BZ-176 – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks just released the BZ-176 a Tier Chinese premium with ROCKET BOOSTERS and a 160 calibre gun! Here’s all you need to know!



0:00 The BZ-176 Review
0:47 Rockets HoW DO tHEy WoRK?
3:22 The Stats
13:37 Crew, Equipment and Field Mods
1:11 1
29:41 2
3:26 3
42:02 4
44:33 The Conclusion


  1. Like we already didn’t know that every millimeter counts🙃

  2. Just capped one with an HE round to the dome piece 8^) Thanks Quickybaby

  3. Day two of asking you to do a colab aith AEG

  4. Literally pay to win as fuck. Gold HE with 220 pen and 800 dmg lol. Fuck WG

  5. Sure tier 8 games aplenty but be warned when WG sell enough loot boxes this tank will see more tier 9 and 10 games than it will 8.

  6. Thanks for the good videos:)

  7. Had a platoon of two of these come at me…face on…in my T6 Jackson…but I was bushed, so…while I was unable to pen them (which I discovered rather quickly)…I did keep both of them tracked so others could flank them…one of them was able to apply its booster…and then boosted right on past me… allowing me to get the kill shot🙂

  8. Synthetic Danimal 90

    Kinda reminds me of a 1 shot caliban with more armor

  9. This is just bullshit

  10. Tir 8 is unplayable. Like just hot clapped for 1500 in renegade in 1 second…

  11. its discusting to see stupid shit going in the game like this.
    wot in now so much wrse of a game than 56 years ago they just keep fuckng up badly

  12. Γιάννης Κουρουμίδης

    If this was at tier 9 then it would be more competitive than the Type 4 H.

  13. total joke rocket boost my ass

  14. This tank is just plain broken AF, tier 8 is broken AF and even further broken because of it.
    And on top of that the Iron Arnie is also broken AF but in a different way breaking the game EVEN more.
    And as always RNG in the game is SHITE.
    Even christmas has become a time where WoT is infuriating.

  15. one ram killed me in my ebr fucking jet powered tanks….surprised the shit out of me…i call bullshit

  16. This game went from being historically accurate to adding in tanks that are straight up science fiction. This tank should be in a one off mini game, not in the random queue.

    • Miss the old days still only have and play the historic vehicles hellcat is my favorite but nowadays I get destroyed every game so I only play couple games then quit lol

  17. Could you imagine a three man Platoon making a train and raming people with your rockets on 😂

  18. This game is now officially a joke. Hard to tell a difference between Rocket League and WoT.

  19. Ok, I’ve seen enough. I’ll wait a few months before I try tanks again, this tank is stupid and will ruin the game for a month or 2

  20. This is so pay to win now it’s getting ridiculous

  21. No, this tank is not insanely good ! It’s insanely OP !!! 240mm frontal armor …. this would be OP in tier 10 and this BS OP tank is tier 8 …. what a T32 for example is going to do to this bs .. I remember when the Obj.268.4 was introduced to the game the whole community was crying about it because of it’s frontal armor ,gun and mobility and now we have the same BS , but this time in tier 8 and it’s only “insanely good” … now noone is crying about it …. Rly QB is it ONLY insanely good or INSANELY OP ???

  22. Slazak Grzesiek - Zootopia comics

    39:34 The action is happening so fast, the radio is burning in the lower left corner

  23. So all the hate towards arty for the first 10 years of the game can now be put to good use on these RNG monsters.

  24. Power creep keeps on going. My Patriot with 230 alpha is laughable now.

  25. therealmrfishpaste

    What’s next?….flying tanks….

  26. Got iron Arney and BZ in 50 creates

  27. I did skip

  28. Hriscu Cristian Ioan

    WOT became a Scam … 12 loses in a row .. that’s a Scam play.

  29. Well RIP to tier 6 and 7 tanks that have to meet this thing.

  30. Technically the Caliban is still the hardest hitting tier 8 in the game from a pure alpha damage stand point.

  31. thanks to you and people like you, this ha can’t be played anymore

  32. every imbecile who looks at you camps at the base or runs to hide with full hp at the end of the map

  33. Me who’s been playing just tier 10 and tier 8 tds to make money and the tier x just to smash all these wallet warriors tanks

  34. I see this tank as public test, if they will add this kind of tech-tree, and to actually balance tech-tree that is coming in, if it’s coming at all.

  35. Was hoping you’d go for a rocket ram kill in the first game at the end lol

  36. Pay2win. Useless wot Management. They actually managed to ruin the game even more…

  37. Never been so happy since i quit wot.

  38. That tank is game breaking in my opinion to op

  39. Tanks like ISU152K become obsolete by the release of the BZ – and that’s not only for that high caliber gun premiums…that armor combined with thegun just makes it the best premium in the game imo

  40. Lol seeing that thing take out some meaty chunks is so satisfying.

  41. Thanks for stating the obvious Quicky, most CC’s don’t know what to think about this tank lol. Good job speaking up for the community 😉

  42. Awesome review Quacky Babs. I spent some money as a present to myself and got this monster in boxes. I will say this vehicle is still an enigma to me. I’ve struggled getting wins in matches but I love overmatching loads of armor in it. Very satisfying indeed. I’d way a mixed bag in realists so far.

  43. A Chinese tank with 10 degrees of gun depression… what are you thinking War Gaming!

  44. I got 20 degrees of life depression 💥💥

  45. rustedniddleslinger

    It feels like it has what was once the ridiculous gun handling of the Skoda 56 where it hits every single shot. Meanwhile techtree tanks with 0.3 accuracy misses at 100m. Soon as a new lootbox tank is available this gun will experience the Skoda 56 treatment.

  46. rustedniddleslinger

    You’re not only paying for a new tank you’re also paying for rng

  47. Whats next parachutes and ballistic missiles on the tanks?

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