Butt BLITZ Tactic, This is Ridiculous! War Thunder Crazy German Tank

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Source: BaronVonGamez

War Tanks Gameplay – RAREST TANK Vk 4501 P Tank – War Thunder Gameplay the Butt Blitzkrieg Strategy

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  1. This is what happens when a French tank finally decides to counterattack. Also, Baron, you should take out the Japanese Type 60 SPRG!

  2. Grats Baron, you made a prototype merkava tank.

  3. Buttskrieg lol 😉

  4. what are the rarest I’ve ever seen the Russian T-V and the T-III and the RBT-5

  5. i can play with you on ps4 and pc can play to together

  6. Army _ boy _50

  7. WatchTheWorldBurn Pepe

    now play it with the Russian is1, is2s 🙂

  8. you know, this is something i fucking hate too
    peoples not fuckking playing the objectives this game could have been won, if some retards would have fcking HOLDED THEIR POSITION
    is that too hard to do? gosh, people would be sent to execution platoon in real for being that dumb

  9. I actually liked this tank but yeah I always found the reverse was nice but tanking shots to the front was instant death rear shot engines absorbed most of the fragmentation, never tried to KV-5 this yet though xD

  10. Super Lend Lease Combo!
    Take out the USSR’s M4A2 and P-47

  11. german sherman is also rare

  12. I’d say rarest tank is probably the M8A1 TD

  13. #buttblitz

  14. I wish I had the VK… and the KV-220 but I missed out on both…

  15. Commence zhe Blitzbutt!

  16. The IS-1, IS-2 and KV-122 are also good at this. Using the engine and tranny as extra armor is a very good survival tactic. Of course you have the downside of them shooting the turret but that’s regardless of what angle your hull is at. If they shoot your engine then your whole crew is alive and kicking even if your engine is out. That can be repaired, your crew cannot.

  17. Nice bum-rush at the start.

  18. ATTEMPT #7!



  19. I used this tank to grind the way past the crummy panzers and into Tiger glory. Fantastic machine that not many people come against so you can use your front mounted turret and that awesome rear speed for corner popping unsuspecting fools.

  20. Jm Explorer Gaming and films

    That’s the white tiger

  21. Baron it’s 100mm on 100mm

  22. 4501 op plz nerf

  23. please play the M24 Chaffee

  24. Hynrick Von schmidt

    Auschtung blitzkrieg

  25. lol buttkring lollolololl

  26. buttskrieg

  27. It’s rare since that winter 2015/16 event to get it was painful xD my friend and I were grinding for it about 8 days straight during our winter break, wasn’t easy

  28. Baron, this is a german tank. Not a french tank.

  29. Now do this but with the IS-1 Or IS-2!!

  30. I saw somebody do this in a mtach once some how he wrecked the hole team XD

  31. ” is he on are nuts?” “HES ON ARE NUTS!” sorry cracked up when he said that lol

  32. you could call it… BUTTZKRIEG!!

  33. baron do this with the maus

  34. M8 I have never seen it in battle

  35. Baron do you know about the semovente 105/25 ?

  36. who`s watching this while playing war thunder ? is it just me?

  37. It’s true that VK 45.01 travel forward ad backward at the same speed because the engineer intended to to that

  38. Is that tiger(p)?

  39. how did you get that tank i dont have it in my premium section

  40. all is tanks go fast backwards. a great 16kmh.

  41. Baron, personally I think the swastika is a very offensive symbol to a lot of people and I really don’t like it on your thumbnail. It’s your video, but I think it’s somewhat inconsiderate.

  42. “sometimes its better to be lucky than skilled” XD made my day ^^

  43. It’s bootyful!

  44. Spongebob Saggypants

    You are asking to be penetrated from the rear

  45. “Fastest tank in reverse” Cough the IS-1 and IS-2

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