F2P
    Coz I watched QBs videos about how hard is it but he’s P2W so ofc it’s hard for him to be a F2P
    So I wanted to ask the player base
    Pls tell me what you think

  32. why would wargaming remove the Wt Auf E100 on the Pc version but not the Console version?

  33. please make a 113 review

  34. When you lose cause enemy hit 1 in a million shot…

  35. That last part shows the ninja nerf WG did on the E50M by removing the mudguards as spaced armour. Compare to the armour model from 1.9

  36. So i guess the maus did win the loterij

  37. E50 and E50M are not tanks that can be damage monsters i.e DPM
    However, you have consistency and can assure you that you can make that damage due to their accuracy and penetration value. Love them

  38. I played my E50 yesterday. It’s gun is scary!!! So many shots on the move go in, crazy!!!

  39. The Big Plus of the E50M is not the High DPM But it Delievers the Dpm that it have.

    What helps You high Dpm when half of your Shots don’t connect to the target the E50M Delievers

    Good Dispersion Values and good accuracy ftw

    The Plus of Armor is good enough

    When you want the same Tank with high Dpm same extremly good Gunhandling and better MM take the tier 9 E50 with the long 8.8 and full Gold this Thing with the buffed 280 alpha oblitarate other tier 9 and lower Tiers and have much fun with it

  40. The e50M is taller than the maus? Interesting. How did a tall tank like maus shoot up into a shorter tank on the same elevation. Nice try. Think before you speak.

  41. how about his brother e50

  42. Thanks to QB, thanks to you I don’t get bored during online lessons.

  43. Can someone maybe help me out:
    I played WoT for years, took a one year break and now I am back. I search for a new tank-line to play and would prefer meta tanks. Is there a list of meta tanks or where should I look?
    Thanks in advance

  44. What an ridiculous shot of that Maus

  45. E 50 M is weak

  46. Still such a fun tank. One of my enjoyable 3 marks to do

  47. ive owned 6 or 7 tier 10s and sold all but the e50m, so glad i kept it. Still need to earn LOADS of credits to get the 6 back and the extra 4 ive researched, the credits in this game are so annoying to earn.

  48. Spartan_Reaper_ 777

    contact meadsy69 and do a showcase of world of tanks blitz, I play it a lot and I want to see your reaction because of how similar and different it is to world of tanks, and mb ask wargaming for a cc for wotb to use in the video

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