Caliban – Tank Review – World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks releasing the Caliban, a Tier 8 British premium Heavy, with an AUTOLOADING DURP GUN! Here’s the hardest review of my life!



  1. I said i wouldn’t buy lootboxes ever in my life, and then i caved in

  2. Maby compared to T56 also 2 shot autoloder

  3. i got this tank and with my luck it was the least wanted VIII tank from the box.
    Luckly i played lot of games in kv-2 so i have experience in playing derpy tank and as a derp tank it is wonderful and enjoyable.
    But if you want be doing real dmg you need basically spam AP, because HE is not very reliable and in games lasting like 3 minutes you will shot maybe 2-3 times.

  4. When I saw your first review of this tank I wanted it badly, but I forgot others would have it as well lmao. I’d have one Caliban on the enemy team rush me and clip me and kill me, they’d die doing so (or survive) and then that’s the game for me… I don’t specifically hate the tank since I’m expecting their numbers to drop later on.

  5. You cannot be loving this OP thing when you are on the receiving end. Hope WG nerf its pen and buff its gun handling to balance out this shit when it’s available to buy in prem shop

  6. what commander is this?

  7. Totally a stream sniper.

  8. Qb do you think that the obj 703-II (122) and the IS-3A will be in the Christmas calendar? And if they are can I put the crew from my IS-3-II to the obj 703-II (122)

  9. I do not have it, but I think WG did well bringing it into the game. A lot better than making another generic heavy or medium premium…..
    This one is different. Some will like some will hate it.
    And for those who love “classic” tanks, there are piles of them available.

  10. That WZ was stream sniping for sure, the bastard… Perma ban for every stream sniper… F*ck them all!!!

  11. 36:02 The correct and in fact only way to say this in England is “Ticking away, the moments that make up a dull day”

  12. 27:40 “i havent had an ace tanker in 20 games” so sad, i usually get one in 200 or more

  13. Hi Quickyschutzie, imo you are too much focussed on theoretical rate of fire. For example you could have killed the vk in two shots, but didnt want to reload for 40 seconds. However after having done the ‘short’ reload of 25 seconds, you had to wait for about a minute before you could shoot again. That’s wasted practical rate of fire and an enemy being alive for far longer than necessary. An enemy that could be eating away your team’s hitpoints or at least draws your allies attention and shells, thats also a thing you should put in your rate of fire-calculator imo.

  14. 2 shells in a mag but ammo capacity is 25. No one finds here a problem?

  15. Ok I’ll be the one who asks: how does one even get streamsniped when they’re using an anonymizer?

  16. The WZ is a cheater!
    I will report him soon as i enter the game

  17. looks like a daddy gsor 1008

  18. Ho Huynh Quoc Chuong

    Auto-preloader should have an alternate mode to prevent the 2nd shell to be fired, X key to on/off for example. The loading indicator is too small to focus while the big circle only show intraclip reload.

  19. Tommy Gun The last roadrunner

    porqué unos videos tienen subtitulos y otros no? gracias

  20. As for the setup, I think I would use vstab + improved aiming + vent on the second slot instead of optics. That slot would be fully reserved for maps such as prokorovka where no matter what you do there would be some kind of sniping that would occur and in that situation I’d rather have better handling rather than extra top speed or vision (since you will never be suitable for vision play anyway)

  21. Just use the aiming time Tools that Thing has terrible accuracy at paper but Ingame its decent.
    – vert. Stabilizer
    – aiming Gear in field Mod
    – improves Rotation mechanism or aim Speed
    And U are good to Go

  22. really, more not overtly OP premium tanks is a good thing.

  23. Speakinf about HE player, what amo should i use for Oni?

  24. Michał Korybut Wiśniowiecki

    They need to buff it somewhere

  25. did someone said durp? its in a box? never mind then -_-“

  26. Sad to see that obvious stream snipe at the end there. Sorry you gotta deal w/ that QB

  27. Man another bad attitude from quick baby lame

  28. I got this from 3boxes, ultra luck

  29. 38:09 no quacky dacky nobody stream sniped you 🙂

  30. To be honnest .. i find it the worst, worst premium tank .. or any other tank .. ever released. One has to be veryyyyyyyyyyy lucky to have any fun. As soon as a map …or higer tiers .. make it impossible to sneak on tanks … nothing you can hit, nothing you will pen and … one only gets frustrated. For me .. the biggest drama in wot ever. Sorry to say.

  31. Stream sniper.

  32. When wg mixed kv2 from wot pc and fv4005 from wot blitz but gave it an autoreloader

  33. STOP hiding your dislikes or I will be cheeky and hit dislike every time i watch your video

  34. Yo, homeless dude. Trim that moustache.

  35. gg making a derp tank when they nerfed HE to death. Good luck in this cancer tank.

  36. Do we need more Premium tanks / Reward tanks… cant we have more tech tree tanks?
    WoT keeps getting more and more PTW

  37. When he says Caliban, all I hear is Taliban….😂🤦‍♂️

  38. 26:29 you could’ve rammed the spg

  39. When you’re obviously being stream hacked in a situation like this, I really wouldn’t mind if you stopped showing your screen for a minute or two… idk if that’s a good idea because you may lose some viewers though 😕

  40. Yeah…that’s stream sniping.

  41. It screams steamsnipe!

  42. That stream sniper really killed the vibe

  43. this game is shit now u buy u win u play normal u lose qq stop ur bullshit not everybody wants to pay to win

  44. Lol i found this tank in 3 boxes with 6 euro i found a tier VII

  45. I mean, you could compare it against T49 and O-Ho, even the latter is also a heavy tank

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