BUFFED IS-4 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks update 1.10 significantly changed the IS-4 – here’s all you need to know about this dominant brawler!


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  1. I didn’t realise how boring world of tanks really is Till this morning wow What a waste of time. Oh well

  2. Really hope that WoT console receives the same balancing as PC…

  3. I’ve always wondered what Kappa.txt means

  4. Oh Boy! Another SOviet Heavy that you can Barely pen with Heat from the front.. Wargaming Does it AGAIN!

  5. Just hopped into mine after, I dont know how many years, and got wiped. Played 3 games and was embarrassed. The meta is gone for this tank. Still blocks damage(if its not gold)but the gun is wretched.

  6. This battle on stream was funny af

  7. So far I like all of these changes, but can somebody please tell me how should I set up my bat-chat to comeback again, it was a great tank but now it is not worth the time I think…

  8. I just love the way WG is trying to phase out the effectiveness of the 155mm on the T30, T95, T110E3, and 4 tanks.

  9. Yeah we need more rng. There go to nerf making everything less accurate. Great thx wargaming.

  10. What Equipment did you use???

  11. The e100 is a super heavy yet it has one of the highest dpm in a heavy its like 3250 dpm. Its crazy

  12. Yes my first tier 10 tank got some love finally!

  13. I think it needs more ammo now

  14. Funny quote of the day: “Quite a lot of tanks in random battles don’t fire HEAT rounds”… LOL

  15. Mališa Jevremović

    Nerfing acc killed this tank for me completely. Now you NEED to be close to enemy and that means that the enemy will 100% load prem ammo and still pen you everywhere.
    So at the end, nothing really changed, tank is still bad as before.

  16. Hajrus NomoreNeeded

    Waiting for buffed T110E5 review

  17. All this shit buffing just makes people shoot more gold. And that is shit. The gold needs to be removed and week points need to be introduced to all tanks.

  18. Woooow, QB….you rule in tier VIII with IS 4…Sooo impressive. You could do all that with Defender.

  19. I never liked russian tanks i just didn’t like the way they felt but the is-4 feels different it doesn’t feel russian

  20. russian bias + pay2win
    @11:40 uhhhhhh…a lot of ppl spam pay2win at me in random queue…

  21. I got a death threat post-match because somebody couldn’t pen me with gold rounds. 🙃

  22. finally my favorite tank is getting some love :-). I can play it again! 🙂

  23. QB the EU server must be a LOT different to the SEA SERVER. It’s about 75% gold rounds over here. I almost fell off my chair when you mentioned gold rounds in pubbies.

  24. I didnt like the gold spam especially in a -2

  25. Whenever I hear you talk about the IS-4 I help but think of the time that peppidy trolled you at gamescom.

  26. well u are abit late

  27. U now need 330+ pen for e100 turret anything less u won’t pen

  28. Upload daily please

  29. Why play this over IS-7 though?

  30. I’ve been stressed till Appletoolz on 1nsta gram get my l0cked iphone 11pr0 max permanently !n minutes, he’s legend

  31. Finally the german tier 9 tanks are playable again. They didn´t penetrade anyting before the update.

  32. worest vid patheticbaby ever did… is4 lost his stupid weakspot on top ok but thats it. end of the story!

  33. jesus christ if you think this tank used to be bad you haven’t touched a m4 54 or 30b or most french tanks to be honest, i mean great another russian tank is now really good, how exciting! yeah now even more RNG needed to pen that tank, also invicible turret like every russian tank yayyyyy

  34. 7:52 “can you believe it E100 shoots the back of the IS-4 and only manages to track him”, yes, yes I can without a thought believe that, there is nothing surprising about that the IS-4 not taking a hit from the back it literally has better armor composition on the back and sides than the front of a m4 54, people think their good players while invincible in a tank with no weakspots like at 6:22 with a barely hull down position and then complain about not have enough shells to shoot…

  35. They buff then nerf..buff then nerf..it keeps people grinding and spending..the games just a pay to play wankfest now..and these YouTube channels are making money out of it too..

  36. Meh it’s still going to gather dust. Upper tiers just aren’t fun IMO. I’d rather derp around in low tiers and not care instead of getting screamed at by teammates as i get gold spammed and lose thousands of credits. Not really the IS-4’s fault it’s just how the upper tiers play

  37. Heavies are a bit too crazy now. There are too many heavies that are heavily armored, and still go almost as fast as a medium and hit too hard.

  38. The IS4 didnt need a buff…i played it in random and even ranked battles i did verry good compared plaing with E100 pre buff was just sad i dont know how bad the E100 is now but i think it still needs a better turret at least!

  39. It’s funny how CC gets very good MM against tier 8 and in the real world it never happens. Looks like is designed to make morons think that this is the game in real life.

  40. Dort gibt any Money to wargaming and take a Look to QB s bad enemyteams in Tier X. Its cheated by WG, so u buy Tank and think how easy its to play. Next time you realize, that u got a other Tank as QB.Weak, Bad Gun and shells often bounce or dort hit inner the Aimcircle. No money for wg!

  41. QB needs to go pen himself useless

  42. snowisthebestweather

    My first tier 10 finally got a buff.

  43. I’ve only played two games with the buffed IS4 so far, with the result that one was the best game ever, even though it ended in a draw. The old IS4 was deplorable, always missed everything, always got penned by everything bigger than L-Traktor, so I’m very happy with the new specs.

  44. Top tier replay with tier 8 tanks doesn’t show anything, the IS-4 is still trash, so many better heavies to go for.

  45. The IS 4. Now more mobile than a rhino that does crossfit.

  46. Hopefully it comes to console

  47. I love the new IS-4. I even enjoyed it inside of the test server where everyone fires gold.

  48. When ever I play tier 10’s which isn’t often, I get all tier 10’s.

  49. I am very surprised with this buff, now it is a pretty decent tank. Before buff it was completely garbage, now I really enjoy to play with it.

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