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Source: QuickyBaby

Since the TVP T 50/51 entered of Tanks in 2015 it’s been the burst daddy – but new modifications and equipment make it better! Here’s how!


of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. awesom tank with an awefull skin

  2. the TVP makes my batchat look like a waste of garage space… I hope batchat gets some love cause i think tvp is just outright better right now

  3. QB demonstrating yet another OTT auto loading tank us casual gaming mortals can only get to after the tank is buffed and forgotten

  4. the brain dead developers on console nerfed the tvp and skoda’s intra clip reload so it’s 1.75 which is pretty much no longer special… meanwhile we have a tank called “The Machine” which has the AMX 50B hull, Cheiftain MK 6 turret, TVP T50/51 gun and russian engine and that thing has the 1.50 second intra clip reload so someone explain to me how that makes sense.

  5. I was really worrying the entire clip, why is he always facing his turret forward haha

  6. that looks great, but still not going back to WoT

  7. I am just happy i never used to play this game, i feel bad and sad for those who paid money into this game, because it seems like an absolute joke and prime example of what powercreep means.

    • Friday Californiaa

      Yup, agreed. This is *World of Turds*. Money, money, money… It’s just the worst p2w game I had to play in my entire life.

    • Michael von Biskhoff

      @Friday Californiaa I think the game can be played very well without spending any money if you are dedicated(you played for a long time, you played good tanks, you were lucky, etc.). I, for example, managed to get 5 tier 8 premiums without spending any money(2 from referral contracts, 1 from a lucky engineer starter, 2 for bonds). I sincerely feel that this game is not really that unbalanced(although I preferred HE before the changes) and that you can still win a good percentage of the games if you do the right things. Most importantly is to try to keep your hit-points for as long a possible and to know when to retreat/change a flank.

    • @Friday Californiaa Go play War Thunder… they sell Tier X premiums… which are way OP then any tech tree variant… then come back to WoT and still curse WG cause you don’t know how to play…

    • Test_name Test_surname

      @Michael von Biskhoff Got LancenC and T1LPC from black market

  8. weird how all wot commentators have very bad camera control…spin that camera so fast in circles gives people a headache..cant watch a complete video..thanks anyway

  9. Friday Californiaa

    This is the thing I *always* have to fight against whem I play Tier VIII in WoT… Matchmaking is fucked up in this game…

  10. Awesome tank!

  11. OP bullshit tank

  12. Love it in wotb l, burst 4×310 in 6 secs from the 1st, zoom zoom zooooooom.

  13. 15-2: another well balanced game 🤦‍♂️

  14. QB if you are covering autoloaders, does that mean we are getting a batchat game?

  15. QB is wrong: VStab + IRM do not give 30% dispersion. It is less. Because the calulation is multiplicative rather than additive.

    I have no idea why he keeps spreading this false information. But it is clearly mentioned ingame that it’s multiplicative.

    • Probably because its a reasonably negligible amount, and it’s easier than trying to explain to people who don’t understand maths why it’s only 27.25.

    • @Playwme Bawls he is a stat freak like any of us more engaged players. 2,75% points difference is nothing what should be disregarded lightly. It basically means that the IRM is one third less effective than assumed.

    • @Juan Zulu He is trying to cater for all audiences, he knows that the more engaged viewers know these stats but he still has to simplify them and say them for the people that are less engaged since they aren’t going to know or care about 2.75% differences

    • @Talhah Farooq I dont think that is the background. And even if it was distorting the facts doesnt help anybody, especially noobs.

      It appears that he just dont know it. In one of his recent streams he was actually denying the multiplicative calculation.

  16. Oh wow, what a shock. North spawn wins.


    Yea,Game faster means that we with high latency are going to dislike this game more and more!RIP!

  18. Hey QB you should do some videos on how ridiculous clan wars are you think pubs are bad with ftp and ptw then you’ll be shocked with competitive clans lol

  19. We can all agree that TVP is not the best tier 10 medium, but its the sweetest one 😊

  20. boy am I glad I dont play WoT anymore, this powercreep is insane!

  21. I go to hill and 4 tanks of red the team followed me there and kills me, you go to hill and find 1 LT!? know I believe that even luck is biased to good players..

  22. 10:23 “Rip and Tear” *Quackybaby DOOM music intensifies*

  23. Pure filth.

  24. thats the oposite of my luck… all the game

  25. Nah players are stupid. Theyre just doing the script for qb xd

  26. TVP on mines is just brutal.

  27. Now has never been a better time to Uninstaller WOT.
    So much pay to win

  28. Luís Augusto Panadés

    I’m not saying that you do not understand balancing principles. I’m saying just that you are not an honest person period.

  29. Congrats on the third mark.

  30. I have to say the title is correct..the TVP is one of my favorite autoloaders out of any tier

  31. oh quickybaby you’re so big

  32. Wow congrats on that epic 3rd marks of excellence!

  33. RC Tanks - World of Tanks

    KABOOM love it mate great tank for upsetting the opposite team lol, love to play this tank on my Asia server

  34. Giorgi Garsevanidze

    What is tunnel vision?

    • Tunnel vision means, you see only your target. You don’t look for danger around you. For example, you want to kill/hit enemy and you don’t notice that you totally expose yourself to others enemies.

  35. QB great video, what field mods would you recommend for the is3II?

  36. The TVP is one of the best tanks tier for tier in the game, like the STB one but serves a different purpose

    Heck, I can say it is better than the Batchat!

  37. With this skin I can almost hear “WAAAGH!” when unloading mags.

  38. This kind of vehicles don`t belong in the game. EBR`s and autoloaders unbalance the game

  39. on any tank, that does not suffer from slow turning and traverse, improved aiming works much much better than IRM. first off, you lose all the disperion improvements you get from IRM by turning and traversing faster. so in reality it does not help you at all in this regard, you just turn faster. improved aiming is a must have on allmost all autoloaders. try it, you’ll see. and even if the IRM would not lose it’s disperion bonuses by turning faster, smaller reticle to begin with is still better what you have with the bigger reticle and bit better disperion values. with my setup, my reticle is 0,27 and dipersion is 0.13, 0.14 and 0.07. with your setup it is most likely 0.30 and 0.11, 0.12 and 0.06. that 0.02 better dipersion is worse than having a 0.03 smaller reticle. calculate it yourself and just try it out;)

  40. Powercreep perfection. Why do french tanks exist?

  41. What happens when 3 of these work together while driven by competent players on voice coms ….

  42. Tanks look crazy in WoT, these days. I haven’t played wot in years.

  43. Now the bugs are out, Iam going to play it full time and learn how to kill those WG trolls….with this auto loader

  44. theodore löwenberg

    Give the fv4005 1-95 frontal armour

  45. Well…. i am a newby… started late last year.. it took me 1 year to reach tier 9 bc25.

    Reload in that is not comperable.

  46. 8:33 I have had this bug exept it wasnt just a replay bug.. I couldnt move my turret at all. I was stuck aiming at a dead tank the rest of the game.. and I didnt even auto aim.. very weird never seen that before then.

  47. i have never touched that line, i am really thinking about it, but after seeing how WoTC has been going i have been more on War Thunder.

  48. 00:03 wood tanks? 🤔

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