BUSH KEMPING ACE – War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Thunder Tanks Gameplay – Bush Camping
the new armor and over powered, or pay to win?

Thanks for watching!


  1. Put bushes on da maus ! Would be way to big

  2. lubobaricak baricak

    now we will only see in wt sitzkrieg :D

  3. Johnathan Susnir

    I can’t remember how I cam across yours and PhykDaily’s videos, but they’ve
    inspired me to fire up War Thunder again, at least for tanks anyway.

    Oh and bush a T-95, or would that be forest a T-95. Would it then be a
    Death Bush?

  4. haldur egeribest

    hezter bus

  5. Bushes on tetrach! You dont even see the difference between a bush and the

  6. Hide with the PT-76 in the water with bushes on the roof

  7. well, now bushes cost 2000 GE…

  8. Vasili Ivanovich Koslov


  9. Yah. I like the look of a bit of bush around my cannon.

  10. Bush tank did not do 9/11

  11. Cobolt Masquerade


  12. The Best Buisness Cyan

    do that super small British reserve tank

  13. try zis-30 withvcamo like that

  14. Radioactive Moose

    zis 30 tank destroyer

  15. So how much does it cost now baron? is it more expensive than the actual
    bushes in IRL? XD
    (1000-2000 GE for bushes gaijin is doing it right XD

  16. KV-2 Hedge?

  17. Hi

  18. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  19. M22 did 9/11

  20. pt 76 with bushes floating bush

  21. Jan Markus kähara


  22. Jagdpanther

  23. bushes are just cosmetic “apparently” they are only visible on your tank
    from 20m or so. this was posted somewhere on the war thunder reddit says
    one of my friends

  24. Merica WW Champions

    do the deep tower next

  25. at 3:16 imagine if that rock was a tank and you rammed into it be accident

  26. PanzerGranadinha

    Bush in StuG III G

  27. Unfair plane

  28. PAY TO WIN!

  29. He use unfair plane and kemp bush!

  30. Nerbel tank with bushes or the KV 2 :D

  31. If you can put bushes onto the KV-2 give it the stalin’s stash

  32. PZ 2 H with bush

  33. i like a mouth full of bush

  34. Can you add bushes to the anti-air vehicles? If so Wirbelbush!

  35. So useless

  36. try it on the maus!

  37. kv2 with kemp bush camo pls

  38. Kv-2 Fully bushed out

  39. unfair bush! he kemp a tank!

  40. Put bushes on the T95!

  41. do the Bushy SU-122, The bushy killer! :)

  42. in World of tanks, u kemp bush. in Soviet war thunder, Bush kemp you!

  43. maus tank with bush in a bush

  44. 500 GE to allow all the poor bushes from the middle of the maps in WoT to
    be useful, and kemp on your tank!

  45. I Am Not Gustaf aka Dalak Dariel

    the bushes are alot gamebraking and needs to be free maybe a reward or
    unlock in the tecktree

  46. Do you have too re buy the shrubberies for each tank ?

  47. Bush tank looks like its got pubes

  48. try a jagpanzer IV

  49. pay 500 Golden bears to drive furious into da hurts of your enemies with
    the new Bush P2W mechanics, stronk soviet game managing and decision
    making! available now for 500 golden bears! crush your enemies, drive
    unseen and chill in da tears of their spotter… now put the stronk soviet
    fuel tonk on da side of your tenk and arm it with the 152mm Stalinbush and
    watch the world burn

  50. Dicker max and das bush with some funky bass licks to get that crunchy
    groove on!

  51. George BUSH team Now with Baron and Slick

  52. i think the jagdpanzer 4/5 or thr other german Tank Destroyers 😀 or AA
    Tank like the Coelian or Wirbelwind!

  53. Nathaniel Jack William Ridley

    T95 …moving forest and people won’t see you hatch

  54. Bartul Javorčić

    Bushes on the Maus that will definetly work

  55. So what do you think about that they doubled/quadrupled the price of the
    bushes to 1000-2000 GE?

  56. Is here someone from Germany? xD

  57. PT-76!! the soviet water bush! use it to amBUSH people xD

  58. add bushes to the kv2

  59. @baron make a mous tank into a bush

  60. Maus with bush! make bush-maus great again!

  61. bush maus!!!!!! or bush t95!!!!! both so slow moving bushes, you couldn’t
    tell the difference!!!!

  62. add shrubbery to the kv2……

  63. baron the bushes do nothing past like 50m they just fade away

  64. call it the Bush request series! god I’m so original

  65. Poot boosh on KV-2 den yoo get KV-tree

  66. Bushes on the Churchhill Gun Carrier. Slow moving bush tactics

  67. The Maus

  68. Juan Alfonso Arellano


  69. hey you did what I said

  70. MAUS!

  71. T-26-4 because short barrel, small ego and DERP GUN! :D

  72. Panther D

  73. Now that’s what i call amBUSH

  74. This is why finnish tanks had bush on them while fighting russoons

  75. WoobooRidesAgain

    “Why’s that section of forest moving around” will be the last thing the bad
    guys will say before a 152mm howitzer blows them away like leaves in the
    fall. KV-2 booshtenk has my vote.

  76. Professor Porkins

    KV-2 hands down

  77. bushes on the maus!!

  78. panzerjager 1 covered in bushes :)

  79. Jaraxxus Eredar lord of the Burning Legion

    Baron, shave your dang bush

  80. Kenneth Burright

    do m18 90mm HellKitty

  81. Kenneth Burright

    do m18 90mm HellKitty

  82. Guilherme Meneses


  83. Something that changes the game this much should be able to be bought using

  84. smallest and power aa and end up shredding

  85. best tank to camouflage would be the Maus!!!

  86. Do the calliope

  87. george the bush…

  88. Must be fun to use this on a snow map :P

  89. Are you going to do an am-bush? ^^

  90. Put bushes on Panzerjager I and/or Flakpanzer I. That would be interesting
    to see.

  91. unfair plane, he kemp bush

    report this violet stet pedder.

  92. Marder three h with bushes all over it .-.

  93. bushes on the mouse now thats funny

  94. bushes on the maus only on the front nowhere else

  95. KV-2 Ultimate bush tank

  96. Baron bush the t-26-4

  97. So who’s the winner of the Russian Bias pack, eh? Bush wants to know

  98. do the hetzer

  99. Dicker max or nashorn with bush :D

  100. i added some long vertical leaves to the top part of the ost-/wirbelwind
    turrets xD looked really derpppyyy

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