Buffs & Nerfs To Type 5, EBR 105, KV-2, T49 in 1.13!? | World of Tanks Update 1.13 Big Patch

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks 1.13 Buffs and Nerfs – EBR 105 Nerfed, Type 5 Heavy, KV-2 and T49 Buffed. World of Tanks Update 1.13 Preview, New Ranked Battles and New Equipment Units and HE Changes. World of Tanks EBR 105 Gameplay. World of Tanks KV-2 Gameplay.

► Information from:
– https://.com/wotclue
– https://worldoftanks./en/news/general-news/he-spg-supertest-may-2021/#artillery

As I promosed yesterday, if I have some more info about Update 1.13, then I will let you know ASAP… And so I did!
Today I am going to show you a of buffs and nerfs what they are planning to do with update 1.13 to many legendary tanks, such as KV-2, EBR 105 and Type 5 Heavy!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Video was supposed to be live couple hours ago, but had some audio issues… Ooh, working on fixing them ASAP. 🙂
    Let me know what you think about all of this? Want to see them happen? More/less? Have a nice weekend!

    • Expected KV-2 to get at least double barrel 😀

    • Thrall Dumehammer

      I really want to get the KV-2! Already have T-150 and KV-3, can’t wait to try them out!

    • i guess the ebr fl10 doesn’t get any of these nerfs

    • @THDS It is bit strange when even kv-2r will get nerfed to oblivion when this goes live.

    • These buff wont mean much with the intended HE changes id imagine. EBR HE neffs will defiantly help but its still the mobility as you said. By not being able to perma track them they have an unfair advantage over any tank let alone the other lights.

    • KV-2 wasn’t buffed…LOL…it was nerfed into oblivion….Sorry bro..you lost me…won’t watch this crap again.

  2. this says a lot about the way derp stands in our society

  3. Here we go gain a new Patch that does not fix the clown cars being op what a joke. WG just knows how to make patches but not with no content the players ask for GG WG you know how to stop people playing your game.

  4. Stalingrad map PogChamp

  5. You have great content, but PLEASE take away the background music! Drives me nuts!

  6. A nerf is nice but the next step should be the removal of all wheeled vehicles. They ruin the game and don’t belong in a tank game.

  7. Reducing penetration from 105mm to 75mm on X tier is a mockery of players. They should touch mobility not penetration. The important thing is that RNG is still 25% and the game has tons of premium vehicles. 🙂 Dez, thank you for a beautiful video.

  8. I still think this will make the KV-2 and the other derps useless. Yeah, they’re more accurate. But how much damage can they deal? DPM will sink, while the reload time stays the same.

  9. “gently smack the living hell out of” could be a nice cheesy pick up line and Dez made it up for a Subscription button 😅😂 man I’m dead

  10. Deividas Kimsevičius

    They keep nerfing the lynx and dont touch the EBR 75 FL 10. Retarted company. the lynx is already absolete compared to the premium why do they keep hammering it

  11. Wargaming: make world of tanks great again by buffing the KV-2

    • I dont thinks its a buff für KV-2. Could be wrong…but it think HE-guns will die out after HE-nerf. The reason this tank was strong at high distance was, because he mades lots of dmg as soon, as he at least hits the enemy tank. But after the nerf, he wont do anymore. He HAS to penetrate…and this will not always be the case!

  12. 1.13 is easily the worse update yet, proof that WG only listen to the unicums, how do i know this… well because it was only the unicums that was complaining about HE, they was complaining because people could kill there OP reward tanks with HE.

    And dont get me started on the Arty nerfs.

    Looks like i will be stopping playing this game soon

  13. I still don’t get why would wheeled tanks get such a penetration on their HE shells? Why does a tier 10 heavy tank with 130 mm gun get 53 mm of penetration on HE shells but stupid wheeled vehicle gets 75 with a 90 mm gun… like why????

  14. just my opinion

    So the EBR loses no mobility, what is the point in saying its nerfed? The KV2 should have been given the EBR`s speed lol

  15. Ahh yes .. WG hard at work making new problems, while straight up ignoring their community again and doing what they want .. lol

  16. why nerf the ebr’s accuracy on the move if they could just buff all other light tanks instead… light tanks would have a fighting chance against ebr’s if they weren’t nerfed to the ground in 9.17 after the retarded medium drivers cried about light tanks being “OP”

  17. EBR needs more nerf on mobility,max spd and must be posible to track him. Type 5 need this buff.

  18. People still playing this game? Lol

  19. the wheeled thingy have better hit ratio than German tanks kappa

  20. Wheeled vehicles will always be overpowered while they do not take damage when performing manoeuvres that would cripple/destroy other tanks or wipe out their crews and have that ridiculous auto aim which allows them to do a triple barrel roll 50 feet in the air, land, with no damage or injury to crew, and immediately lock onto and hit an enemy tank.

    The HE nerf is good but I guess that just means well all just be facing gold spamming EBR 105’s instead now. These changes will make zero difference to the actual problems with clown cars.

  21. Random Bystander

    Nerf ebr camo rating/view range .. currently its untrackable, mobile, high camo values, accurate otm gun stats, high view range. Most tier 10 lights and some mediums only have 2 out of the several stats that the ebr has, there is no reason a scout should be able to out preform most scouts and mediums

  22. About Type 4/5 buffs:

    Woudnt it be ok to give its 15cm a similiar accuracy/gun handling like for other guns of this caliber – as seen in E-100 or 60TP? And the 14cm a “something good” acc/gun handling.

    I cant see the japanese being overpowered then…

  23. Alexandru Marzenco

    Too bad they want to cut the penetration on HE for EBR

  24. Butch E30 M3 s14

    In real life a rim of a truck can be penned by armor piercing .50Cal, even 7.62. Yet a Jpz E100 only does a crit? Lol

  25. robert chadwick

    Glad about ebr HE change if it goes through, mobility I don’t mind and if they flank me shoot me in the arse that’s fine and good gameplay, it’s when they the other side of the map auto lock while doing rollercoaster impression and pen you through front armour and angled.

  26. They are nerfing the Lynx??? Really. That’s pathetic

  27. I think youre missing a important thing on the kv2 buff.
    If they improve the aiming speed while turret traversing, but at the same time they increase the turret traverse velocity, that means that the aiming speed remains the same.

  28. ebr 105 why why why they nerftet like 3 times alredy i dont like the changes man ):

  29. They nerf all those he’s but not arty ones….

  30. At the very least, one thing that they need to nerf from cars other than their stupid stabilization are their shell velocity, especially HE.

    I don’t really mind if their HE are good against stationary TD or arty, but their ability to right click and left click moving light tanks are ridiculous. Nerfing velocity and stabilization will give other light tanks chance to fight the cars as intended, as they are supposedly worse at dogfight against other lights.

  31. CharlyDontSurf1

    Thx Dezzi👍👍👍

  32. KV2 more accurate oh no, stop twisting my arm Dez. No HE splash not worth playing.
    Wheeled clown car “nerfs” would be nice however I won’t hold my breath until I see it in the game.
    Thanks Dez for another great video

  33. Lucky me. As soon I trained Ishtar in Eve Online it got nerefed. As soon as I leveled Nightblade in Elder Scrolls Online it get nerfed. As I’m about to research Lynx 6×6 it will be nerfed.

  34. It is stupid, that the wheeled vehicle is possible to turn that way, and as you said, to be able to move at all after being shot in a wheel. They could give it a fast, really fast repair but not like this. These vehicles are still overpowered a lot.

  35. Why can’t they just cancel auto-aim on all wheeled vehicles?? or double the dispersion values when auto-aim is used…. something that can go 90kph zig zagging and still auto aim BOOM! 500 damage to you is an absolute joke.

  36. Rheinmetall Panzerwagen cries in corner 🙁

  37. nicolas scalese

    Type 4 and type 5 are unplayable

  38. Wheeled cockroaches are an obscene aberration that need to be deleted from the game.

  39. HE pen on clowncars will still be too good – they have mobility and maneuverability, so they can get to others rears and pump HE even with low pen there. Also, premium cancer is intact, mobility of them intact and vr of tier X intact, so it won’t matter that much.

  40. Not enough nerfing in the wheeled vehicles. In fact they should be nerfed out of the game.

  41. Kv2 buffed to satisfy all the crybabies but fv4005 stays the same because it performs as expected. FYI there is no Russian bias in this game ….

  42. Rashan tanks still not OP enough! Buff some more!
    Fucking moronic WG…. 🤮

  43. Maybe type 5 heave howitzer gonna be good.

  44. From 105 to 75!? Wtf??!
    Bigest nerf ever.
    Why not to 90mm it would still be a nerf, anyways in most case i shot regular ammo with ebr.

  45. This is what will happen after version 1.13 release:

    – If you see KV-2 on the enemy team, just hit the ‘Esc’ key on your keyboard and select “Back to garage”.
    – If you playing KV-2, just shout ‘RUSSIA!” (USSR!/Soviet Union!/Stalin!/RUSSKIE! should work fine too) and all enemies will be back in the garage.

  46. I hope the EBR nerfs are enough to prevent people from wanting to play those things. Less EBRs equals better games that last longer and are more fair to actual tanks. Now lower the numbers of artillery per game to two max Wargaming. Thanks for the update Dez.

  47. what i think ? i think that WG has absolut no Brain. 2 EBR and 3 artys per Team is unplayable. And so long this fucking shit MM does not fix i dont change my mind about the stupid WG Guys

  48. I love how auto generated captions mess up your words so much XD

  49. The EBR still needs to be screwed up,because every other spotter loses its meaning!!!This game used to be much nicer!!!

  50. Like usual, crybabies anywhere. Why all complain about ebrs? Yes, annoying, on some way impossible sci-fi mobility…but, why then ppl not farm this line, and we not have 15vs15 ebrs? Anyone who have and try it knows, this is not easy like when you watch yubito replays.

    I also long time just refuse to farm it, lost tons of nerves when meet ebrs in game, just like artys, or meet to anyone knows idiotic OP tanks in game. And give to self this satisfaction to be one of OP ebr notorious players and open this line.

    And what is fact. Linx, omg what a bad tank, weak, without gun support…ebr 90, also poor weak clown car…ok, then come ebr105. What to say, yes, ridiculous how you can drive this clown, but, frankly, why you cry babies not open line and try this op clown car? And find biggest disappointment in game. Just on few map ebrs is good, other maps is just pain in the a.s playing this clowns. Other thing what is must important to be good for ebr is good and tactical team. This days this is biggest joke in game. In most cases you play like lone wolf, spot but no one care about that, and of course, if you spotted, you are primary target. Of course, any one except from you to make miracle in game if you in ebr, because he is most op tank in game. Sure, he is, you right, loool. And after lose, who is guilty? EBR player of course.

    After all, ok, have it, play it, have fun, have frustration, and at the end, when from inside me jumping out funny kid, take ebr and jumping on dunes, driving rally in enemy lines, and with pleasure put it back in garage. This WG s..ts with buffs/nerfs is total stupid and told everything about that company and how care about wot community. EBR is nothing special. At beginning strange and fun for play, but after first hype, next step is cooldown phase. So, give to crowd something to can talk like stupid and useless buffs/nerfs and pathetik patches, in other time not talk about we are most greedy gaming company. EBR is strong, yes OP on some way, but it is definitely not for anyone, and not for most maps in game. And try to thinking on this way, if you learn how to shot ebrs in full speed, then you have Jedi skill and really not be worried about killing any tank in game. Can cry babies can learn that?

    So, don’t cry and whining, try ebrs and you will see that is not so easy to be OP on battlefield. You need tons of exp and patience to learn how to make this finese in driving, and really can tell “I’m a good ebr player”. Other is just usual whining from cry babies, they always have complain about anything.

    “If you don’t know how to beat them, of course, nerf them or remove it from game.”-usual cry babys thinking.

    And again, WG buff/nerf something because don’t know, and don’t want to change major thing-own greediness, in same time not care about biggest sh.t RNG in game world, stupid MM, after last patch games with 5 6 7 lts or TD (Dez, you asked SS for strange MM games, if you need it, have one with 3 LT and 9, yes, f…ng nine TDs. But Wg just care about selling more and more prem tanks, and destroy anything what is worth in this game. And they do it this job perfect, nothing to left to ruined, game is already s..t. Well done WG.

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