Buffed Up Battle Ratings INCOMING! – February Update – War Thunder

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Source: JustinPlays

BR Changes are coming, soon…

Dev Info – https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/546722-development-battle-rating-update-and-important-changes-to-the-top-tier-air-battles/&_fromLogin=1

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  1. Object 906 to br 7.3 I like it.

  2. If they are gonna bring the begleit to 8.7 they should at least give it its stabilizer

  3. Has anyone been shot down your planes from tanks machines guns like 1 klm away lol

  4. So basically for those part, it’s like let’s keep increasing brs so that things get penned even easier. Point and click adventure game, no longer a tank game.

  5. The Ferdinand was already trash at 6.3

  6. Those PZ 4’s going down might hurt german players more. At 4.0 you get exposed to at least a few more tanks and learn where to shoot before you jump to 5.3 with the tiger and panther

  7. I have never seen a game company other than EA trying to mess with its own player base.
    1. They deliberately slow down the research process by decreasing RP gain, removing air spawn for modern bombers and attackers.
    2. Bombers already suffer from low altitude spawn and get killed easily by enemy attackers. Most people already stopped playing bombers at certain BRs.
    3. Increased repair costs for vehicles which they cannot balance and see “high cost” as a solution.
    4. Premium account used to contribute a lot but not anymore.
    5. ONLY SOLUTION IS PREMIUM VEHICLES…Gaijin = Money Thirsty Company

  8. Strange.. i noticed not a single russian tank was changed in BR especially on realistic. Looks like the whole game is designed arround russian tanks so they can fit best, just my 2cents.
    Uptiering USA and other nations doesnt solve the problems of the game atm. Its not like USA has the highest winrate going on right now. Im not onesided, i also play russian, german and usa high tier. But playing other nation than russia is now a pain in the A55. This game needs to become a game again not a propaganda! One way would be like giving all modern MBTs the same thermal generation like it was in the beginning.

    When i checked last time how many gen3 thermals russia has, compared to germany or usa, i was shocked. Its like a punch in the scrotum right away, with announcement. By equalize all vehicles with thermals to same thermal quality would balance out the game a bit. With crystal clear thermals the russians have a big advantage over all. Seeing an enemy before getting spotted is the key on high tier!

    Moving up the HSTV-L is also kinde ok but again depending who you up against, mostly russia for me. Against russia you literally cant do anything since the active armor stops the shots completely. On 10.7 it will see t72b3 ubh, t90 and the all feared t80bvm more often than it is the case now. we all know were this leads to.. right more frustration.

    You see i’m a frustrated player so i simple could give up and switch to russian tanks and problem is solved, but no. I care about the game and i want a fair game for everyone cause i know the pain of the players who just play for one of the weaker nations.

    The preference of the premium vehicles is another topic. You see this game has so many construction sites but yea its more important to rise the repair cost of some vehicles ad absurdum and tweak BR so one specific nation can feel compfortable. Thats all we get in the past 10 years. oh not to forget the new sounds and the new ground transforming feature very useful-_-

  9. The T-44 going to 6.7 is gotta be the dumbest thing Gaijin has done this week. T-44 is just a dogshit Panther; nearly impenetrable UFP, turret weak spot, but without the volumetric turret blackhole that is gunner optics, good suspension or good gun. Like 135mm of penetration if you use the shell with the most explosive filler, 167mm for best penning shell. The fact that Panthers sit a whole BR lower than a tank with some equivalency should tell you all you need to know about Germain mains.

    Not to mention that this completely ruined the 6.3 lineup that was the IS-2 ’44, 2S3M, and SU-100P. It was perfect, it had a vehicle for every situation.

    • Not to mention it’s going to see 7.7 uptiers into the super heavy tanks that will obliterate it 10 times out of 10. It being the same br as all these other vehicles that completely outclass it is sad to see.
      Might as well just use the 100mm version a br higher.

  10. Dadgum Gaijin just hates the US having any fun at top tier. Everything keeps getting moved higher and higher.


  12. I just want the Mirage F1 nothing else :C

  13. Why TF is the fucking PT-76-57 not moved to 9.0-10.0? This thing is way to OP in its BR, even in 7.7. Fucking Gaijin

  14. Think Israel ground tree could come with it?

  15. T-44 at 6.7 is gonna be “sooo fun”, considering it already lacks pen at 6.3. Chi nu II at 4.7? Meanwhile the tank it is closest compares to, the panzer 4 H, sits at 3.7? Makes total sense with a full 1.0 br difference for 11mm of extra pen while having worse armor?

    Overall i have seen worse br updates (Like when they attempted to put the german M48 at 6.7), but they always manages to sneak in some absolutely stupid changes that makes 0 sense every time.

    • @Daphy Drake I think the panzer 4h should stay where it is, it might have more armor but let’s be honest it doesn’t help for anything anyway, the chi nu is like paper and panzer 4h is carton lol

    • @Daphy Drake and I might just be getting lucky because for me currently it’s performing insanely well at angles not sure if it’s broken or not

    • @Juan It does matter sometimes. With the extra track armor the front hull is about 90mm thick. That’s enough to bounce american 75mm at 500m+ Can’t exactly rely on it due to the bad turret armor and since you can’t really angle. But it’s better then the Chi nu that will never bounce even a badly placed shot. If anything they should both stay where they are. 0.3 br difference rather then 1.0

    • @Daphy Drake yeah play Japan again trust me whatever is up with the chi nu is great, yeah honestly both the pz4 and chi nu could go up, not just the chi nu, the pz4 is a beast aswell

  16. Wait, Stona is a guy?

  17. Opinions can’t be wrong, but it’s close with the T-44 take. Can’t even come close to agreeing with that. Totally unbalanced in uptiers, it needs to be max 6.3.

  18. Hey Justin.
    The Leopard 2pl has gotten a buff sometime ago when it had the dm43 added to it so could you revisit the vehicle once more and clap some russians 😀

  19. Pt 76-57 got an uptier…GOOD!

  20. They need to fix the zoom for the type 74 G it’s horrible

  21. Why is this update bad???

  22. I know it’s absofuckinglutely garbage but I’d love to see the T95E1

  23. There’s literally no reason for russian mbts to go up.

  24. I actually really like these talking head videos, keep up the good work!

  25. true if they give HSTV the proxy shell which its suppose to have and shot it up to 11.0 then im fine with that its brought up to 11.0 99% of the time anyways

    and yea the pen of the HSTV’s shell is subpar and even its velocity is 100 meters slower than its IRL document says and same for its pen since the existing document states that it has similar penetration values as the 105 on m1 abrams surely the old shells not the M900

    if they increase its pen to like just 300-320 and give it proxy shell then 11.0 im more than happy for it
    many people might think proxy is OP but seriously with HSTV’s max ammo count i dare you bring more than 5

  26. Probably not something you would see much but, as an early player, the one that stuck out for me was the up tier of the premium B1ter. That thing was next to impossible to take out at 2.3 and required a swarm to knock it out!

  27. PT-76-57 going to 7.7 is absolutely warranted, but keeping it Rank IV while even the highest TT Rank V vehicles are 7.7 is ridiculous

  28. If the HSTV-L goes to 10.7, i want the apfsds shell velocity to be fixed (missing 10% of the velocity) and it should get its HEVT shell.

  29. Coming back to your channel after a few weeks I have to say the quality of your videos has improved. Not sure what changed, but keep up the good work!

  30. @Ozoah Ameg It could take 60 rounds – the 26 was just a test.

  31. When will the update drop?

  32. heheheh was already running the PT in my 7.7 lineup :3

  33. @Maximilian John true but 26 is whats ingame max and i doubt gaijin will allow it to bring its IRL max rounds

  34. bvm a6 type 10 must be 11.3 and 2s6 must be 11

  35. I can’t understand Russia has 70% win rate but no any nurf. USA the fkcing shit thanks are nurfed. Gajin does not know what balance is.

  36. @Ozoah Ameg I think BR 11.3 wouldn’t be high enough if all informations would be added properly.
    It would just fit to good in the game.

  37. @Maximilian John true but i cant see than happening in a couple of months

  38. T-44 “for the sake of balance”

    It shoots a shell from 4.3….

  39. As soon as I got the US ADATS I stop playing at 10.3 and use 11.0 with M1A1HC, Peten, F-4E, HSTV-L, IPM1, M1A1, ADATS, M3A3.
    I really like the feeling when I can start with a new and complete lineup at a new BR.

    Even if I have a full and insane 11.3 USSR lineup with Su-22M3, Ka-52 and all tanks I don’t like to play it right now. It is just to easy to be a fun competition to get a win.

    The 10.3 US lineup was insanly good to with all the downtiers but at least it helped with the grind.

  40. T-44 at 6.7 absolutely trashed that 6.3 line-up !

  41. Finally the Begleit gets a higher BR! This has been needed for years. The thing absolutely stomps even in full uptier and beyond games. I’m not sure I agree with the Weisel being bumped to 9.7 but all the other changes I agree with.

  42. holy shit the df105 went to7.7??? but the bmp1 is still 7.3????????????????????????????????????? wild ass

    side note, theyre compressing the shit out of the high end this update

  43. blyat must nerf every other vehicle besides russian vehicles

  44. I voiced my opinion on the forums civilly before. It turned sour for people being rude and it felt like the developer that got involved sided with the rude posts not the information from the players that responded on facts and statistics wether the agreed with me or not. With I have not posted on there in awhile.

  45. R3 going to 5.0 sad

  46. Lmao. Ikv 103 with a 400mm pen heatfs round going to 4.7. This may be the most Gaijin br change yet.

  47. The M15/42 going from 2.3 to 2.7 makes no sense at all.

    My max BR to the M15/42 would be 2.0, because the P40 75/18 prototype would be better fitted to 2.3, but still it performed decently at 2.3.

    I honestly don’t understand what Gaijin have in their heads, if a tank is not capable of competing in higher BR, there’s no reason to change it just because players perform really good in it, it would make sense if the tank could perform well in that higher BR but that doesn’t work out with the M15/42.

  48. AGS at 9.7 is just stupid. It doesn’t have enough punch for that. Also, it’s the same BR as M1128 sits at with much better round, while being faster.

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