BUTCHERY – 53TP – World of Tanks

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  1. ay 18 seconds ago

  2. Twitter notification squad

  3. Is-3 video soon???

  4. in console there is tier 8 prem arty with some kinda clip gun any opinions?

  5. Oh the Paris map. I forgot that its still in the game. I have that one blocked for ages.

  6. Pardon me for saying guys, but, is that a illegal mod his using? that shows his pen and the armor of the enemy tanks? isn’t that kinda of cheating since he can well…..easier find weak spots?….and if it is not a illegal mod…where can i find it?

    • You have the penmarker in game anyways so it doesn’t really mean anything

    • Yeah its the same as in the vanilla client – red>yellow>green it just shows number associated with the colour.

    • @Circonflexes Alright then, that’s all the prof i needed, still can i know the name of the mod plz? kinda feel it would be easier with real numbers then just colors xD

    • Tempolord you have all the mods that circon is using on his twitch channel in description and if its not there just download the latest Aslains Modpack on Aslains webpage its free and around 148 mbs + there you have every single mod that you might actually want

    • @Muhamed B. Thank you.

  7. I thought this video would be epic standoff on mines against E75. Still cool.

  8. bet it was the pancake skorpion

  9. Azur Lane is a fun little phone game I’ve been playing. But it’s really, really, really weeb so you probably won’t like it.

    • Figuring Circon and most of the people in chat, that game is not for them.

    • Pretty sure he also ment something with a multiplayer aspect, which AL doesn’t have (exercises don’t count)

    • Yeah those anime games are not meant for them at least there’s no game where your Tanks turns into anime girls ….

    • @Saka Moto Yeah, but he asked about a phone game that isn’t complete crap, and AL has been a surprisingly pleasant experience so I thought I’d mention it for the tiny portion of his audience who might find it interesting.

      I ain’t under any delusion that Circ himself will give it anything but a “Fuck you”. XD

    • @Maddog3060
      A fellow Shikikan I see.
      Besides, AL has British Bias. So much the better!

  10. Wow, last time I was this early, Circon did 4k damage in one clip 😉

  11. I like your videos, but i prefer these ones from stream.

  12. AFKarena is the only one that is able to keep my interest for nearly a year now

  13. the most popular phone games are hero collecting games like raid but actually good, they have good art style and animations, they are grindy AF tho so i feel like you gotta love stats to enjoy them and right now the newest one “arknights” is a tower defence type of game wich is refreshing.

  14. “Oh I love this gun and I’m not sarcastic for once”

    – Circon 2020

  15. How to watch circon videos. A guide by an incompetent pleb:

    Step 1. Click on video.
    Step 2: Like video
    Step 3: Watch video.

    As always. Thanks for the great content circon

  16. All the gold! :p

  17. Call of Duty Mobile

  18. “World of Tanks Blitz? Fuck off chat.”

    I play Blitz and I definitely agree.

  19. WOT Blitz

  20. That pantera and charioteer…

  21. Unsuspicious Italian Man

    6:08 so this is the power of ultra instinct

  22. Please don’t tell people that 53TP is good, let it be our little secret ok… That tank stomps in FL, and not that many people picked up on that yet. Plus, it’s fun having people trying to shoot your “bottom plate…”

  23. no hate if you want to Sponge some of that Phat Paid Scam-o-legends Cash. Sponge it up.. aint no one with a brain dumb enough to follow through with appstore shovelware but if they wanna PAY YOU?!?! you’d be a fool not to relieve them of their money . lol

  24. Fsr I played really well in this but I’ve been struggling in the tier 9

  25. The NA server is full of muppets. Wish I could transfer to the EU server

  26. Observational bias being what it is, I still think the anonymous deal has greatly reduced your being focused especially by artillery. Probably have to chart average stun time over time to prove it on paper

  27. Ah cmon Circon, WoT Blitz is actually godamn good for what it is. The biggest drawback is its only 7v7 but the matchmaking is good, maps are good, and tanks are much more balanced in that game than in PC. You should give it a try!

  28. The 53TP was the only tank in the polish line I enjoyed

    • For what it’s worth, I enjoyed the 50TP and the 45TP as well as the 53. I think I enjoyed the 50 the most. Haven’t bought the 60TP yet because there have been other X’s on my list, but I intend to get it eventually.

  29. Oh… I find that over 90% of my first games are terrible losses.

  30. I’m in at 1k likes. You owe me now.

  31. More like Raid: Garbage Legends amirite

  32. Well played my good sir. Well played.

  33. Justin justintheman

    Great tank honestly loved playing mine

  34. hey my guy, what do you think of the 60tp? I don’t recall you ever playing it on stream

  35. All those saying WOT blitz clearly haven’t played against players with 10 battles in a tier 10 on asian server.

  36. Tiger 131 makes great spaced armor against HEAT

  37. 53TP also reminds me a lot of the IS3 but it feels like a much better tank.

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