BUGGIEST TURRET EVER | Challenger HULL DOWN Let Down (War Thunder Tanks)

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Source: PhlyDaily

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Thumbnaill by : https://live.warthunder.com/post/740106/en/


  1. play the t55

  2. If anything you beat his reload because of your crew skill. Not everyone can afford the jack their crew.

  3. the challenger lives true to the fact its the most accurate MBT when it first came out at long range! xD

  4. And now u do the challenger

  5. ნიკა არაბული

    he said that you’re a cheater

  6. McKayle Abrahams

    Ultra low quality squad!?

    • McKayle Abrahams

      Georgios The Greek shut the fuck up bitch. Judging by how you talk. My precisely calculated numbers shows the extent of all known maths has lead me to concluding that your little white ass will be utterly traumatized sending tingles all over and up your spine to your cerebral cortex resulting in your ass pounding induced autistic aspergillosis

  7. Bugs galore, phly! And the poor programers that have to debug them.

  8. How come everyone calls it a leo-pard and not leopard (lepard). Have I been getting it wrong all this time or what

    • Lord Cheezus in German it’s pronounced Leo-pard. But in English the animal is still pronounced lepard. Since it’s a German tank, some people pronounce it the German way.

    • Eddy S thanks that makes senses. I normally play it safe and call it a leo

  9. He said – “cheater ebanyj”

  10. Окаянный

    That guy who spoke Russian said that you’re a “******* cheater”.

  11. you destroyed the track from the other side XD

  12. take out the the breach, that sounds like every british tank

  13. The ammo should not have exploded as it was just the head no explosive as it is two part ammo

    • Challenger mbt2 apparently that’s fixed in the update. They need to sort out the armored wet storage bins next


  15. Wonder how the challenger 2 will do when it comes out

  16. For the next video
    Can you play the maua please if you have done it before
    A newer one would be lovely

  17. Acording to the new protection Analysis feature the Leo 2k round is still able to penetrate the turret up to 800-900m depending on where it hits.

  18. that russian guy that you killed said ”cheater”

  19. You should play the XM-1

  20. Please play more bomber crew please

  21. i would like to see a video of the old top dogs mbt70 or t64a and how they fair now in war thunder

  22. Макар Тададаутаутаутаудадададатутуту

    Russian guy said that you re a cheater

  23. he said FUcking cheater)

  24. Unstoppable Luck

    PhlyDaily Rap: PhlyDaily uses planes and tanks to move up through YouTube’s ranks.
    He uses his weapons to there full advantage so he can cause a ton of carnage.
    He takes his tanks on the battlefield and makes the whole enemy team yield.
    As he takes them out one by one with only a few shots of his gun.
    He uses his planes just like his tanks and survives off of the enemies mistakes.
    From fighters to bombers he shots them down straight into the hard ground.
    He flies around like the speed of light and I have to admit he’s quite alright.
    He has been amazing to us as well please go tell him he is very swell.

    Sorry if it isn’t good I’m trying to improve.

  25. Can I just say the physics is fucked when I get a trap shot off my damn gunbarrel

  26. Russian guy said “hacker”.

  27. Honestly I so wish the turret worked better on the Challenger cuz then it’d be at least a LITTLE more competitive at high tier since it can’t win the race game against anything other then the t64. But the sad fact is the Chieftain mk10s is more reliable :/rip

  28. I still use the Chieftain Mk10 on maps that don’t require mobility to reach hull down sniping spots.

    The turret on that thing is just insane, even the new 500+ penetrating shells have a low chance of getting through, just rotate the turret around 10 degrees to the right to cover the breach and you’re laughing.

  29. I grabbed my cookies 🍪 box and ate about 9 with pineapple juice

  30. They need to put the challenger at 9.7 give an armour buff to the current areas and give the l23 ammo as standard and l26 Jericho as upgraded apfsds

  31. savage Grim805 eli

    German engineering for you no bugs. Lol💪

  32. *Need of AMX 40 is over NINE THOUSAND*

  33. Did they take the halo reach sniper shot sound effect and put it in game for the challengers gun?

  34. the reason the tanks in the desert map could see you and you couldnt see them is because they turned their graphics down and that removes ALL dust like that in the game

    • Comrade Nikolai I wish gaijin would so rewarding people for having low graphics. I just can’t bring myself to lower my own. All they need to do is reduce the draw distance in certain environments, and not show tanks that are behind things like bushes and walls.

  35. i prefer only to look at yours top tier gameplay, but my top tier will always be 5.0 IMO its not worth it to play higher.

  36. Now that you’re all done with this Jackson, I’ll just pop out for a gypsy and we can scapa to the nuclear for a pig.

  37. Kakathot gaming channel

    First time watch man and I gotta say you make me wanna play this game right now but I’m waiting for the Xbox version to come out keep up the great work man.


    Phly, what key bindings do you use to range your shots?

  39. T-64 guy just called you a cheater)

  40. R.I.P CHALLY :(((

  41. Who else has the ads pop up just as he says “well folks get ready for some riveting gameplay”

  42. Corpulent Allgod

    problem with War Thunder for Challenger is the meta of the game. If Gaijin really wanted to make Realistic Mode more realistic they would force everybody to use the simulator mode gun sight, meaning you have to know where your tank will shoot based on the position of the true gunsight and distance from the target, just like in Sim, but giving you the option to use 3rd person view. In War Thunder the sight comes right out of the barrel. Challenger would have a chance in that case since not many can pull out those shots with simulated gun sight.
    Another thing that is wrong with war thunder and gives a massive disadvantage to tanks that don’t use APHE is the fact that after the enemy gets penetrated and a loader, driver or commander gets killed, the gunner can simply shoot back like nothing happened. They should implement a “stun” effect for 2-3 seconds where the turret can’t rotate to give time to the one that shot first to shoot again or get behind cover. In my T54 I killed so many british tanks this way, they would get only one or two crew members, I would rotate my tank fast since turret rotation sucks and one shot them with an APHE, and that’s bullshit and unfair.

  43. dat intro though

  44. phly’s bare eyes seeing level: 100000

  45. Phly I have a request. Play the FV4005 ANTI ANYTHING! Attempt 1

  46. Hope they bring out the challenger 2 🙂 another great video Phly!

  47. This russian said that you’re cheater.

  48. Unfunny and Unoriginal

    Native Russian speaker here.
    What that guy said was:
    Suka gay boy

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