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  1. ITS CENTAURO TIME!!! pew’pi pew’pi pew’pi piiish
    “cen-taur-o”… when we kill together its much better.
    “my worst tank” we love shooting noobs PEW PEW PEW!!
    “cen-taur-o” little tanks big adventures.

  2. finally! his name is PhlyDaddy!

  3. Phly – ”I hope this video brought you some ptsd”
    Me – *plays British* ”Oh, yes it has”

  4. Defense Intelligence Agency

    A few moments ago, I was playing Loading Dock or something like that, and I was going next a guy using a Jagdpanther (I was using one too), and then we saw a Tiger II in the distance and the guy stopped to shoot. The thing is… I didn’t stopped fast enough and pushed him by mistake. And at that moment he fired and the Tiger saw him and shoot him in the side.

  5. I love facing that thing in my T29…

  6. my grandma died on august 2020 because of kidney cancer…
    fcking centauro

  7. I find kinda sad that all italian ground vehicles are trash, american, or extremely cancer 🙁

  8. The mountain biking Penguin

    Did the roikat copy it or did this copy the roikat?

  9. Dunno if you heard about it but if you select the main cannon in a ground vehicle with autoloading mechanisms, theres is a bug enabling up to twice the firing speed. Please test it out with the Wirbelwind, it would be a phun idea for a video! (Also, this bug will not survive the next patch.)

  10. Seeing so many french tanks beeing killed like that…. i feel my heart crack

  11. nice short film phly

  12. Philly we all know that gaijin only listen to you and a few other big YouTubers, please complain about the new BR changes, they are over the top and will make the game hell for people only just starting out

  13. Is SP IC V1 :v

  14. This is the vehicle that single-handedly destroyed War Thunder for me. Try playing 7.7-8.7 Russia when half the enemy team is buzzing around in these.

    Pure cancer.

  15. how can you turn camera without turning the turrent???

  16. Going to love facing this thing in my cent mk3 in an upteir!!!!!

  17. AlliN When Playing

    I hate WT for turning into “wheels or gtfo”. Also R3 casually prowling in 8.0. What the hell is going on in this game these days.

  18. If this is cancer the r3 is aids

  19. You should try and get the nuke again

  20. I would like to see you playing with the T-26 haha

  21. Could you do the Rooikat Mk1.D? an updated video pls? 🙂

  22. 11:14 Dollarplays gets killed

  23. Thermal imager at gun sight almost useless. Most usefull stuff there is stabiliser and no hullbreak.

  24. Olivier Zeillemaker

    is it a good idea to play War Thunder on mac?

  25. Day 16: bring out the TAM 2C. 3rd gen thermals with DM63 for a 105. really fun and deadly tank to play at its br.

  26. That thumbnail is so cursed, the melatonin I took left my body and returned to the store I bought it from.

  27. Back to some wholesome Phly narration without weird voice overs GREAT VIDEO

  28. “I should be dead by now”
    – basically every video

  29. Tell me does anybody still lives me or am i trash to yall

  30. And now consider this:
    cantauro – thermals, laser rangefinder, laser warning reciver, 105 mm gun, full stabilization, max speed 110 km/h – 8.0,

    radkampfwagen – no thermals, normal rangefinder, same canon (just better ammo), same stabilization, bit smaller, max speed 100 km/h – 9.0 and 9.3 after next update

  31. You know that feeling of racing videogames where you want to shoot the other car that passed you? Well, this is a niche of italian vehicles that can

  32. Ohhh… that is the reason why I steer away from 6.7+!

  33. 9:08 This is genuinely modern art, so beautiful!

  34. the nine tailed fox

    her I have a bad joke (and a bad English typer )
    R3 stands for rule 34
    no question I’m out

  35. it is such a great vehicle at its BR

  36. can we get a “PhlyDaily DOT GO FOR ME” shirt? 😀

  37. Centaur Cancer, he really is Cancer only War Thunder XD

  38. you should do a video on the Panzer II C Dak. I noticed i have it and its amazing to use

  39. Look at the r3 they did a bad thing with it

    vrbo ad: allow me to introduce myself

  41. Hey phly how do you get access to the dev server that we see you use in your videos

  42. Phly in japan the enemy shot you with machineguns for like a entire minute and no one decided to look at what he was shoting at,they wanted to play “”””single player mode””” and they deserved to be destroyed,

  43. Please play T95E1 and tell why it’s 8.0

  44. Well played sir, you put the years of playing into account 🙂

  45. The midichlorians are the powerhouse of the cell

  46. Phly I have a question: what is your most hated map?

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