Buffed Object 140 Went From Good to Super!? | World of Tanks Object 140 Gameplay – Update 1.10.1

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Source: DezGamez

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World of Tanks Update 1.10.1, Buffed Object 140 Gameplay. World of Tanks Object 140 Buff, 10 Medium Tank. World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Test Server Review. World of Tanks Объект 140.

► World of Tanks Update 1.10.1 Patch Notes: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/general-news/1-10-1-CT1/

Chapters in the video:
00:00 | Introduction
00:30 | Object 140 Buff Introduction
02:10 | Giveaway Announcement
06:15 | Giveaway Details
07:40 | List of Buffs
08:15 | New 3D Model
09:30 | Where The Buffs Matter?
10:25 | Equipment Setup
10:53 | Idea for WG
14:39 | Live Battle
20:01 | Conclusion

Today I am going to jump into Object 140 after definitely more than half year not playing with it. Why? Because in the Update 1.10.1 it is going to be buffed and we are able to test it out on the test server. Let's see what it has to offer now!

What do you think?


  1. I wonder how many people here know of the object 907. Personally I’m keen to see this buffed in hopes that its used more in Clan Wars.

  2. Object 140 just became an absolute soviet boss on a ridge Line (correct me if I misspronounced)

  3. That The Boys tank seems bad for me, but my friend kinda liked stats of that, so i would like to win that giveway, and manage to get that tank to my friends account

  4. This tank is outdated. Leo, stb etc. get buff now they are much better. Buff is needed.

  5. Personally, I would prefer no giveaways and no ads. After so many they are just repetitive now.

  6. WG always buff the prefered tech tree on RU Server, but the most underbuffed tech tree is UK tree

  7. Of course you like “giving” things away because it costs you nothing but shilling out to Raid… They give everything to you to give away to random people and it makes you look good for doing nothing and taking credit for it. >.> Good times.

  8. Totally agree on having the Rclick demount option from equipment selection screen.

  9. Pls Buff T62a…

  10. Like the idea of demountable button

  11. Press F for us T-62A commanders

  12. The bell announcement has stopped again for me, only see when I open up youtube, no emails…….

  13. bruh… lmao idk why but i think hes atcually give away to earn more veiwers and subsribers to make money and giving away more stuff to earn more money and the process keeps being repeated
    and good luck for everyone that wants to enter the giveaway

  14. I totally agree that your idea on demounting equipment would be great and WG would make more gold

  15. Crazy mister Dez.

  16. Hey Dez how do u have tank skin version on the common test?

  17. Im really happy about the e50m buff!

  18. I’m about to like this video, but I don’t like what I saw. Unnecessary buff of russian tank is just BS by Wargaming, every time…

  19. other people: Bla Bla Bla
    DezGamez: 14:55 Yara Yara Yara

  20. i dont have 140 so….

  21. Still on t44 at least my 5 perk crew will rock once I get to the 140 lol

  22. So the 140 is only good if you have a large group of faster mediums to all flank. Plus the reward version of the 140 is better. It’s hull is weak, the engine loves to get lit on fire and be ammo racked fairly consistently. If they get even a slight downward shot on you, kiss hp goodbye. It needed a buff for qp, it’s always been good at dps, but if you can’t effectively trade a shot then why bother compared to other mediums with better armor

  23. Why? Cuz RUSSIA!

  24. This is about the equipment instead of the tank but I am not liking the new system you can’t swap for free anymore and makes the process longer. Anyone else’s thoughts on it?

  25. I guess the giveaway will only be for the EU server

  26. 140 is good for you? XD Nice jokes, its just tank with ok gun, but with bad everything else. Armor? Non existed. Moduls? Burning all the times when hit from front. 140 is just garbage tank.
    430U is better at everything. 907 is better ar everything.
    Even K91 i like more than 140 because his shells are so much better, dpm is better.
    140 isnt just worth time yet

  27. WG: No we dont have Russian bias.
    Also WG: Lets buff OP Russian tanks some more.

  28. I joined the giveaway thank you so much dude you make awesome videos
    I added my own name and wot ign: Hmatemagyar

  29. Your idea is very good, but I prefer to see for the first time WG balancing for real the teams for any battle.

  30. Love my140 now only getting better

  31. cough russian bias cough

  32. In the lower right hand corner, you have a rotating map. Where did you get that? I am new and looking to improve. At the moment, I am awful, but love this game and your channel. Thanks.

  33. Buff OP tenk to Insane tonk….looks like WG have still lot of Vodka:)

  34. Name: Long_Range_Shooter
    Server: EU

  35. Dez, you tease. You have the bike on Instagram, but no motovlog. Sidecar for Dez 2.0?

  36. dog tags are back ? why ?

  37. t62a cries in a corner

  38. Now just make lights great again and delete eber

  39. Warthog Rome Mapping


  40. 140 was buffed in order to make it competitive against 907 for clan wars.

  41. what a good video, thanks for supporting your community, keep it up.

  42. Dogtags are back?! they are definitely not on public server.

  43. i thought this would be a buff that would blow my mind… but… no

  44. what buff 140 got? i think i missed it

  45. No the 140 is not overperforming, its not 2017. It used to back in the day but the tank got power creeped hard. How often do you see a 140 out of clan play? And when you do see a 140 its a tank that gets farmed instantly. It’s not an overperforming tank, it is super underperforming in todays meta to the point where there is no thought of picking a 907 over a 140 in clan play, and when I scroll through my garage to see what I want to play I do not even think of playing my 140.

  46. Dez, let’s be reasonable and objective here(I know it’s difficult for Americans/Europeans to be objective about anything Russia related at this point), but statistics show that the Object 140 has long been underperforming. WG looks at two factors when buffing/nerfing tanks: 1) number of games played over some period of time compared to other tanks 2) Average win rate in said tank. OBJ. 140 has long been lapped by everything around it due to power creep. Honestly, 140 at this point already has the most difficult style of gameplay, because it has a very low alpha(compared to current meta) mid DPM gun and no longer supports armor that’s allows you to “make mistakes”. We have medium tanks in the game now that can go through the 140 turret(no the hatches, the turret) with standard ammo. They are buffing two other underperforming tanks: E50M and 121. In the current Meta, the is objectively in the bottom half of the list of tier 10 meds. I am still waiting for some type of buff for the Cent AX and the Bat25t, because even the BAT has become irrelevant unless you are running full HEAT and Cent AX has always been a bad tank – comparatively speaking.

  47. Loved 140 since I got it, one off my best avg damage t10s 🙂 I’ll take a buff on it tho xd

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