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Source: QuickyBaby

The British starts today in World of Tanks with the prospect of a “free” Caernarvon AX. But just how long will it take you? I’ve worked it out…


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. I’m very glad you stress the importance of not sacrificing real life opportunities for a virtual reward. I’m sure you have lots of young impressionable fans who probably need it to be spelled out for them.
    That said, I live on Venus so my days are 5832 hours long. I’m sure I can fit in a 33 hour session of WoT somewhere.

  2. Thats a lot of effort/money for a tank thats not Russian. So its going to be shit.

  3. #WalletClosed until they fix MM…

  4. I played 2200 games on my new account on NA server. I now have 3 tier X tanks so I plan to play them in rotation. I will play 1 hour each day during the week days and 5 hours in total on the week end. My average experience gain is 790. So I should get to stage 5 or 6 by the end of the Marathon.

  5. i have 450 base xp and I play 6 7 hours anyways… going for all 10 stages

  6. RIP only have Is3 tier 8 to poor that its only for tier 10

  7. “The most botty of bot players.” Yes, he’s talking about you, SEA players.

  8. Yeah, I’m aware at the weekend so that won’t help… Much as I’d like the tank, its no Progetto, so not sure if I’ll bother. Still, can get some free stuff for completing stages

  9. I think I will go for the 60 discount minimum and then try hard to get 80 percent. Not sure if I can handle 80 percent.

  10. I rather buy it, than torture myself with retarded players throwing games.

  11. Sebastian Florentin Dudău

    I played at the marathon and i managed to do 3 missions in one day.

  12. LOL, spend too much time, forget it…just buy the damn thing!

  13. Thank you, this video will save me a lot of time NOT Grining or spending money on this tank.

  14. e25 and it will be funn

  15. i hate numbers and grinding

  16. I’m the one of the players who join in the Italian Marathon and I enjoyed playing for two weeks. Now I have classes, I wish I can get at least 80% discount 🙂

  17. Cao Phước Thừa

    Thank you, you just show me how effectively of having a strategic than just wasting time for grinding hundred of games….
    I thought you are ESTJ in MBTI type.

  18. Pls stop saying its FREE, in no circumstances it is fre.

  19. Miss the T25 Pilot and the Alpine Tiger marathon, just log in the game, play 4 or 5 battles ( maybe 1h) and got the tanks for freeXD

  20. QB, you are not only a gamer but you are an influential person. This video will help so many to focusing on their study. Well done

  21. Sage words QB – thank you. 🙂

  22. The first ever premium heavy tiers VIII british tank ? I have a FV 201 (A45) in my garage that beg to differ, sir.

  23. I would assume that If you average less than 400 xp per game, then you would most likely not place in top 10 very often hence the game would not count toward mission progression, and hence prologing the grind even more…. this has to be factored into the calculation and making the mission near impossible to progress for less skilled players.

  24. i’m just gonna play normaly and see where i end up

  25. t25 pilot challange was fun, this one is waste of time …

  26. Hahahaha . . . impossible affaire:
    20 000 xp par jour ! ! !
    Hier premier jour, avec la meute d’affamés, qui en plus jouent bien
    au dessus de la moyenne, qui est sortie jouer pour l’occasion, j’ai à
    peine pu engranger l’étape 1:3000, puis l’étape 2: 6000, et un bout de
    l’étape 3: 1000.
    Total 10 000
    Je suis dans le jus de 10 000, dès le premier jour.
    Aujourd’hui, 2nd jour j’ai eu du mal, les affamés sont toujours là, à faire 2000 a l’heure qu’il est.
    C’est bon, que wot aille se faire . . . chez τους Έλληνες.

  27. I put myself into “500 average XP player” category. This entire week i was telling to myself: i’m gonna start grinding this as soon as i get home from work on friday. Then i sat at the computer, started the game launcher, though: “nah…” and closed it. There’s something off-putting about working hard for two weeks to get 50% discount off of a 200% price tag.

  28. nice to see the maths… but simply put: mow the neighbours lawn two days. deliver some bloody newspaper. be a pizzaboy two days a week or do any other “simple to get, no requirements, low pay”-job and u STILL should have easily earned enough money in two days than u will have to spend on the game if u want to grind the tank. AND u can use the rest of the time it would have taken to actually play it and get some credits from it, if u really need to spend that much time. not to mention to get a bit “good” with it and not appear as the friendly neigbourhood “walletwarrior”tomato. 😉

    personaly i´d say the “work, buy, play”way is the better style of doing a marathon of this kind.

    but for me it´s #walletclosed towards wg until there are some serious changes, so i will skip on the tank. didn´t even prolong premium for the first time since closed beta. that game could be so much more likeable if only they listened a little in minsk… =/

  29. You end up in top 10 players in 7 out of 10 games, really? Be honest, man, noone is going to believe that 🙂

  30. Wow, did I seriously use to spend hours and hours of my precious time on THIS game??
    God, I feel sorry for everyone who still does…

  31. If only the game was worth playing as a F2P to grind to it..

  32. quickybaby i think its time to start uploading 2k

    btw about this chalange like you mention, its a lot of time, and dont need forget wargaming nerf tanks after all

  33. Aiming for level 6, maybe 8, those credit boosters look tempting

  34. Can I applicate the 7th stage’s reward to other british tanks (maybe to Cromwell)?

  35. well I am a below average player so not worth it for me and well not going to try and leavng the game til the end

  36. another con by WG and i will not go for it

  37. Thx WG for giving a marathon during a time period when I’m in school and when I got exam weeks for next two weeks…

  38. So if i get it straight, the first BIA skill, doesnt count in the XP points penalty leveling for next skills, just like female crew. So this is a female crew actually

  39. Only play in the Holidays, would not buy the tank even with 70%-80% discount, as I already have a premium tier 8 in the form of the S1.

  40. Thanks
    Mapped something like this out for the 6 Nations event…. 20k xp per nation or so?

  41. Hello QB, thx for the calculation, but you forgot to mention a very important fact. When this kind of events active, an avarage player will suffer a really significant drop down in their win rate… How, I do not know, but I think I am not the only one who realised that, if an event like this comes in… my win rate from the 49-50% drops down to around 25-30… Somehow, I… actually me and I think a lot of other avarage player experience the same… somehow we simply cannot get into the winning team… How is this possible… I do not know…

  42. thank you very informative as usual. but one thing I notice in the last month, is a lot more players that use only gold ammo, I just had another game when the top tier x british heavy tank was using only gold ammo against tier 8 and 9, it not was one tank that he can penetrate with his regular ap ammo, yet he fired only apcr. that is not the only case, all this month it has happen very regular, wot is turning to pay to win….

  43. i get proggetto for free and i atleast to try get this tank too for free 🙂

  44. Solid nope. Since WG go back over and over to re-sell OP premiums, I’m not even interested in a discount and I do have a life so why bother with the grind?

  45. Maybe 60% discount, I found it very hard to grind to 100%

  46. Half an hour to smash one out there quicky?

  47. I like that how QB does excell sheets and simplyfi for average players, cause most players in wot are average players, so gj QB ?

  48. Just aim for 50% so you don’t go crazy

  49. I set the goal for myself to make it at least to stage 5, for the 50% bonus, everything after stage 5 is bonus discount, but if I don’t make it to stage 5, well, too bad. I mainly want the Caernarvon AX because it is the first british premium tank on tier 8 and I want to use it as a crew trainer for my Super Conqueror crew.

  50. I have a bunch of TX parked in my garage but I’m using this incentive to grind the polish tree up to t8 and all my t6 tanks to t7. After this marathon I’ll have researched like 5-10 new tanks xp

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