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Thumbnail CREDIT – https://live.warthunder.com/post/880657/en/


  1. I pheel like you and Odd should do a two-man sniper team.
    A Scout and a Casemate working together, CAN ONLY KILL SCOUTED TARGETS 😉
    “Intelligence”, “According to Intelligence” for d a y s .
    I’d say ACE each, but that’s probably easy mode…

  2. How is phly such a good player yet such a bad driver at the same time

  3. Play: IS3 and I-15 combo

  4. Phly, when are you going to do you sandwich video to celebrate a million subs?

  5. So i was playing the kv1 b 743 or something you know the one with 105 mm of armour turret
    And i got distracted to kill 1 R3 5 seconds later i see 5 t34 shooting the Back of my turret and not pening how is that possible.

  6. Hey Big Phella, hope Ya’ll okay with the tornado thang that went through NC??

  7. The Slovenly Tactician

    That ho-ri at the end is your typical war thunder player. Mark the map repeatedly, have the enemy in front of you shooting, and does he rush him on his reload and kill him? No. He runs away to leave his team mate to fend for himself.

  8. An Onion Ring In Disguise


  9. 16:26 Translation: fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck

  10. The driver the gunner and some one else some one else:😟

  11. Day 16: Please play the F-80 Shooting Star

  12. Isn t it amazing how you can easily tow dead tanks but if you try to push them they act like concrete bunkers?

  13. Can you do a colab with baron again we need him back he’s mia

  14. The hull break changes made HEATFS a lot more powerful relatively speaking

  15. Does phly have a discord server?

  16. I still don’t know why American bulldog doesn’t have smoke launchers I’ve had plenty of times where smoke launchers would have saved 100% of the time

  17. Enemy Bulldog: (Says hello from behind)

    Phly’s Bulldog: (Reversed and killed it)

    Enemy Bulldog: “Why you bully me?”

  18. Phly, I add one attempt per video. This is attempt ( # 187 ). You can physically check the comment sections on ur past videos, I’ve tried for this long. We need a type 87 video! Also, if you can help reduce both the cost and RP for the type 16 (look at 9.0 centuaro) that would be awesome.

  19. He doesn’t know the M41 APCR struggle…
    Starting with HEAT is so comfy.
    grinding with APCR is the biggest pain in the bum I ever witnessed

  20. MrJackson12345678909

    Yooooo he was friendly phly

  21. ASU-57 can climb mountain

  22. Can you please do a top 5 tanks to grind video

  23. I knew that I met you there, PhlyDaddy. Did not wanna spoil the fun with the 122 mm gun pointed at you.

  24. This demands for an apology video Phly. Apologize to the friendly bulldog!

  25. Miron Adrian-Alexandru

    Day 11: play the la-15 or la-174 and show me some good tactics to play it:))

  26. PhlyDaily can you pls make video on Mi-AV?

  27. puszzyDeStroyr69 420

    take some sabot just in case phly, like for long shots through the forests in poland or fields of eastern european province.

  28. 7:53 maybe he was trying to be friends

  29. anyone else get a beer ad for this video?

  30. Day 11: Phly play the Ar-2 Russian bomber, it can outturn some fighters

  31. Yo phly change kph to mph It makes you feel faster than you are fore some reason like ironically the t34 feels slow but it goes 34 mph

  32. Plot twist: the American M Phorty One wanted to be Phriends cause he was damaged

  33. You need to try the game Girls Und Panzer, because anime girls and tanks is cool lmao, also bad games are fun

  34. building stuff that mostly doesn't work

    im commenting on what you said in another video, about the harriers unrealistic acceleration at lower altitudes, the engines in the harrier would be calibrated to give a incredible amounts of thrust at low altitudes, to allow for vertical take of, other aircraft in game have more efficient engines that can go faster at higher altitudes. it’s not gaijing madjic im pretty sure its real.

  35. Leopard 2a6 phls

  36. Attempt 11: play the su-100p

  37. I like that he is complaining about the heat, but it still has apds? And for only. 3 higher it changes nothing.

  38. i just wanted to be ur friend phly y did u shoot me

  39. can bulldog pivot turn?

  40. a tank with shells from the second half of the 60s is playing against tanks from the Second World War. typical gaijins


  42. 4:12 That tank is shinning

  43. have you ever tried play german bulldog at 8.3?

  44. when are we seeing some japan action?

  45. Day 1 of trying to get PhlyDaily to do a setting reveal

  46. Day 1: Play the Bf109K4 you didn’t play it for ages

  47. Day 2 of asking phly to play the q5

  48. I love how that bulldog was just trying to make enemies 😂

  49. I just love the BRRT BRT BRT BRT BRT

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