Caernarvon review!

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Source: TheFochYou

Intro song: Steel and Glass by nervous_testpilot
Mods used: xvm
System specs: FX 8350, GTX 760,
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  1. I watched this match yesterday on your twitch stream.

  2. 50k to the conq.
    this tank is shit

  3. Joke tank. For 230 alpha the DPM is horrible. Its neither mobile, good in
    armor or idiot proof in hulldown positions. Lets say its kinda the same
    story as the t-44. Endure the pain and fap for the tier 9.

  4. For some reason the 88/71, loading 20Kg shells, reloads faster in tanks
    like the Panther II (With a tiny turret) than the 20Pdr (11IshKg shells)
    loads in a fuckoff turret such as this.
    20Pdr in non-TD vehicles gets such a shit RoF for no good reason.

  5. The grind, it was awful, I only had the pea shooter with 170 pen, it was
    awful. Glad I now atleast have a gun with decent pen, it does so much

  6. dpm is bad? he has the same dpm of is-3, i think caravan is the second best
    tier 8 after is-3

  7. Wow. Foch release video almost EVERY DAY!! I love you!

  8. New turret…meh. Doesn’t make it any less shit. It’s not Communesium
    armour so it sucks.

  9. +TheFochYou Oh, a fair review of the Caernarvon, I’m impressed. Usually
    people shit hard about this tank, without admitting it’s potential. I’m
    glad to see, that our opinions about it match up so nicely. What this tank
    probably needs the most, is a considerable RoF-boost. Anything below 2k
    base DPM is too low for what the tank is supposed to do. Same problem as
    with the Black Prince. I don’t get why WG is so conservative with the DPM
    on some of the british tanks.

  10. itz Kanarvan, komred. Kanarvan :>

  11. so its a good camping tank then. brilliant

  12. i hated this tank the rof didnt feel good enough to be competitve plus the
    armour and speed sucks

  13. Idk I find this tank better than the tiger 2 and kv4

  14. Go get a Caravan!

  15. Can you do the new IS-6?

  16. even if youre hulldown all retards with center off mass aiming just hit gun
    or around and pen as long as they are tier 8+. even if youre hulldown you
    have the terrible area around the gun/

  17. thx man

  18. Thanks for spoiling us!

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