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Source: DOLLARplays

Hunting Object 279 with R3 T106 FA gameplay 😉

War Thunder official website https://warthunder.com/en

#warthunder #wt #dollarplays

Background music: Cotton Factory – Hunter Quinn
Purple Voyager – ELFL
Funk Warrior – Martin Klem
Musique – Rasure

Intro song : Purple Voyager – ELFL
Outro song : Powerwalkin’ – Future Joust


  1. It’s been a while… Hopefully everybody safe and healthy 💪

  2. You are too funny.

  3. Your editing is fucking fantastic.

  4. классное видео. очень понравилось. зацените моё https://youtu.be/dVep_Rp3k_c

  5. I suggest using this song ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hrph2EW9VjY ) with Italian light vehicles, it would be much more realistic 😉

  6. the pizza delivery

  7. War thunder is shit

  8. Kay gud jeb


  10. ICECappedSkies(YT)

    Was he playing timecop 1985 at the beginning?

  11. samir pls

  12. Dollar how did you got all those vehicles so fast? i need some advise 🙂

  13. I wonder, can someone park a tank on this things engine deck? I mean imagine this, you put it next to a ramp or something and then try to park the small Italian tank on top of it. Someone should try this

  14. Привет из России!
    Hi, I am from Russia!

  15. “Let’s Go Get some AmM[ʃ]” 6:33

  16. Pizza time v2

  17. R A S E Y A N I N select

    Уничтожение танка ВСУ украины под иловайском видео в цаете 5:31

  18. I have 2500+ hours in this game … Why haven’t I been memed on by Dollar yet?

  19. Play like a rat

  20. A very good reason to stay at home.

  21. Chathuwa චතුවා

    My first War Thunder gameplay video. Need a comment please… ❤️
    https://youtu.be/zCQQGGsoT1c [Not English]

  22. I flopping hate APC’s specifically this kind, they are so annoying, like look at hull, its obviously not recommended for this kind of guns, how tf does it hold balance after shot, while tanks themselves just jiggle after shooting

  23. 6:24, Something is fishy about the way that Object tracks him through the building.

  24. dude legit when i play the obj and see this thing in the kill feed I hide and let my teammates get it. I ain’t touching that no way. 🙅‍♂️

  25. Who gave a Mouse Droid a double barrel shotgun?

  26. Дмитрий Ворошилов

    279 279 279 279 !!!! 279 АААА omg

  27. Still waiting for the Phly collab

  28. ну и где хеллоу 2002


  30. kkkkkkkkkkkkk nice video

  31. Look at this heathen using heat instead of hesh

  32. I see you know some rally memes ☺️👌🏾

  33. Your videos are very funny, I have great fun with them. Good job 🙂

  34. Let’s be honest. You’re the one that got bullied;)

  35. patrik_iron_phill

    cyber truck with guns

  36. vV-KLANGUS-Vv -83

    Next vídeo ; How to chew stone.

  37. Now I’m happy that I don’t have one of those ridiculous abominations.
    Pizza Wagon ftw!

  38. Itali is kind of fun to play

  39. just love the sound effects :p

  40. Pizza time guys

  41. сергей потехин

    Спасибо , за список музыки в ролике.

  42. Sounds like phly dailys “nope”. Very funny!

  43. Так вот ты какая, крысиная жизнь)))

  44. cyber truck looks a lil different

  45. The car sounds hahaha love it, the music, Samir breaking the car. LOVE IT

  46. Samir yah breaking d car!

    8:02 this meme always get me 😂🤣

  47. Your voice like Anomaly

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