Bulldog bites back! – M 41 90

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your replays here: http://circon.-record.com/ !


  1. Goodmorning!

  2. Thanks for all the content you are uploading sir 🙂

  3. Going live soon ( 17:00CET) http://www.twitch.tv/circon see you soon! <3

  4. I’m so early , YAAS!

  5. Yesterday I installed WoT just cause of curiosity. Raged 5 times in 20 battles.
    Love it.

  6. All bite and no bark, just how I love M41 Bulldog replays

  7. Circon, maybe try the T21? I want you to try rarest of tanks (IMO after 9.18 this tank got nerfed)

    • Are you thinking of the T37? The T21 got buffed pretty well but the T37 got it’s shit pushed in by the nerfbat hard. Pretty much killed the tank into pure uselessness.

  8. I appreciate what you do circon watching how you take on situations helps me on the journey of not being a tomato

  9. That ram on ELC OMEGALUL

  10. fuck they sold it again..


  12. Is this tank worth the $$$?

  13. the fuck was that guard and 263 doing?

  14. What is that tank haven’t been playing wot for 8 mouth

  15. what mod is showing you the mark of excelence?..

  16. 0:30 new sex meme

  17. Poor Tortoise….so sad.

    (Look at ammo load-out)

  19. almost 100K <3

  20. “In 2013, Gas Powered Games was acquired by Wargaming.net, where Chris Taylor was reported to be working on an unannounced project.
    Taylor left Wargaming.net in November 2016 with a forward looking statement to be part of indie gaming.”

    Looks like the guy don’t have anything to do with WG anymore.

  21. An american guy with a pony tail at wargaming. Is he talking about the WoT Console guy Paingod ? Hmmm ?

  22. Gotta love the map design here, where heavy tanks get spotted and torn to shreds before they can even get to the city.

    • blameless99 only if you’re lazy and don’t simply take your time and go all the way around. Not hard to do.

    • Not being lazy in a black prince means everyone is already dead by the time you get to the fight. It’s especially bad on north spawn where not being “lazy” forces you into the very corner of the bay and trying to get closer to the center, once again, gets your sides exposed.

  23. Vytenis Kajackas

    Woah, woah, wait a minute, I have not played WoT for a while and when I did this tank was named M41 90 GF…. Is this a new one?

  24. 5:26 madafac@@@@@

  25. Scipio Africanus

    I 3 marked it on console, one of the most OP premiums imo

  26. How did you get camo on the 4190?

  27. man, i know that you have millions of credits, but why you do not buy consumables on sale ? :/

  28. he rammed that elc while having 6/6/6 ammo left, devil confirmed

  29. What does the percentage in the bottom middle represent? Always confuses me

  30. please note he ended it on 6 6 6 on ammo . coincidence I think not .

  31. Chris Taylor I think was the guy. The guy behind Supreme Commander and oh my, it still is a magnificent game..

  32. in the m41 90 gf 1750 base xp is only first class :/

  33. #Y0u0nlyLif30nc3 #Yolo

    Circon could you link your modpack?

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