BUG? – Char Mle 75 as a SINGLE-SHOT Tank in World of Tanks, LOL

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Source: DezGamez

WG is well aware of it and are investicating the issue, but would you like to see it staying in the game? of Tanks Char Mle 75, Tier 9 Premium French Ligth Tank. Holiday 2023 Loot Box Tank. of Tanks Holiday Ops 2023 – Loot Boxes, Free Gift Tank, Rewards.

The hidden secret “feature” with the tier 9 light tank Char mle 75… You can play it as a single-shot tank.

What do you think?


  1. More and more people keep messaging me about that, so decided to make a quick vid about it… What do you think? 😀
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  2. I’m here too !

  3. Oh, hello Dez 🙂

  4. Wow.. nice bug 🤣

  5. Niceeee!

  6. Maybe i should actually apply to WG as a Software Developer when stuff like this get’s published 😀

  7. It’s hilarious haha. You can duke so many people especially end game.

  8. Dez prepare your self for unexpecet patch that destroys this bug

  9. Players find a glitch to save them ammo and credits in game. Wargaming then drops everything else in development to find a way to fix that glitch lol.

    • Been that way since day 1. There could be a game breaking but and they will ignore it for almost a year but s glitch like this? Patched in 1 day usually. Lol

  10. Is that how we get ghost shells in other tanks? What happens when you are left with 3 or 5 shells to load for last clip?

    • no, with the char the shells aren’t even spawned. it just plays the shooting animations multiple times.

      i tested with 5 shells, the first free fire normally, and after that it just fires the 2 shells normally without any additional particles

    • @KptKosmit91 thx!

  11. It’s not a bug…..it’s a feature…


  13. Chronological Gamer

    Short video today?

  14. Its not just a bug, its a cockroach…

  15. ”i found…” oke…

  16. I would like just a single shot. Wasting rounds is not good.

  17. no i would not like to see it

  18. DezGam,es even BZ and ironarnie is broken as hell . more and more game go towards pay to win . and power creep old tanks. thank you for video

  19. Its certainly a bug. If it was intended it wouldn’t go through the 3 shot animation/sound. I expect this mistake will be patched out shortly.

  20. It’s clearly a feature, keep it 🙂

  21. Should remain a feature just the animation. It is not that easy to master and even harder when on the move.

  22. It’s clearly a bug, but I want them to make it into a feature.

  23. There should be mode when you can shot once per 1 sec. And the other mode Rapid fire

  24. The magazine got loose during the travel mode switch

  25. If the devs can figure out how to stop it, it’s a bug; if they can’t, it’s a feature.

  26. oh boy it still playsthe animation …. this can be used as bait to pretent you used all the shots

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