Caernarvon Action X – Review – World of Tanks

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  1. Pilsen will never not suck.

  2. Pilsen is better now. As before it was a hvys only map. now you can actually use all classes. and the hills at back are for tds to snipe hvys, so we dont get the old Pilsen hvy line rush. In my eyes Pilsen is actually one map that actually better then old map. On most of new maps the td areas have been flattened or cover removed.

  3. Its an awkward map I dont like it too much and its not arty safe at all

  4. 12:23 this is the type of player that I would be very glad to TK

  5. Pilsen still sucks balls, teh only map being worse is Mines prolly, just before Highroad. At lower tiers the charcool hills area is kinda cool tho.
    It would be nice when WG insterted an “opt-out” for 3 maps you realy don’t want to play.

    As for the Carnaval AX, myea…

  6. Finally a trustworthy review

  7. So far I’ve some weird games in Pilsen, 2 or 3 people on the heavy side stopping 10 to 14 people or games where artillery fires at me in the heavy flank behind all the rubble and still does 500 to 1000 dmg. #StillBetterThanGlacier

  8. There are a number of times in this replay I would have just shot the skorpion in the back of the turret. If he gets angry then tell him to not pull in front of my shots.

  9. I honestly like the changes to Pilsen. Better than the old version imo. The heavy tank flank is arguable, but I like that there is more options to play hull-down there now instead of just playing the cheeky breeky game like before. And that taking a medium to the heavy flank is viable depending on the tank. The rest of the map is still tragic as fuck, but can lead to some memes. It’s still a way better map than Minsk, Studzianki, Empire’s Border, Province, etc… Now I haven’t had the misfortune of playing on Highway yet, cause that was categorically the worst map in the game and I don’t know why in hell they put it back in but yeah.

  10. I am mixed. More like, the heavy part became worse but it was kinda needed since that flank was the only flank that matter in the map. Mid became better since it now connects to west and actually now usable in mid to late game. East is better, but I recently met a new meta where fast HT like IS-7 rush through line 0 unopposed and killed the entire area. Actually it’s pretty hard to defend that line thanks to railway which block your TD shots against them, and I still can’t play LT with low risk in that line. Also still need to study the coal mountains.

  11. Remove old tank, sell it again as a premium.

  12. hey look at all those type 59’s, jgdtig 8,8 and Suka Pershings why suddenly everyone started playing them 😮

  13. Pretty shit map, far too many big open spaces. The ‘factory’ area needs a massive rework.

  14. fucking asshole scorpion

  15. You nailed it on the head with the map changes. Why they made the 1,2,3 line more of a choke point and at the same time opened it up for arty is beyond me. I do like the changes in the field and it’s pretty much the only side of the map I will play on.

  16. well i like the new map better, then the old one, because unicorns cannot clear it in 2 minutes, and plebs like me have a chance to do some dmg

  17. Caernarvon AX is an awesome tank. I love mine.

  18. Still better than Paris

  19. I like the updated pilsen because it offers different avenues to approach and how you respond can turn the match around.

  20. Yes Pilsen did get worse because it seems like that’s the only thing that WG is good at…making things worse. Artillery still being in the game is proof OMGGGG

  21. why they even removed pilsen, it was fine

  22. absolutely rubbish map, together with the fisherman’s bay.

  23. I never enjoyed Pilsen

  24. Pilsen is much worse now.

  25. I have to admit the most of the upgraded maps for example Pilsen and Province are terrible. Pilsen is a corridor kill fest and Province should be for low tier only.

  26. Indeed Pilsen is worse now and I don’t like it anymore

  27. As I’m Light and medium tank player I think Pilsen is much better now

  28. Minsk ,Ensk,Paris maps should be removed,they are fucked up

  29. WG need to hire a new map design team

  30. yeah, i liked the old pilsen better

  31. I actually like the new Pilson….playing the coal field is WAY better than on the old. I tend to play that area much more now that I use to before. The rest of the map I have not played as much but I can tell there isn’t near as much of an emphasis on the D3 and F3 areas as was before. The field is better because there is now some cover to play in for TD’s, lights, and mediums. The 0 line is almost like a 4 zone all together where camo can actually be used. I didn’t like the old field area, trying to play those shallow hills and avoid being spotted for arty to focus you to death and everyone pushing to the H0 small cluster of houses that was still a weak position. If you were able to win the field it was often hard to be useful pushing into the enemy base because they could often easily defend the position.

  32. thats been my experience with wot lately, able to perma-track and kill a tank, nope shitter in a premium drives in front and sits there its to a point where im going to start shooting anyway gotta teach those scrubs what happens when you play like a jackass.

  33. Love the Scorp blocking you several times

  34. Map is worse.
    Old map had small field but it could just be enlarged, without those pro-sniping spots. Pilsen promotes camp and hull down 100%.
    Map made for STRV and Super Conq.
    And, yes, it’s all flat, no more 2-3 level ground, you can snipe across all map because it’s flat completely.
    What is wrong with flat maps in this game???
    Pilsen is shit, Studzianki is crap… Only Highway is better than it was before.

  35. Climb rumble peek out wall split.

  36. Too close. Stumble teamates..

  37. Everyone says they dislike or even hate the new Pilsen. I actually like it. I like all the places you can go.

  38. I was grinding for this machine for 4 days( 2 Saturday’s and 2 Sunday’s) because I had college in the way, only have the WZ 5A and Kranvagn at tier X, and used my Ru 251 for some XP missions, would have probably gotten the bloody M48 Patton during the marathon to make the CAX grind even easier but I missed the top of the tree event.. 🙁

  39. Oh yay, another British tank that ISN’T THE CHIEFTAIN!!!!!!!

  40. Good review, as always. o7

    I don’t care for the new Pilsen (I never had too much issue with the original version). A1 is just ridiculous now. I don’t understand WG’s approach to maps. They take away bushes on one map, then add OP camping TD spots on other maps…just why? Anyway, east side of Pilsen can be fun, as long as there’s no arty (or they’re looking elsewhere). I agree that the heavy are is worse now. Overall, I prefer the original version of Pilsen.

  41. I’ve only gotten the new Pilsen in my Jagdtiger and I’ve been taking advantage of people who haven’t figured out the new meta on the west yet, so I’m enjoying it. One time I got like 4,300 damage with the stock gun because people were ignoring me on their flank.

    I hate the east side though. Get spotted and you insta-die

  42. I think pilsen is terrible now. Much more camping, not much map progression. All around boring. Maps like Pilsen are one of the many many many reasons why I quit playing the game. Mostly arty though.

  43. Why don’t WG just make premium cost 50% more. Cut down on the gold spam and makes the type 5’s less likely to spam uber he

  44. I find that once you go into the industrial area you end up committed because of all the crossfire points, and trying to reposition or run away ends up with you being shot from multiple angles. Personally I like the old map better.

  45. The Skorpion G and his little brother downvoted. ?

  46. I wonder why you keep saying Caravan – it certainly does not save time over saying Caernarvon (both three syllables).  Of course, I am assuming that you know how.  Also, at 3:08, “gnarly” does not mean strong, but is used to describe an extreme move or perfection – see here:  I agree with your view on Pilsen.  Good review.

  47. My thoughts are similar. 1/2 got better, strategically wise. But warehouse district is far worse. The TD spots at the end of each district punish heaviys that fought through the district hard. In addition winning that district by offense moves got even harder, since the side doors to flank inside the warehouses are gone. In otherwords, offensive plays are just punished. Best you can do is wait for heavies to go into somekinda stalemate and warn them to not go further and hold the ground, while you flank from the mid of the map now. But that also just works if the enemy heavies are stupid enough to push.

    I really miss some old city maps that offerend many attack angles and rewarded offensive plays like kharkov or stalingrad. So many people hated them, but i loved them, maybe cause it was so intensively predicted by good minimap reads.

  48. Tiny maps in wot are terrible. Pilsen isn’t great but not the worst.

  49. Caravan x needed the 180 dmg gun to make it v good else better aim time and reload. It got neither. None.

  50. I hate the CAX. I play it as light. It has no armor and no gun. If you spam gold it can work but the purpose of this tank is to make money. I can make more money using tanks I actually like.

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