BZ-75 – Tank Preview – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Update 1.19.1 in of will bring the BZ-75 a new T10 Chinese heavy tank with ROCKETS and a HUGE GUN! Here’s all you need to know!


0:00 BZ-75 Tank Preview
10:29 The Crew
11:16 Equipment
12:11 Field Mods
23:13 The Results
23:51 The Conclusion
26:34 A Missed Opportunity?


  1. 12:26 Wargaming confirmed in the patch notes that the entire line is supposed to be Assault class “The vehicle role for the BZ-58, BZ-166, and BZ-68 in the game is displayed as Breakthrough Heavy Tank instead of Assault Heavy Tank.”

  2. I’m all for speeding up the game. I think it makes it more fun, camp-offs are just annoying. This tank has big weakpoints and an inaccurate gun. I think its fine.

  3. I find it crazy how they basically nerfed the kranvagn making it feel borderline not competitive anymore for being to good at exactly what they made this tank ridiculous at, as well as the super overpowered amx. Make it make sense

  4. Meeting this tank won’t be a fuss. Just like his little brother BZ 176 I clapped it very easily with my Renegade lol. My Renegade currently sit high with 67.2% WR with 700+ Battle

  5. Wonder when WG will introduce flying tanks or submarine tanks? Sorry, but these rocket tanks are just stupid.

  6. Really weak tank.
    Tier9 is better than tier10.

  7. This new line looks pretty balanced for a new line. Yeah it can go over 60 km/h when setup the right way but it has some easy weak spots on the turret and hull. Could be a strong performing tank with a good player that can make good use of that very high burst speed to get in good positions or ram.

  8. QuckyBaby i would like to make a suggestions for previews/reviews. When you compare tanks statistics then compare them to tanks that are average. Not the tanks that perform the best. Amx M4 54 – new meta tank. 60TP very strong tank to fight against. I get it you need to compare it to similar playstyle tanks. And so if there’s reallly not something similar but OP tanks then compare it to OP tanks but atleast mention few times thru the video that 60TP is a strong tank and that in reality WG has made a nicely balanced tank. This is literally the reason why WG keeps adding better and better tanks to the game. Because the community says “What’s the point of this tank, I’ll better play my 60TP”
    Props to WG for actually making a fairly balanced tank. Atleast not overpowered like 60TP or AMX M4 54

  9. This tank looks super underwhelming

  10. These tanks are just getting more and more ridiculous. Please stop Wargaming; enough already….

  11. This is not what we asked for, but needed. Tbh WG was just producing OP power houses so far, but finally something balanced and something not just for the cash.I like that they have finally gave something that is not just purely OP or for money, but to experiment with and have a good time with.

    • Too bad they in WG don’t need to balance premium tanks any more. The BZ-176 is just outrageous as a tier 8 in practice.

    • @Kertoja I agree,there are too many in the mm,maybe if they made it extremely rare that would be something. But it’s all about the money so they kind of just let it go…It’s sad…

    • ​@FA_pro Rarity shouldn’t be a factor on how OP a tank can be. And since so many have already bought those crates, it’s kinda late for that anyway. They should bring down its accuracy and gun handling more on par with Caliban and maybe shave a millimeter or two off the roof, or make the cupolas at least more prominent.

    • @DonanzadoR8 You’re right,thanks for the reminder =]

  12. this tank needs to goooooooo so fking annoying theres either 1 or 4 in the match and they just charge and bully everyone playing for free. Such a shitty move by the team just trying to grab as much money off of the nerds with enough money to waste on the game. That being if the tank is indeed only attainable through crates.

  13. hmmm, I’m quite curious with what going to happen if someone tracked this tank while in rocket mode. Is this tank going to stop? or spinning?


    Stop talking, start wining. Show us some funny moments instead of bla bla bla review

  15. QB , back in 2011 this game appealed to me for one reason, authentication of tanks. The game was based on real tanks !.. The only world rockets could ever work on a tank is a fantasy world which WOT are making this game.. The game was ALREADY getting bad, now its plain STUPID.

  16. sad derp noises
    also a thing to consider, when you got flanked like by that k91, you have the option to, instead of engaging in the messy dance while being a slow heavy, just… boost away from them to open up the distance so you can get your armor around again

  17. Probably got those rocket pods in vietnam and just said frick it strap on this tank and call it a day

  18. Bruh when he boosted up the hill wtf💀

  19. Char futur 4 is my favourite tank in world of tanks beacouse i did 3129 damage i it

  20. Bz-176 came out of boxes. But I can’t play well with this tank. I go to the heavy tank line, I can’t pen. heavy tanks. The result is awful.

  21. They put modern tanks in against WW2 tanks on PC it’s insane

  22. Craftsman Sheng Can we get 10K Subs

    when is this chinese rocket tank tech tree gonna launch in asia wot??

  23. Um yeahhh fuck this tank take it out of the game playing tier 8 tanks isnt fun

  24. GamerS Sri lanka😎

    It looks like leopard 6

  25. If Heavies are FASTER then MEDIUMS, something went wrong in the Ballancing Department….

  26. Comming soon: Wheeled Arty with 10-shot Autoloader and 2s Interclip!

  27. Come on WG Bring the 180mm gun on the table! Chinese heavy tech tree was forgoten and outdated so they deserve it.

  28. E50m players gonna want those rockets boost for sure sarcasm xd 😂

  29. Why game changing coz there is a tons of uses of those rockets
    1st you can move to important location and ambush
    2nd you can run away fast
    3rd you can flank and surprised your opponents with the rockets and ramming
    4th you can go back to base and reset the cap
    5th and it’s got a good gun depression and at least weak points gonna balanced them otherwise it’s a nightmare to deal this tank

    It’s interesting to see how it’s gonna go in clan wars to go against the chieftains though

  30. how can i send you a replay quickybaby?

  31. Excellent Tofu Head!

  32. Naaa, in practice or should I say “live server” this tank sucks, sure it’s gonna have a few good opportunities, but in the majority of scenarios this tank is gonna suck.
    In my opinion this tank only benefits from fast games will be almost useless against well positioned tanks where you have to out play them in trades.

  33. Looks a lot more balanced than that totally OP BZ-176 abomination. Those things are just toxic. They can also nerf these if 12:42 they over perform, but we’re stuck with the moronic play of the premium.
    Like the look of these, but do we need rocket boosters with 6 charges! Frontal armour is still a little too good, as with that gun depression the hatches will be impossible to see and how may 150+ mm guns are there in the game to overmatch the side/roof!

    Turbo should not stack with rockets; to use the rocket boosters the gearbox would have to be disengaged; I know I’m a Mechanical Engineer!

  34. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    This tank is like designed for Russian CSGO player, rush B or lose. The longer the game, the weaker this tank will feel.

  35. A frontline tank that can’t do frontline properly. Lmao.

  36. youre always my go to for tank reviews….but i 100% appreciate that you say “seven thousand six hundred”…instead of quite a few other CCs that will say seven point six thousand damage…its a minor thing but it rubs me the wrong way

  37. Thet should give it 2300 Health and make The weakpoints better

  38. I was so hyped for this line…now prop i will not even bother start it

  39. Community says to wargaming; we are tired of the battles lasting only 5 minutes! Wargaming are like; hold my beer, we might be able to get it down to 3 for you.

  40. I think we finally need bigger maps and wg needs to rebalance the vision mechanic

  41. Turbo matches incoming. Now we have 2-3 minute games. These tanks in a platoon will reduce it to 1-2 minutes. Nice.

  42. 17:20 – The stupidest and most bizarre situation in WOT

  43. And again, the Tier VIII premium is the best of the whole branch tier for tier. Who would’ve thought 😂

  44. ok wargaming, where Abrams and tier 11?

  45. This new chinese tech tree without the big alpha guns is pretty boring

  46. with derp would be more ballanced than VIII prem but I am still glad they went only for normal gun. but rockets? too much 4 should be max

  47. QB I am wondering what will happen when BZ use rockets and U shoot its tracks 🙂

  48. WG presents a tank with rocket engine
    QB: “this tanks needs a turbo”

  49. Silly tank.
    Wonder what’s next on Wargaming’s list.
    Abrams X ? KF-51 Panther ? MGCS ?

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