Bushes in War Thunder…

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Source: Zenturion7

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  1. What are your opinions about the 1st type of Bush users?(not in the video)

  2. I got all my bushes for free

  3. L33 with Bush all around is funny

  4. I genuinely just keep forgetting to buy bushes whenever I have a bunch of golden eagles…

  5. They should have the bushes fall off when hot with a cannon or just machine guns. Just so you still get the camo but you can still see where you need to shoot

  6. Once they tell em what is bush and the use of it, he aint sigma anymore

  7. Bush camo on sub 4.3 BR is especially lame.

  8. so i guess im a chad now XD

  9. I remeber being a what is a bush, now I use it to make tiger players think I am a regular Sherman (I am a 76.2 mm jumbo

  10. @papigrahamcracker

    the liar is pretty funny ngl

  11. I just put a bush over the mg port

  12. @captainjacksparrowthehedge8186

    All fun in games till you run into a long 88 or a soviet 122mm gun

  13. @gamingwitharcher8863


  14. Yo no uso arbustos por dos razones
    1-no me gustan
    2-no tengo águilas de oro para comprarlos

  15. Proud user of the singular palm leaf I got from the BP foliage crate back when it was achievable

  16. Bushes only pass the vibe check if it looks good in an semi historical way

  17. He forgot the ghillie guy in full bush mode

  18. If you play jumbo, you can use bush to cover mg port

  19. Me who would put it in the lower middle💀

  20. @spectralspectra2282

    You can get bushes for free in real life but you have to 5 five dollars for each bush in this game, so pay to win

  21. Bush users wont see the pearly gates

  22. Bro ı just played watçrthunder and a m14a ı think that aas the tanks name saved me from dieing😢 ı will never forget him

  23. Can’t afford bushes… I take shots like a man in my 76 Sherman

  24. Mate can you explain what is those things ya out on yo tank and why you are putting “bush” All over the place I am confused what does bush means

  25. Bro i don’t have a singular bush on any tank in my garage

  26. Bush is for the weak

  27. @gefallenerengel1306

    I put beer in front of mg so tiger mains think twice before shooting

  28. If they cannot see me, they cannot fear me.

  29. Meanwhile I can’t even get bushes because nobody will tell me how to unlock them

  30. @t-bogamingofficalvn973

    Bush can speak 🗣️

  31. Forgot back bush

  32. I use bushes but only because i am a skill issue. Literally i cannot see shit so i do up my tanks to make the playing field even for me and my lack of situational awareness and keen vision every other player seems to have.

  33. Can tiger H1 pen Sherman jumbo from front?

  34. How It feels to not spend 500 GE in random plants : ☕🗿

  35. @goast_the_vixen7428

    How do I customize

  36. I made a M-22 into a bush

  37. I’m the last one fr

  38. Gigachat

  39. You forgot the “I can’t afford bushes because I refuse to give gaijin my money”

  40. @JuanPabloFonseca-xg6qb

    what is da bushes

  41. 3rd one just wanted a high fade broccoli on top with texture

  42. I use bushes only in top tier, they’re all tryharding so gotta adapt

  43. I use the map bush as a camo🗿

  44. The only people who are mad about bushes are the very people who never buy anything and then when they changed it from 500 a pack of 6 to 500 a bush they got super mad they didn’t buy, meanwhile I am here with 60+ bushes that would now cost you 6x as much, cope harder boys because you can’t accuse my tank of having alopecia.

  45. Personally bushes are for nerds, what you need if deforming camo. Just get some decals that are geometric shapes and line up against you’re tank. That way it’s harder to tell where which part of the tank ends, in relation to the coloure and shapes.

  46. 😈😈 yessssss

  47. ’cause no Money

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