BUFFED KV-3 – 1 v 6 – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks update 1.10 buffed the KV-3 substantially and McDom165 of the NA server is going to show you how it performs!


World of Tanks is a 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. Is tier 7 tank is still better

  2. NERF it Nerf it! And quickly have a sale on more French premium artillery.

  3. Treavy timelapser Timelapser of 3D printing

    Everyone says the tiger was a heavy tank at the start of ww2 but during the end of the war it actually was a medium tank

  4. Wait…what?? WG buffing armor to get more people to spam gold? no way.

  5. Will not watch have already seen this on Lacho

  6. I absolutely love the kv3, even more than IS.

  7. i just grinded through the kv 3 🙁

  8. Cant keep up with the new videos

  9. Lol when he shot that HT No. VI then QB says how did he manage to overmatch that tank! I was like.. ughhhh what about the pixel snipe ? 4:05

  10. That was awesome! I have a KV-3 but had stopped taking it out cuz the turret couldn’t hold its own. Might have to take it for another spin to see how well it preforms.

  11. The amx should have fired at him point blank, it s much more agile and faster than the kv

  12. Hey Quickybaby, the beard’s looking good man. You are taking on a dashing rogue appearance, and I think it works well for you. You are blessed with looking young, and this beard in combination with your hair gives a great look that appropriately ages that baby face ha ha.

  13. 9:25 , They call him 007. 0 kills, 0 assists, 7 deaths

  14. I use it on the way to IS2-2 and I loved this tank.

  15. Hey!!!! Can you hear it too??? I think that’s German tech tree crying in the corner so sad

  16. christopher holladay

    I have been playing the KV 2 KV 3 and the KV 4.

  17. That m44 clearly has never played a non-arty tank before lmao. What a potato

  18. That is not a place where xou are safe from the arty (at least if I play arty) 😉

  19. Is it just me, or is his crosshair always micro jumping the Moment he fires? @quickybaby havent you noticed?

  20. russian accuracy right here: 4:07

  21. Spamming gold ammo helps a lot as well.

  22. Yesssss more replays

  23. The IS and the KV-3 are two of my favourite tanks. Overall my stats are pretty trash but I’ve had some fantastic games in those two, they’re just so easy to use and do well in

  24. QB’s bear is getting longer. he might be a viking someday.

  25. Being in this final situation I would stop breathing because of an unhealthy mix of excitement and fear. And what does this guy do? Chatting about the Kolobanovs Medal. Man of Steel!

  26. 1:58 the arty shells are so cinematic like he called them in

  27. Vijayaditya Madduri

    wait, this tank needed a buff?
    I used to play with this tank for the double barrels. I always used to do 2000 damage and bounce or block 1000 to 1500 damage only problem with the tank is that it is really huge and is vulnerable to spg, it has armor, high alpha and tolerable penetration why this tank ever need a buff i dont understand

  28. I feel inspired after watch this awesome gameplay, and when I play…. I die in seconds

  29. The Legendary Commander

    This tank was my favorite tank to play

  30. That zoom should be illegal

  31. I love dominating in that tank. I remember when people used to say it was a “not super good” tank. It has always been one of my favorites. You could dominate with that alpha dmg.

  32. Fun fact: this is the first time qb ever featured the kv3 on the channel

  33. Just more Russian bias 4:00

  34. I loved playing in the KV-3 when leading up to the IS-2-II but I am thinking about going back to the kv-3 to move up the other lines.

  35. Big thank you QuickyBaby for great tech tree tank replay, especially superb, that it was lower tier. Thank you.

  36. That last shot was a bit too high. Hmm. Well, it happens to me too. Well played and RNG cooperated.

  37. Snyone noticed the strange crossair moving at about min 6?

  38. My name being Dom makes me happy to see this video as it just makes it look like i was the one who did this 😀 yeah go me!

  39. What about the recently buff American heavies? Please???

  40. This vehicle actually made me quit the IS-4 lineup, back in the day. It was huge, not mobile, it was penned by everything….. It was such a shame, as I really enjoyed the T-150… you felt like a heavy tank.

  41. You should play with 06wallst in his ELC EVEN 90 or with lemmingrush, my guy. You’d be a pretty awesome combo

  42. did he overmatched the top off that japanese heavy tank shows you what.. shows you what russian bias does in this game.. the arties missed them micro nope again russian bias hahaha lols.. but overall well played offcourse!

  43. quicky baby may i ask you willl you see my best battle *yet* with the parnhard amd 178 i think its good eneogh also sry for bad english im from poland

  44. Great play….but I thought zoom out during actual gameplay was a banned mod?

  45. Qb video idea
    A vid on the VK 28.01 as you said

  46. Unnecessary swipe at SPG players. You are better than that.

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