Calculated! – 45TP Habicha – World of Tanks

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Source: Circonflexes


  1. Schlormpf

  2. The kielbasa is extra juicy this time around!

  3. At 9:00 “NOOOOOO”
    at 9:08 “Calculated”

  4. Rocks: *soapy af*

    Circon: “Yeah, this is big brain time.”

  5. I’m not sure that suck a bus is a good idea. Otherwise great replay. sir.

  6. Wow, last time I was this early, light tanks were still relevant.

  7. How’d you like my thumbnail on this one? I quite like it haha.
    Have a nice weekend everyone!

  8. CIrcon: Don’t use the derp gun on the T49 it’s terrible.
    Every T49 Driver: WHAAAAAAAAA?

  9. Circon only post replay when he plays on this map hmmm

  10. Circon: Dont use the derp on the T49!
    Basically everyone fucking ever: Sounds good, doesnt work!

  11. i REALLY love this tank

  12. Yes, the derp on the T49 is terrible. It is also hilarious.

  13. Never doubted it

  14. These big brain moves are what separates Circon from the rest of us.

  15. “Let me just cartwheel down this mountain real quick…”

  16. I want to see Circon’s quickest death video.

  17. THe old man jokes… Where are the times…

  18. “Don’ try this at home…” 😀

  19. « I’m gonna be extra careful »
    « Samir! you re breaking the car !!! »

  20. Ah yes, the WG pattented Soap RocksTM.

  21. Galaxy brain for the win.

    Step 1: Soap rocks,

    Step 2: Galaxy Brain,

    Step 3: Profit!

  22. 45 tp is a nice tank and fun to play.

  23. lol nice!

  24. Wait what? Diablo 4?! I swear i was under a rock gotthe past week. Thx got brining it to my attention.

  25. Love critical hit…and no damage…
    It destroys 1 thing in/on the tank…Any exterior Mods, get damaged..
    You would think they would PAuse to get out and fix it at least…at least tear it off so it dont bother anything..

  26. anyone know a tank that can Miss at 100m?? I do.(which I think is abit OFF)

  27. Whaaaaaaaaaa! Ninja cliff moves – so galaxy brain

  28. If you play T49 without the derp, no woman will ever love you

  29. Try that in any other tank and that he an instant death at full hp ?

  30. Shinyone Incarnate

    This tank carries 50 rounds, but your tank is carrying 40. Is that so when you run out of shells, you wont get ammo racked, or that makes the 40 shells as powerful as the 50 would be, or you just don’t feel like hefting that many shells into the tank?

  31. Derp 49 is way more fun

  32. Soap rocks working as intended. No more boosting, see.

  33. LMAO Nice landing that’s got to be a 9.8 or possible even a 10.

  34. you are a great youtube world of fukk player,thats ok.

  35. That pro-distraction @ the end is why Circon makes the big bucks

  36. damn you were turret-dinging like a champ – almost t29 style…

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