But…Are You MAD? War Thunder Tanks Gameplay

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– Today in I take out the & Complain about not having or Italians 🙁

Thanks for watching,


  1. baron u r my favorite youtuber

  2. BARON BARON!! my birthday is coming up and all I want is for you to play
    the Tiger H1…please

  3. Matteo “Matt And Games ITA”

    Why in every game from world of warships to war thunder(luckly not bf 1
    that added Italians) the Italian are almost if not completely ignored, to
    them it doesn’t count that we where the biggest faction that fight with
    great Britain in the Mediterranean Sea and has to repel invasions from
    Americans and British troops (I take this as a personal question because
    I’m Italian)

  4. Oh god that ear rape at the start of each video insert Google meme here

  5. Gaijin will introduce italian and french tanks?

  6. They should add the puma and german 251 pakwagon

  7. Wait….it has a Russian gun,yet not Russian? DF GAJIN

  8. Btw Italian tanks…when they come out,hopefully they have the Il Duce

  9. Ay Baron, do you think Gaijin will bring a new game mode with ships/boats
    which will act similar to tank RB? i.e. on a map like Tunisia you’ll have a
    boats battle going on offshore, a tank battle going on onland with air

  10. The Gaming Firefly

    Nickname for the tank I made is the 2.3 hellcat

  11. Recoilless rifles? Yes sir, the M50 Ontos, six 106mm tubes of death. I had
    a buddy who drove one while in the Marines in Vietnam. Had to reload ’em
    from the outside though.

  12. Hey Baron, what’s your position on losing the bombing reticle in RB? I’m
    pretty mad about that. I understand for attackers, but dedicated bombers?
    Call someone, do something.

    Love your channel by the way.

  13. A Man Needs A Name!

    Try playing battlefield 2 with Forgotten hope 2 mod :)

  14. Jose “BiGLaZY66” Turcios

    I’m mad cause they don’t add tier 5 british tanks…..

  15. Si_Vis_Pacem Para_Bellum

    In the Chinese server ( operate by company named Tencent ) there is
    actually a Chinese land vehicle line coming.. On the low tier it’s the
    combination of American and Soviet tanks. Then there is Type59,62 and

  16. I’m just mad we got the case-made vehicles based on the Hotchkiss before we
    got the Hotchkiss!

  17. Because gajin already made some tank model for Chinese version of war
    thunder. So they can just copy and paste

  18. iwant my AMX 40 the bounce is real

  19. makes sense it in the usa tree.. its mostly American. russian tree maybe,
    but jap tree. no way. they hated each other. probably still do

  20. play the PT-76B and the object 906 thing plz

  21. ….. if u do enough research about warthunder u will know why whis tank is
    in the game( ˘•ω•˘ ) . Chinese server got special version of the game, such
    as chinese tech tree for both plane and tanks.

  22. The Mechanical Ninja

    Object 279 I would love to see it in War Thunder

  23. Baron, play the Yamato!!
    Attempt #2

  24. lel that dive bomber got destroyed.

  25. If they added French tanks, the only direction they would move is back.

  26. Baron when the new bf1 dcl comes out are you going to play it

  27. can I get a FCMF1

  28. I think the issue with French tanks is that everyone is hung up on these
    amazing early war tanks like the Char B1bis, but that most of the “tanks”
    during the war were little more than early technical drawings with
    absolutely no prototypes made, not even working models.

    this is due in no small part to the fact that French industry was piles of
    rubble under Panzers but we won’t go in to that.

    After playing WoT for years and coming in to War Thunder (War Thunder is
    waaaayyyy better imo) it was so refreshing and good to not have to deal
    with these stupid effin’ paper tanks that plagued every tier in WoT. and
    yes, while there are plenty of paper vehicles in WT, they’re almost all
    exclusively premium or event vehicles, and the ones they’ve added usually
    had at least one working model or prototype made. French tanks just…
    didn’t, for the most part.

    Italian tanks though. Would love a P40 or a Spanish Ha 1112… that plane
    is sexy af.

  29. David Richards (thehole9yards)


  30. B-but there are recoil-less rifles already in the game! The Type 60 has

  31. play the M36 slugger with the AR-2 one of the least played on YouTube

  32. do you really have to start every episode by screaming into the mic?

  33. I mean, Japan and China were fighting before we entered the war, and we
    supported the Chinese side. Japan would make the most sense as they would
    possibly have had captured these during the course of their fighting.

  34. im mad because i dont have one. it’s a Zis-30 without the crazy recoil and
    more ammo. it’s what the SU-57 should’ve been


  36. take out the lvt zis 4 on their 3

  37. Stabby McStabberson

    China is taking all of our jobs! It’s disgusting! American tank destroyers
    can’t find jobs anymore because everyone’s spamming the LVT Zis-2!

  38. has anybody had a non-penatration with the Ho-ni?

  39. im mad its not fucking available to everyone…

  40. if i played like that id already been abliterated lol baron my friend you
    have some luck

  41. TheAmazingPotato lolman123

    do teh T-126 next duuuh

  42. lol, I am part of the Are You Mad? wows clan xD

  43. You, like most of people with too much GE , are spoiled and bored. Rest of
    us still grind tier 4 tanks, maybe some of us have 1-2 nations tier 5. Now
    you want french tanks so you will put your pile of eagles in tanks and crew
    skills and dominate vs shit crews. Is that how rich people cheat? begging
    for new basic crews and put GEs in skill points so they can dominate?

  44. Baron:are u mad I have this tank and u don’t?

  45. The Americans, Chinese and Russians were allies during WW2 weren’t they?
    Not surprised if there was lend-leaseing between those countries.

  46. so irritating the Japanese version water tank does not float. -_-

  47. I want amx30bs to face leos :(

  48. What a game!! And then Mission failed?! Impossible, I refuse to accept that

  49. American’s need all the help they can get, most of their shit has a bad
    habit of exploding, having magazines EVERYWHERE. and relatively poor armor.

  50. You suck a this I kill you lol !

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