^^| Bulldog City Memes Stream Highlight

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Source: SirCircon


  1. any reason why twitch would cut the audio there? seems so strange..

  2. Hey Circon, there is a problem with the sound at 10:10.

  3. RIP ears :s sweet crap could you please edit the silence out at the start?
    Thought my volume was turned right down then near got my ears blown off
    when you spoke ye bastid :p lol

  4. old mac circon on his damage farm

  5. Circon great video and game play as always, but dude you need an intro! 😉

  6. I almost got this tank. I tried it out and really loved it. As a light tank
    driver, this thing was down right overpowered for me. So I got on the last
    day to claim the final crew member after a lot of work, and I was not able
    to claim the loader. Not sure why. I just could not get it to work. Of
    course War Gaming would give me the crew…if I paid them $50s, but all my
    hard work was just thrown away, so I decided to NOT get this tank and also
    NOT give War Gaming any money ever again. Straw that broke the camels back
    and all that.

  7. #SirCiron Fuck your good @ Tanks every time I watch you play you make me
    all moist and fuzzy inside my panties !

  8. Nice game in the 41 90 :). Nice to see light tanks showing everyone else
    who’s boss!

  9. That batchat 25t at about 2/3rd in, love how you looked at your map, saw
    him driving down the road, anticipated you had a shot, moved to a open line
    of fire between buildings, and made sure you were bush covered. That was
    all skills.

  10. dat ass fire at 9:41

  11. People look at description …

  12. Was it just me or did the sound cut towards the end? nice game though ;)

  13. Sound cuts out at about 10:20

  14. Not sure if it was just for me but the sound was cut for the last minute or

  15. oh 4th well maybe next time

  16. How’s vacation going, Circon?


  18. Anoniman Građanin

    nerf arty !

  19. nice vid circon

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