CAERNARVON GOES 1 vs 8 in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Caernarvon. Today Kol_17 is going have a huge carry ahead of him if he wants to win 1 vs 8 in the Caernarvon!


World of Tanks is a online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. i did 7k on carnaevon but 5 kills *cri*

  2. Running out of ideas qb?

  3. Lucky that the enemies didn’t push him all at once lol….

  4. Kill all done right!

  5. 3 Star Perfect Deer

    Me when I play the Caernarvon

    Pershing: pens my turret and kills my loader

  6. Liêm Thanh Nguyễn

    just noob ENEMY 😀 lol that oni use derp but shoot ap???? how shoot AP in ONI OI????????? andthe enemy cear….. all he have to do is load HE or ram :V

  7. Truly amazing game, I have one my self, for a last month been playing this tank and it can do some havoc, but at a same time u can get molested by some idiot tanks! It was most of the time in a MM with t9-t10 games and can put up a good damage, managed to grind enough convert xp to buy a Conqueror with a full equipment, now MM with morons on a team is just impressive, have 20% win in 20 games! Or maybe it was just a weekend problem, looking forward to test it today! Anyway love Caernarvon!

  8. I purchased this tank a few days ago and I’m struggling. It’s stock, of course.

  9. That B8 position on that map gave me a lot of gunmarks and ace tankers in my high tier tanks. That position is strong as f***. You just have to get back there in time when the A5 noobs fucked up again.

  10. Lmao the “smash” in the thumbnail has a watermark on it

  11. I think prutgranat was Danish and it means fart granade

  12. holy shit

  13. What a game

  14. That was amazing. Also lucky but you need that too.

  15. I was posting three games of World of Tanks for you QB on Wotreplays…
    6.8k in Bourrasque, 7.8k in Renegade and also 2000 basexp with Caernevron

  16. actually the caernarvon kills maus per minute that is how much dpm has this tank with normal equipment

  17. This tank is still complete garbage

  18. What a fantastic game. Truly well played

  19. Whole enemy team seems to have a lobotomy prior to this game.

  20. I’m a console player myself and I went down this line back before they added the chieftain, wasn’t really sure why, I just kinda kept going

  21. Does anyone think war-gaming should buff the chinese tech tree medium tanks, I mean they are not bad but still weak …….like every tank get 300 alpha and better gun handing in tier8 (like chimera ,m4a1 Revalorisé, obj274a and Bourrasque, even the t34-3 …..) while the t34-2 got only 360 alpha….. which doesn’t make any sense with a 122mm gun, and now , no one even want to play chinese med anymore

  22. why WG nerfing HE again? clearly people dont know when to use it?

  23. to do 8k damage
    you need to play well
    that you have bad enemies
    and to have that luck.

  24. Dang finally a replay that kept me in intense suspense 💘

  25. My first T8 heavy love this tank even with the 17IB it was pretty lethal the 20IB was beautiful now a 32IB its easily the best T8 standard heavy imo

  26. Tanks is hot again

  27. Lucky oni didn’ t shot HE

  28. Caernarvon : It’s over CAERNARVON! I have the high ground
    CAERNARVON : Don’t underestimate my power

  29. that O-Ni and Caernavon on the enemy team won the game… Loading AP in the 149mm on japanese heavys should be a crime.

  30. PrutGranat = Fart grenade, for anyone curious

  31. So this is why I can’t get a master with my Caernarvon…

  32. Shame those other players get carried too victory when those few carried everyone and did all the work.

  33. ALWAYS feels good to see arty get smashed. Man he was annoying

  34. QuickBaby, I hope you’re reading these’s just ridiculous how game treats players with such a results. This guy should have earned at least 1 million of credits for this battle. How often it happens? No often, I guess. That would be real reward.

  35. The lack of brain cells in this video is surprising

  36. Hey QB! Since the Italian HT line is dropping here pretty soon, can u do some content on the P. 43 bis(onte) and how one can dominate the +2 matchups, partially carry the tier 7 (-1) matches, and also explain how we can play a key role in the -2, tier 8 matchups? (I know it can be done b/c I have had a 6k combined damage game in my bis. before, while being bottom tier). I think a video like this would be great, as the bis is where the HT line will branch off.
    Now, hopefully you will see this comment XD

  37. QB, did you see the intro in last Skill youtube video? :’)

  38. pffff, I do that in my sleep…

  39. Cole is a quality player in an ocean of quantity players.

  40. That red trash bot firing AP in that japanese heavy tank
    No words

  41. Hey QB, wheres your steelhunter video?

  42. how do you feel now losing to Skill in the streamers event ? loooool

  43. Still the only YouTuber who out loud say “if you hated it give it a thumbs down”. Respect!

  44. the problem is with this tank is the 280 damage……if you cant go to hull down you fcked up every situation……and when i play with it is like nobody scared about it and they just go on me…….ohh and funny thing if i play with it they pen my turret if i meet him in the battlefield i dont pen it with gold XD ohh and in this game the rng was with the 2 caernarvon 😀


  46. Best games are always given away by the enemies. All the O-ni and that caenarvon had to do was shoot 1 HE shell at him.

  47. The enemy Caernavron camped at base as a td…he could have done a lot more then 627 damage he did. Not much of a teamplayer. But kol did everything right in this one. Well done. He only have 24 tanks but 21 of them are premium tanks. 1300 battles.

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