BV-238 NEW Huge Flying Boat, Donald Trump Endorsed – War Thunder 1.63

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  1. Why can you air drop tanks ?? In aircraft as large as it? . I know it
    didn’t do it at it all well because it’s a boat Just please do it in the
    further you could drop 3. Leopard into battle as a spawn point ! It would
    be cool

  2. how bout a porcse tiger

  3. that is a beast! where is the fuel stored tho? or are the wing gunners just

  4. But still no B-26…

  5. It looks like the Hercules that Howard Hughes tried so desperately to make.
    It flew but not very high our very far

  6. So your best chance to survive is to head on lol

  7. No cancer in war thunder again

  8. Now we need the Tu-95 and B-36

  9. Now we get b-36 maybe?

  10. Premium
    So i guess Germans still dont have flying boat/float plane, also screw sea
    planes when you stuck on ruhr or berlin maps. Interesting how gaijin nerfes
    bombers, especially german ones for “balance purposes”

  11. BV-238 vs TU-4 titan of sky fight

  12. someone needs to make a magic school bus skin for the bv 238

  13. LOL 2:33 THE AMERICAN ARMY????

  14. People are just going to ram this shit…

  15. Ooh I have a good custom battle idea: each team has one bv 238 and it’s
    main objective is to make it to the enemy base. Meanwhile they are being
    escorted/attacked by hoards of he 51’s and other reserve aircraft.

  16. Remember close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades, and game
    balancing only applies to combat vehicles that are not under the hammer and
    sickle flag.

  17. You know what else has six engines? The B-36 Peacemaker

  18. You read the line about the bomb load being reduced wrong. You read it as
    “For balance reasons we are giving it a reduced bomb payload” but it
    actually reads “As this is not a design of glorious Mother Russia, we
    cannot allow the fascist pigs to have a payload even close to equal to

  19. But it has 5 turrets, rear tail, one onn each wing, one on top and one in

  20. Baron do you think the German Horten 18 stealth bomber should come to war

  21. BV 222 wouldn’t be added, it was never designed to be a bomber, so unless
    they want to add planes like the Me 323 gigant, Douglas DCs and other
    transport planes and find a way to use them. but one plane that should have
    been added is the Bv-138 and why it’s not there is a big question

  22. Roll Fazzlebeef MTHS

    reminds me of the planes from the 1st mission of Wolfenstein: the New
    Order, except that those planes were allied, not German

  23. I hate how most of the content getting added to this game nowadays is
    premium only

  24. It’s jumo not jumbo. The ju is pronounced you.

  25. WT has finally made it possible for six engines…

    B-36 incoming guys!

  26. BARON. you need to drop a mix tape with all of your intro music. haha.

  27. Now can we have a b-36

  28. Do you realise that it has to be premium because it’ll be the same story
    with the Tu-4 but earlier in the game, so it has to be premium for not have
    it spammed as much.

  29. How do you know your plane is big? You have quad-barrelled 180 turrets IN

  30. so this plane gonna be reserch or GE

  31. Damn, Hitler. You cray cray.

  32. Oscar Simpson griffiths

    They got to ad a cockpit for this plane

  33. I can’t wait to buy this in the premium cause I don’t have tim to do
    missions… I hope they will put the Canadian CF 105 Avrow Arrow. For

  34. why is it fucking premium i mean the maus isnt premium and there were only
    one buldt the do 335 only had like one or two and that has a non premium
    version and so on im german i hate that the planes from my own country has
    to be bought for real money it discusts me

  35. get ready for the iron armenian to do a carrier landing

  36. one way ticket no gear to land and rearm lol

  37. for balance purposes >_>

  38. Premium. Obviously. All good things are premium. ..Like I have 50 bucks to
    drop on a free to play.

  39. Why do not play woth Phly anymore Baron? Please answer it, thanks.

  40. guys its a premium…
    cant see why anyone will buy this beside the gimmick

  41. Why 75% of the new vehicles are premium?

  42. Pls Warthunder add the ME 323 GIGANT! For Panzer landin! ;)

  43. I can’t wait for this plane

  44. Return of the boat races! LOL

  45. WHERES THE HE 117

  46. fuck gajin , germany has no good Bombers -.- thanks for making the New one
    premium :(

  47. Airborne “Skyraider” GR

    don’t stop the devblogs coverage :-(

  48. Airborne “Skyraider” GR

    don’t stop the devblogs coverage :-(

  49. if we could stop calling this a video game that would be great ;)

  50. Αρης Γαβριελατος

    just finished downloading the game

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