^^| Bulldog 41-90 Highway Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. ha.. ha, done more in my Hellcat, BITCH!!!!!

    No more after this, dont ban me

  2. That one guy in chat who got trolled cause people didnt understand a poor
    frenchman lol

  3. Got back in after several months off. Actually had a decent run of 58% wr
    for 61 games. My WN8 was a mediocre 1550 though as my shooting was often
    poor xD 600 dmg one game, 6k the next, 1k the next, 3k and so on.

    What I think REALLY helped was getting rid of most of XVM and modpack
    features. I only kept my hits and dmg taken. I think not seeing the seas of
    red on my side really helped. I actually didnt hate the game by an hour in!
    I was enjoying the VAST majority of my games, win or lose.

    I may never use any more of XVM than I am now, in its most basic form after

    Anyone else find with the Bat 25 that somehow you always seem to have
    opportunies every game to charge up and have surprise buttseks with tanks?
    I wish the AP dmg was higher. At least once a game I was able to clip tanks
    in the butt. I think its a pretty good mid to close range tank. Just dont
    brawl is all xD

  4. He makes it look so easy….sad lol.

  5. Love this tank. Got 7258 spot/Dmg for Lt-15 mission (T55 A)

  6. My Internet Connection is so bad that i can hardly watch your streams
    Circon but im very happy that you upload so many Videos heere on Youtube
    especially your weekly Highlights are very entertaining. Thank you and i
    hope the future brings many memes with it.

  7. A question – Does snooze have a YT channel???

  8. Have you noticed the idiotic platooning system already? If you platoon in a
    normal tank with a same tier scout tank, you get an XP bonus while getting
    +3 matchmaking. For example, a Cromwell and a 59-16 can end up in a tier 9
    game. If you platoon properly you don’t get a bonus. Great try at
    eliminating fail platoons WG…

  9. Foo-Foo Cuddlypoops

    2:52 Gotta love those good ‘ol Check tanks.

  10. Bulldog 41… isn’t that kinda like saying Circonflexesflexes?^^

  11. Dude play KV 3

  12. The Sanity Assassin

    “This gun is, ehhh, the best gun I ever fired” Circon 2016

  13. Still haven’t 3-marked it? Pleb. xD

  14. I don’t know if its my thirst for memes but I carry like 10 ap and heat
    with the rest being hep in the blackdog.

  15. Nothing better than seeing a circon video shortly after coming home from a
    long weekend.

  16. youre not using xvm anymore?

  17. Streaming in roughly an hour: http://www.twitch.tv/circon World of Tanks Tonight
    🙂 See you there ^^

  18. Hi Circon :D

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