BZ-75: First Look in World of Tanks!

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tier 10 , BZ-75, is coming soon to of Tanks! Here's all we know about the new alpha heavy king of WoT!



  1. Perhaps the derp gun with speed boost allows the tank to get to early medium tank positions? The derp is definitely detrimental to poorly armoured enemies.

    But tbh I still don’t see the niche for any low pen derp in the game, ever since the HE chamges.

  2. Maybe introduce stun mechanic to ht with that kind of caliber when firing HE round? Next level of derp

  3. The speed boost thing seem just so stupid.

  4. looks like type 99

  5. Why does it look like a shitty type99?

  6. China? When did they really make Tanks? They are bootleg.

  7. you should compare that new tank to the old type 5. the old type 5 had 1100dmg and 75pen on standard and 1400dmg and 75pen on premium. The new tank has 1600dmg and 75pen on standard and 1050dmg and 225pen on premium. This is just ridiculous. And the BZ is faster, has better gunhandeling and the armour is most likely not much worse than the type5 armour. So it is just a better version of the old type 5, which everyone complained was to good. good job wg.

    • Sebastien van Tiggele

      Yes but don’t forget that HE has been nerfed. The old Type could get 500-600 dmg rolls on the front of tier 10 heavys, while now you’ll get less than 100 a lot.

    • old type 5 had old he, you were never really penning shots consistantly

    • @Sebastien van Tiggele yeah, but the type 5 has 900dmg now. the bz has 1600, which is 800-armour. 500-600 will be standard.

    • Sebastien van Tiggele

      @Strullipurz173 Idk if you’ve been playing tier 10, but when I get hit from a FV4005 its rarely more than 600.. tracking and optic shots also do 0 dmg now and mostly getting hit frontally results in random damage but mostly less than 200… That derp on the BZ will not be consistent at all with 225 pen.

    • @Sebastien van Tiggele i dont know if you know how the he dmg is calculated. sure, if you hit tracks etc. its 0 but if you hit the armour you can do 500-600. depends on the rng dmg roll

  8. Wargaming make a Alien tank once again. Good work QB

  9. ıʞsʍoq ǝɿɓıqǝɥʇ

    is that some kind of april fool? 180mm and rocket propulsion? What next? 360mm guns? 500mm guns? Anti gravitational engine? WG turned into a circus.

  10. Wait, so it will be like FV4005 but with good armor and low silhouette?

  11. China should be removed from the game.

  12. I wonder what the gameplay intent for jet boost was when WG dreamed it up – just to move a slower heavy in varying conditions, or to have it boost past a flank/cover to get the side of another tank (and hopefully live to shoot another time). Also, will it affect the visibility of the tank when in use?

    • probably to get into positions (maily thinking things like himmelsdorf hill, pork hill, even mines middle) fast and then use it later after a fight to hunt down enemies

    • Redbear and Friends

      Doesn’t really matter there are plenty of well armored tanks that can move fast all the time, like useless gimmick of cs-63

  13. A dead game diying more and more each patch

  14. Won’t be used in clan wars.

  15. They need to unnerf type 5 now

  16. time to give the type 5 a buff 😀

  17. Splashing damage … that doesn’t works anymore

  18. not to fond of this speed boost in natural play — for the EVENTS — YES

  19. I always find it funny they refuse to introduce new tier but put up all these fictional/prototype tanks

  20. Crappy lausy kids BS

  21. I remember the times when WoT was about tanks, not about rocket league.

  22. NICE BUT with those HE shells the first gun is trash

  23. This tank is … crazy unrealistic but in the same time … at least game is alive !
    At first I was supposed to laugh at jet boosters, but on the other hand … (1) in the game we already have plenty such unrealistic tanks that would not be able to fight on any battlefield (for example famous Maus – Maus would not be able to cross 99% of bridges for example and would not be able to fight in any real battlefield let’s be honest here)(another example T28/95 and Tortoise that can exist only behind front line being watched by World War II historians – in front line it would be worse then bad) (2) if thanks to this WG can keep adding tanks to the game and developing it … that’s okay.

    • lol its crazy because jet boosters on tanks was actually an idea that the russians had put through some testing

    • @Anubhav Mondal you know … two Maus tanks were actually build – and Maus is still 100% unrealistic nightmare made by drunk engineer

  24. This tank like its was made by wish.

  25. Rhino is good looking but crappy)

  26. Arunas Janikauskas

    i meet tier 8 premium bz in random battles today and got hit for 800 in char futur.

  27. we cant hit the 850 mark it use to be td alpha but not anymore so we cant touch it hahaha

  28. you know, they nerf the type 5 heavy’s HE gun and then few years later they do this, which is even stronger than the old type 5, im very disappointed in wargaming’s competency, old type 5 has 1400 alpha btw unnerfed.

    • old type 5 had old he. You were never consistently penning tanks with that tank, but doing 500 splash every shot. The bz wont have that luxury. More likely than not, the derp will be a meme, but not very competitive, like the sheridan derp

  29. That door closing in the background…

  30. jet boosters on tanks….. FACEPALM…. WHY???????

  31. Is rocket-propelled tanks a thing in real life? Any country using that at all or this is pure wg creativity?

  32. I have a feeling that if it’s not Russian then all new tanks are limited at 35kmh or below the recently nerfed French M4 heavy line only goes 35kmh now, the minotauro line is all around 30kmh

    • i mean, even if it is russion. Look at kv 4ktts. I think wg doesn’t want to introduce too many heaviums, which is a good thing because they increase the pace of the battle

  33. Did we just teleport into Armored Warfare? I mean don’t get me wrong I think the tank looks really cool but at what point do we reach the technology ceiling? We can’t have tanks from the 40s and 50s in the same MM as tanks from the 60s and 70s.

  34. It looks like a modern tank.
    Honestly I don’t play any Chinese tank except for premium tanks. The WZ-114 which has horrible loading time. The T-122-TM medium, the T-34-3 medium, the WZ-120 tank destroyer and the Type 64. The regular tech tree tanks are basically copies of Russian tanks but less effective

  35. This 180mm gun is obviously going to be useless, probably even more than the Type 5 Heavy’s 152mm howitzer. The 75mm pen for standard HE will only work against paper armor, while 225mm HE is going to also pen some sides and especially rears, and many tier 8 tanks of course, but that’s it. Most frontally accessible/exploitable weakspots on tier 9 and 10 armored MTs, HTs and assault TDs (lower plates, cupolas, etc.) require >240mm of penetration and these are going to be the main opponents of this brawler anyway. So, unless they buff the 180mm howitzer, the real gun is going to be the 152mm caliber, which is not looking impressive by any means, but is definitely going to be functional. Overall, rather underwhelming. If they gave the big howitzer a base AP shell a pen of around 250mm (1050 alpha) and special HEAT shell a pen of around 300mm (1050 alpha) and a third HE shell with 225mm pen (1600 alpha) that would be a very different situation. Then there would be a real choice to make.

    • Wouldn’t that be giving it two premium shells then? I don’t think that would be good solution. Tho I do agree that it should definitely have a third shell option, be it AP or at least HEAT shell with around 250 pen, so you aren’t completely toothless against heavily armored tanks.

  36. So technically even with only 75mm of pen, thanks to the 1600 alpha you could go hull down and just splash opponents for 550-700 dmg? Might need to start grinding down the medium line in prep for this…

  37. I mean at best it is 1050 dmg with 225 pen and a 30 second reload. Which is far worse than the FV. The WT E100 was and still is op. The fact that people suck in it does not mean that it’s not op people suck in all tanks including the chief and 279e… The WT can do 560 * 5 = 2800 dmg per clip which it can do in 8 seconds even after the nerfs to remove a round. Even if they removed another round so it could only do 2240 it would still be very strong. The fact is that the WT was not tested nearly enough to be added in the state it was.

  38. Ridiculously fake tanks

  39. I hope the rocket boosters increase ram damage alot, thats gonna be so much fun!

  40. Exactly my point too? Why is WG going backwards (HE main armament tank after HE nerf)? I really don’t understand the point (aside for making grinding awful, unless you want to revert the changes.

  41. Ah yes, ANOTHER HEAVY! yayyy…… World of Heavys!

  42. At this point they could release an earlier model of Abrams, Challenger, Merkava, and Leclerc, T-72, T-64, Type-85, and many more, too bad they release it on modern armor.

  43. The guns are not competitive. So slow and low pen. Maybe WG could give this tank the ability to fire indirect, i.e. arty mode (maybe a much shorter range). The USSR tier X arty, Object 261, has a 180mm gun, a similar reload time, but 334mm AP pen.

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