But War Thunder….WHY? War Thunder Gameplay

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Gameplay New SPAA – 1.65 New Tanks from the Way of the Samurai Update – But, why?

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  1. i’ll admit i don’t watch all your vids and i don’t remember the last time i
    saw you playing a truck/half-truck so maybe you know or do this already,
    just not in this vid, or perhaps it’s useless and i’m the only one thinking
    that’s how to do it…

    but i think when bein in fight, specially when comming out of cover, it’s
    best to do it in reverse, keeping your driver/s protected in cover, and in
    case someone rush in you get your guunner killed or heavy fire, you can get
    back in cover faster and run away faster XD

  2. SgtBigglesworth I Judah I

    Jesus christ, turn down your engine volume dude… I can hardly hear you
    talking over the sound of that fucking truck

  3. Mateo baquero gomez

    We get it, you don’t like this tank

  4. Not only are you suggesting that this should be at a lower BR
    but you also suck playing with it….

  5. i can see this being used as a last ditch hold down vehicle, but as an
    SPAA?, not really……..

  6. Play the pz 4 h baron genossen pls

  7. why would you choose it over the zis??? really? maybe cos your playing
    Japan not Russia……

  8. IT looks like a step down. Perhaps they should flip the other truck with
    that one?

  9. I honestly like it, it can easily survive machine gun fire and has nice
    velocity for a 1cannon spaa

  10. Gaijin constantly needs something russian to be in a position of power or
    they lose their minds.

    Part of the reason the game is doing so poorly right now is because the
    russian bullshit has just gotten so out of control.

  11. Has this become a war thunder only channel?

  12. Could you play the He 162 or that one German Attacker with the 75mm?

  13. Bogdan Stojanovic

    hot rod truck XD

  14. Baron when are you doing a world of war ships

  15. 4.0 BR?? More like 2.0

  16. “oh fuck thats a sherman” first time said in history

  17. Did you get a new mic

  18. ki 100

  19. Why are your videos SO dark ??

  20. i killed 2 m18 with this thing

  21. uuhhh, looks like a WW1 vehucle XD

  22. Paul Kerman (Kerbonaut)

    Baron: “Where is he? Oh he’s probably following me!”
    *keeps driving the same direction without looking back

  23. Funny to see how with my panzer IV lang I shot 2 regular round at tha thing
    but it over-pen twice and then I switched to HE round I shot 2 time more at
    the driver cabine but it didn’t pen

  24. you have to think about it. tis 4.0 you can point forward umlike the ziz12
    thatu have to drive sideways to fire

  25. Well Baran, For one reason: OPEN CABIN!

  26. i challenge you. t60 1.0 rb match in 3.7 match

  27. Why should it have good anti-tank ability, it’s a fucking SPAA aka
    ANTI-AIR, it shouldnt be able to kill tanks easily at its tier but it
    should be great at taking out planes at its tier

  28. Inshrektor Gadget

    it looks like a snowmobile had a wet dream

  29. we havnt seen Japanese planes in a while so take out the J2M2 for the
    emporer ,very honorable

  30. The funny thing is there is a better SPA like this called the ZUT-37….

  31. didnt even know thay added a new spaa

  32. Patrick Adams (Orion)

    Its almost like SPAA were supposed to be anti-air…

  33. Christopher Setterstrom

    It says something about the game when people are confused as to why an
    anti-aircraft vehicle is in the games but can’t kill tanks easily. It’s
    just become expected that AA vehicles are some kind of machine gun that can
    mow down tanks. While amusing, I don’t find it particularly fun when I
    regularly can effectively lead the charge in in a Wirblewind, killing
    everything up to IS-1s with relatively little trouble.

  34. It’s about as powerful as Gerpard

  35. Custom battle request?

    *The Mad Max CB!*

    (No AC 2, T17E1, M13, M16)
    Vehicles to use:
    Flak Bus 88
    Panzerwaffle 42
    NATO 75
    ZiS 43
    ZiS GMC
    75mm GMC
    M15 (No Freedom Cals)

  36. Be happy with these little truck guns. It makes for good viewing
    entertainment. Remember, you are playing these games for your subscribers.
    I enjoyed this video.

  37. Serious question. Are you Topher Grace?

  38. Artilery is broken on this game, im telling you. I got killed with a heavy
    tank (KV-2) By a single artilery shot.

  39. “Oh, fuck, thats a sherman!” Said no one ever.

  40. baronvongamez can you give me some gold eagles in my acaunt pls i subscribe
    your chanel end i always like your videos pls give me some eaglespls

  41. Baron play the IS 3 or you go back to gulag comrade

  42. everytime he says penetration, i feel dirty

  43. honestly you question make sickbait

  44. tiger 2 H please

  45. Austrianslayer WT

    in one game i killed a panther in it

  46. Baron! You can toggle the artillery aim mode pressing the middle mouse
    wheel that’s better for dropping close range artillery.

  47. I wreck house in this thing at 3.7-4.0

  48. This is Russia baby =)

  49. It’s zsu grandpa

  50. Bart van sevenbergen

    Hmmmm, thats strange….. How come You´re anti-air is not so good against
    ground vehicles?

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