Burrasque LIVE review!

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Source: TheFochYou

System specs: Asus Z170 Pro gaming LGA 1151
Intel core i7 6700k @4.4ghz
Corsair H100i GTX
Asus STRIX 2080 Super
Corsair RMx 650W 80 PLUS gold PSU
Kingston HyperX 16gb DDR4 Kit
Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SSD
Seagate Desktop 2TB HDD
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00:00 Intro
01:08 Game 1
10:40 Game 2
17:42 Game 3


  1. Snake Enjoying a Can of Beans

    I’m now a hobo by driving the Lorraine

  2. Kalle Kumpulainen

    In reality it is lighttank with 720 burst damage. Probably the best tier8 light tank.

    • 1v1 vs LT-432, not sure

    • LT 432 with HE would smash that turret with 300 alpha and like a sub 5 second reload long before it gets its second reload off. Plus the LT has troll armor so you can’t even guarantee the first two even pen

    • Kalle Kumpulainen

      @Stephen Z sure, of the borrasque is so stupid he goes on close quarters combat and stays there during its reload. Any better player Will stay out of op432 way, shoot it twice from a ambush, run away and then finish it off

  3. Is there no lengths WG go to making fake tanks?

  4. 0.4 base accuracy is a lie, I noticed this tank hits like laser, snapshot, long distance half aimed… you name it… when I see that tank points gun at me in fl I know I gonna lose 800 hp… same case was with spaghetto when it was hyped for sale… 🙂

    • The behavior modifiering script you mean, some people confuse it with RNG it will get changed just like WG did with Skorpan, Defender, IS3A and the Su130 P

    • It has practically tier 10 russian medium dispersion on the move, so the aiming circle on the move is not much bigger than fully aimed, thats why it can snapshot you like nothing

    • @Nic0lai and it hits more in the center, same as my lansen does, or like how i cant miss when shooting elc even at long distance – a tank that is a size of a normal turret, but somehow i cant miss it no matter what tank i’m in, man some things are so obvious…

  5. How wg decided not to remake Paris for more fluid gameplay till this very day is beyond me.

    • Whom complains the loudest>>> IS7 Steve’s that like simple corridor maps with no cross fires and no hidden Td’s or medium and scouts out spotting them and shooting them in the side and ass.. Of course with very limited Arty not shitty on their heavies but on everyone else instead. See train station on polish map
      That’s why 😉

    • Teletha 'Tessa' Testarossa

      They only remake decent maps like Pilsen or Kharkov. Bad maps they either don’t touch or go out of their way to make ’em worse (Campinovka).

  6. It is OP tank in disguise, whenever enemy team has one, and we don’t they will win.

  7. “Burrasque”, in spanish that sounds pretty funny

  8. Robert Phillips


  9. Can you do a reivew of the CDC? I despise it with every fibre of my being but I spent money on it in 2015 and I’d like to make that piece of shit work somehow <3

    • Adalgiso Unoqualunque

      Sell it.

    • @Adalgiso Unoqualunque Tempting, tempting. Guess I’m just a masochistic player. I really want to be good enough to make it work lol.

    • Adalgiso Unoqualunque

      @WeedBloke I had it. I sold it. I dont regret it. Now I play the 703 II.

    • @WeedBloke WG powercreeped the game to the point where 240 alpha without any sort of autoloader is a joke. Then you add the bad mobility, huge size, negative armor and pisspoor gun… there’s no way to make that junk work anymore.

    • i bought that damn thing when it first came out, and sell it a week later
      sure it fast but man, the gun is just dont work for me

  10. Foch you lazy prick! I love you anyway 🙂

  11. play the JP2

  12. My favourite tank, better than progetto 46. pretty often 5k battles. + huge dmg assist.

  13. -ßЯҢ- Commando

    Hey Foch can you do the T-34-3. Please show me how to make this outdated tank work. It’s been power creeped all to hell and I would love to see you drive it. Thanks, buddy.

  14. Accuracy is so downrated by RNG in this game. In a long run maybe Bourrasque is somewhat punished by that, but i would not recommend to go in a sniping duel with it. May loose 750+ HP very fast.

  15. 30% camo ON THE MOVE without Coffee/Croissant, makes it a BC 12t on steroids, change my mind.

  16. Burrasca. The equivalent Portuguese word that means a quick, short duration, heavy storm.

  17. Sighing with Sai

    Idk why, the 1000m/s velocity on the Bourassque feels slow. Even tho on other tanks it feels fine. Heck even the 930m/s on the Lansen feels faster for some reason. Maybe its the accuracy and gun handling.

  18. Francisco José Pérez joya

    I like it, is like a small Lorr 40t, and i love my Lorr.

  19. The gun handling of this tank actually isnt bad at all. It essentially has the softstats of the tierX Patton just with shitty aim time.

  20. Shit tank it French it’s will only surrender!!

  21. Shoot gold or bounce

  22. It goes 60 km/h with insane camo, does 720 damage in 2s and has really good soft stats. It is OP, escpecially if you go with a tryhard loadout. It’s just not best at carrying games.

  23. I’m generally not a fan of French auto-loaders, but this has surprisingly grown on me. However, it is very much an ambush tank, so the best way I’ve learned to play this is to spend the first part of the battle to counter scouts, or do some scouting yourself (this thing does have good camo for a medium with a full camo crew or the camo directive) and then later start hunting down those enemy tanks that are either isolated and you can take some HP with little risk, or outright take out with the 720 clip potential. I think it really comes down to the 360 on this why I like it so much. Still, I’m a crap Light tank player, so doing well in this is very much a challenge for me…

  24. Rafal Bronowski

    Really like life reviews.. There is lot of stuff you can learn by watching you play.. I have few times chance to play against you when you played with circon haha.. You eat whole my team with 121… Is this tank op not at all.. People forgetting very important things if you know how to play any tank is op in the right hands..

  25. Bazil Grimstride

    Ebr gun basicly

  26. This tank needs a 3 shell in a clip or better gun handling to actually be good

  27. This tank is a hybrid between a light and a medium tank. But i do like this tank and i somehow make it work with it’s standard low pen ammo.

  28. I made a lot of credits with this tank, but i also hate myself for playing it. Just feels like i am destroying the game for others. That 720 clip is just way too much. Especially against the tier VI

    • Lol, any tier 8 is OP against tier 6. Does it matter if you do 720 with Bourrasque when you can do 1200 with Lorraine, 720 with Pantera and Progetto, 1800 with AMX 50 100, 1080 with Emil, 960 with T69? With Bourasque you cannot at least clip the poor bastards but if they meet Lorraine, T69 or AMX they have no chance

    • @CykoruKun oh yeah compare lorr40/50 100/t69 clip with borr clip potential..are you just stupid or actually trying to argue with the guy who’s telling 720 in 2 shots is too much for that speed, size at tier 6?

    • @CykoruKun as the other guy said. Its about the speed, camo and viewrange. Combined with that gun. Its just a killing machine.

    • @CykoruKun this tank does 720 in 2s. Lorriane takes waaaaaay longer.

    • @Norbert Korzus we are talking about bourasque vs tier 6 so it doesn’t matter how long do you need to clip them. Look at the OP

  29. That tank is much better than the Progetto, for me at least (lover of the Skoda T50 😉 )… same play style: Fire and fuck off!

  30. First time I don’t agree at all with you. ‘Clunky’ moments are rarer than great ones, it counters wheelers well and is very good for frontline. You need more time worth it. I’m average player, but with this tank I get most of my epic games.

  31. I really like playing this tank in FL despite the derpy gun handling, as for randoms I am done with the bot swarms and cluster suck that suck4fun with worse than bot stats.

  32. So basycally this tank is just like the old premium tanks were, a tank that is below average to their regular counterparts, a tank that needs skill and a bit of luck to be played at the max, i like it

  33. Rachid Khamlichi

    So whens the amx cdc gonna get a buff ?

  34. This tank is to strong.

  35. So….this tonk is a two pump chump?

  36. Sweet video Foch! 2 Questions:

    1) Where did you “learn” all these spots like the Fjords tree knockdown to make use as a double-bush? Just thousands of games of practice or something more deliberate?

    2) How sure are you that the exact foliage of the bushes actually matter like at 4:20? Recently there was a screenshot released about how the server “sees” foliage, and it seems to be much more boxier and imprecise then the in-game assets would have you believe.

    • I think number 1 is just – you see a tree, you try to hide behind it. If it works you remember it next time, if it doesn’t work, next time you remember that you got spotted there.
      Number 2 does not surprise me at all. Every tree and bush has it’s own camo value that can go from 0 (so yes, a bush can give absolutely no camo at all), it’s WG way to make from a potentially good and fun mechanic a RNG fiesta, where it’s all about luck whether the bush you chose is good or bad.

  37. yvanthe terrible

    it can get even worst than a bad spawn like playing on mines with tier 10 and 3 arty lol just ridiculous

  38. This tank has ridiculous 3 marks requirements currently. 4000 for 95% :O

  39. Still waiting for the Foxh rant, since WG totally changed the tech trees.
    There are now more premium vehicles with better stats in the game than researchables in some cases…….

  40. IME people don’t tend to play this like Foch has in this video. They tend to camp hard and not play the game, then when people who have been playing the game and fighting are softened up, they come and steal the kills. Not team players, not honourable. Those are the ones I get in my games anyway…

  41. 2nd Tank after M46 that needs Gold to be used to full effect… and this time a premium- that makes a lot of sense!

  42. I am quite sad i did not play this game when maraton for the tank was up. I would love to have it.

  43. One thing foch wouldn’t know is that gold is cheap on this tank, just to compare, progetto has same price for a shell but 240 alpha, even if you shoot gold quite a lot (not spamming), you will still make a lot of credits, def more than with other tier 8 trash/medicore prems

  44. i would prefer having AP on this thing

  45. I had a Bourasque game with 1450 base xp, about 7k combined, still no ace

  46. This thing also has insane view range and camo when maxed

  47. I have a feeling that Bourrasque has a laser gun. Whenever I’m in a light tank, any light or Elc Even even, in full speed, Bourrasque hits me on the move from 300m like it is nothing, every single time! I’ve never seen it miss me. I don’t believe that food on tank has that much to do with it but when I look at Foch I see that gun is bad… So I’m proper confused.

  48. *bourrasque

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