Buy This Tank To Be Better Than 99% Of Other Players EASY (KV-1C)

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Buy This Tank To Be Than 99% Other Players EASY (KV-1C)


  1. love you phellers! NEW update vids tomorrow :))

  2. Russia: Introduces the T-34 which was almost immune to German short 75mm and long 50mm guns.
    Germany: Creates the long 75mm which can deal with T-34s at 1.5km.
    Gaigin: I’m gonna pretend I didn’t see that.

  3. Please someone help me for the love of god, can someone tell me how to turn off auto tracking!? Ive died to many times to the fact that the game decides i need to focus on the plane or some random spot on the ground when im lining my shots up

  4. A+ on thumbnail

  5. Is this game matched up any better than WOT or WOT blitz? where premium everything just runs the game.

    I’m dying for a good tank game.

  6. Dulmina Iluppitiya

    In WoT blitz it’s named as KV-1S

  7. Love the Battlefield V music

  8. Another reason as to why this game is a joke and P2W

  9. western spy kv-1
    What do you do with a drunken sailor?
    What do you do with a drunken sailor?
    early in the morning?

  10. This and the Brummbar combo OMG.
    The nuclear Bunker Duo 😂

  11. Mohammed Voneza

    KV1-B is what happend when u mix stalinium with German tech

  12. The Righteous Mallard

    We just need 1 or 2 new brs to stretch out the compression and a lot of issues will be solved

  13. The Righteous Mallard

    I love how greedy war thunder are
    Hmm yes
    3% off

  14. Ayan Arif Ghafoor

    When a Tiger and a KV-1 do naughty things. 😉

  15. tons of people have said this, but it’s the truth, the best German tanks aren’t german.

  16. when I play it, I’m basically always bottom tier, where this tank is awful; so, being bottom tier (EU sever) 99% of the time, makes this premium tank one of the worst ! (Buyer beware!)

  17. LoL kV i C iS tOO oP nEfT iT. so many panic, blind shot man this tank is not op at all if ya play bri’ish 17pr gun or just calmly aim at barrel this tank is not deadly anymore

  18. Phly dies:laugh

    Me dies:rage,wanna kill ma self and doge child support

  19. Absolute monster in RB and AB.

  20. Im German and only ,,mmmmhh,,

  21. OLLlaJIeJIblu_KoPHeT

    This is actually pz4 raped by kv-1

  22. How it feels to play any kv

  23. 0:09 the internet of Latin America every day

  24. I think i was in that vid

  25. I play under BR5 and the 756 is the most disgustingly OP/under-Br’d tank I’ve come across. If I had to actually point at Russian bias it would be that. But its German lol

  26. Bro i got the same tank and get one shoted every time…

  27. I personally love to test drive this.

  28. Can confirm. I’ve been playing kv1c so much over the past 6 months. It’s crazy op

  29. PLEASE, explain me why his sight is aligned with his gun in RB, and how can i do it for my tanks, if the sight was normal the shell should hit the wall, moreover normally in this tank we can see the canon when we aim with the sight, here nothing the shell goes right at the sight was. 4:52

  30. Now hear me out but low tier nuke but it doesn’t end the match but it’s like a v2 rocket or something like that make it a huge bomb like bigger then the 5000kg bomb but like make it 9000kg and you call it in like arty but it’s like the same amount of points as the nuke

  31. The only medium i would be scared to fight against is the Japanese Chi-to in this thing

  32. 10:22 singing assassin’s creed in game track while playing war thunder 🤣


  34. Matthew Janosik

    Makes a video about how op the kv-1c is! Most the content ends up being about how weird the video is!

  35. Well that’s one more KV1 to troll with.

  36. I feel sorry for the Churchill’s, they are at such a high br and don’t have the gun to deal with almost anything,
    When compared to that, Churchill’s mobility kind of sucks and the lower top seed makes any large maps a horror

  37. thats stupid and breaks the game

  38. Most broken shit ever I stg

  39. if i playing this tank … all go wrong

  40. I remember when this 75mm used to be good.


  42. Nekomimi Shinkansen

    That ikv103 went Ultra Instinct

  43. Lol on rage t34 60 $ new premium fix

  44. Phantom Aviator

    I have a personal spite for KV-IC players
    I love bullying them in my KV-1E

  45. T34 making shots disappear…a Gaijin classic

  46. Day 40: How about playing all-Shermans lineup?

  47. That battle at alpha/alfa ed like the battle of [shoot I forgot]

  48. fml u have 17 million i can’t even get 300k

  49. this KV-1C is my most feared enemy and i´m at 3.7, always a struggle to take them out

  50. The new update made the panzer IV very good

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