Build which made 50B NUTS! | World of Tanks AMX 50B Ramming Build with The Fastest Heavy

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of Tanks Ramming Build/ Gameplay, Tier French Heavy Tank. of Tanks Improved Compresson Bond Turbo Equipment. The Fastest Heavy Tank in World of Tanks.

Today I am going to play with something quite crazy… with quite an unusual equipment setup, including improved hardening, bond turbo and spall liner. In right matchmaking this can be truly crazy and super fun to play with!

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. Something a bt different for you today. Feel free to let me know some other crazy builds you are rocking with on the battlefield! 🙂
    Stay classy, fam! 🔥

  2. Do obj 268 4 like @Controll does.. Would be fun

  3. Ready for some fun,,,,,,,,,

  4. Dez ramming people with the amx 50b makes me think of french people hitting other people with a baguette xd

  5. New CC accounts schould already have bond hardening, all other mortal people can choose it after the ranked season. So you can make this build a tiny bit better.

  6. I wish Dez would play Blitz’s boss mode for once

  7. squirrels24sevenman18

    Is7 build is still better but this is faster

  8. iyouxin did something very similar with IS-7

  9. wuju, new video 😃😃

  10. You had me at the turbo thumbnail, im in.

  11. Pettersson i Golvet

    is amx 50b good tank?

    • Difficult to master but this is a beast.

    • Only if you are a skilled Player, if you are an average Player then it will suck… autoloaders have a really high skill cap, better get Kranvagn first and learn how to use a autoloader in a good way, then you can go and get a 50B

    • I got it for like 10 years and still suck at 48% winrate 🙂

      This tank is hard to tame but when it work, it’s a goodtank.

  12. Years back I once rammed a T95 to death with the 50B and survived lol.

  13. Is 7 better for armor but this tank is pure damage dealer

  14. Dez, max DPM Awful panther???

  15. 1rst replay so lucky

  16. Thank you , Dez


  17. 50B vs E50M face to face ramming

  18. Nuts doing nuts things again :O

  19. Hello Dez i like your video,Amx 50B Is amazing,i using same setup and Second is with went…,také care man🤟

  20. Skill4ltu platoon please?? xD

  21. Ok, now try to ram an E50M

  22. Luís Augusto Panadés

    more than 90% of Grille 15 shots hit in a circle with diameter between the second chevron and the end. You put a whole clip at Obj 263 and all shots hits near the center. Simply that was impossible do Grille.

  23. My brother also uses same equipment except he use normal turbo and no fuel and just standard classic small and manual consumables

  24. no, no, no do this setting with e50m, with rammer skill and full field mods, ram damage you recieve decrease to 17%. i use this and literally outram any hts that are not superheavies

  25. At this point any tank with weight can be a ramming build

  26. V4 is a meme ram build too.

  27. oh wow, a non-armor meta tech tree tank?!?!?!?!?!
    @3:44 wtf?!?! Since when did WalletGaming allow French tanks to snipe?!?!

  28. Is-7 also good ramming rank

  29. Wonderfull…i always viewed on french tanks as a piece of butter that can be penned by everything, this especially. You changed my mind, because i didn’t want to ram anything. Wish you pleasant rest of the week!

  30. Does a ramming build, only rams a couple people in 2 different videos… Holly Clickbait Batman.

  31. Can this ram a Maus? I tried in my Chinese LT before. That didn’t work well.

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