Caliban, The Most STUPID Tank in World of Tanks | New CALIBAN

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World of Caliban, New Tier 8 British Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Holiday Ops 2022 Loot Box Tank. World of Tanks Advent Calendar 2022 Offers and Deals.

it is time to take a look at one of the MEMEiest World of Tanks has ever released, the brand new tier 8 British heavy tank Caliban… Let’s see what it has to offer!

What do you think?


  1. connor olson-carsons

    a very good FV Player will make this work…rest of us..just a fun tank now and then.

  2. The Caliban seem like an counter/destroyer of badly position Tornvagn as the HE can overmatch side of Torn and really wreak the thing hard. It might not be as competitive as the other 5 but heck the meme factor is strong with it!

    • Having gotten the Caliban for first “guaranteed” drop, I was able to do 50-80dmg to Torn and MIVY tanks and 99% of the time also take out a module (sometimes the gun). While they struggled to pen me. MIVY “gold” rnd can’t even pen the turret front of the Cali. And the commander’s hatch/bulb is not very big.

  3. Rainier Pomeranians

    imo… more like guilding KV-2

  4. I will enjoy hunting these in my Kunze Panzer. I feel like they are natural enemies in play style.

  5. It’s like an artillery that shoots horizontally.

  6. encountered a caliban last night, that poor thing tried to ridge but my 122tm just eats away its hp, weak turret 😁👍

  7. I got it
    Meme tank

  8. I have always thought that a simple solution for WG that would get people playing more would be to make premium tanks extra juicy in terms of credit earnings in battles, but make the standard TECH tree tanks the better performing tanks.

    This would encourage far more balance in the game, instead of seeing battle after battle flooded with the standard lineup of OP tanks. This would also eliminate power creep in the game.

    Make it hard to earn credits in battle using tech tree tanks unless you are say top 3 or 5, but make it easy to earn credits in poorer performing premiums.

    • That’s how they did things until about 5 years ago. Then premiums started being better than the tech tree tanks while also earning more credits.

  9. Would using the R key to move forward slowly help keep the bloom smaller?

  10. I was playing my t28, and he Penetrated me twice using HE and did 800dmg and 600 dmg. Wtf

  11. LMFAO this thing and tornvagina wagon are going to wreck the game even more

  12. Another Pay to win fuck this game

  13. this tank feels to me to be almost like the WT E100, it may not be able to totally clip out a tier 10 vehicle but as a tier 8 tank it is way way OP

  14. Honestly this thing is just trying to hard to be a meme. Also I have yet to see anyone use a AP clip, I’m dying to see it. Great video Dez and Merry Christmas!

  15. Seriously. This shitbarn on tier viii will make tier vii more harder and boring to play. especially for HT.

  16. The amount of prem tanks in 1 match and the non-existent tier 8 tech tree tanks ….

  17. I have never experienced that unwritten rule about MM being a thing! IS-3 stock went against tier 10s whenever wargaming felt like it XD

    • Only for premium tanks. So when you buy a premium tank you will be top tier for the first 3 – 5 battles. Thats my experience anyway.

  18. The fact that you hit your shot @ 4:27 is the biggest meme yet.

  19. The Caliban, stupid like the Taliban.

  20. Got the caliban yesterday and unlocked FV4005 with gold from the crates – I love the caliban but cannot figure out how to deal with the FV – go figure

  21. Kariesistansteckend

    I read in the Newspaper about Taliban, but not about Caliban.

  22. 25 shells is pretty low

  23. We need more certificates 🙁

  24. still pay2win cancer
    Also, F WalletGaming’s HE nerf

  25. This tank is ridiculus with 180 HE pen. My t-44 has 185 mm of pen on its top gun… The reload is quite long, but that is just a thing of playstyle, 800+ dmg times two in only four seconds can kill tier 8 meds, so thats quite crazy IMO

  26. I cant wait to face the canibal and the other power creeped monsters in my tier 6 tanks. this matchmaking is just broken. thats why i wont get these tanks, as i have decided not to spend one single cent anymore.

    wot is dead, and wargaming knows that. its just to milk as much as possible out of this dead horse before they finaly shut it down. maybe they continue the handy version untill ppl realize, that they were just scammed there in the same way.

  27. dude why the negativity! Duke Leto Atreides is from caliban!

  28. why play tanks when you can play mario golf

  29. Caliban is literally field artillery

  30. worst tank ever

  31. Александар

    Taliban is the worst tier 8 tank and we yall can agree. At the other hand its very hard to play because its funy & depresing at the same time.

  32. i bounced he….. off a elc…. at least give it better turret traverse! its like a french auto loading arty.

  33. So a KV2 pretty much?

  34. Lol first Battle are all premium tanks in mm wtf…😅

  35. Another overpowered tier 8 premium tank. Mm is a lot more screwed. Play for free tanks are going to be just rubbish with all these op tanks. But hell, just give us your money for lootboxes says WG. They love it the most

  36. Im sick of these tanks f elc 90,burassque ,caliban and tornwagn

  37. good time or bad time to play?

  38. Tier VIII is turning into Tier X

  39. I wonder if vents, turbo and a third whatever could work, i wouldnt try to compensate poor gunhandling rather than boost the strenghts like mobility

  40. I wish we could have had that tank before HE Changes xD

  41. Yuri – “Let’s nerf HE and then introduce a tank that relies on HE”

  42. this tank cure my low blood pressure

  43. I LOVE CALIBAN! It`s my new Little FV4005 with some armor and even worse gun handling (yes, it`s posible!) but i love it!!

  44. You realize they will never be able to buff HE shells after this tank.

  45. merry Christmas )(mig35red (eu

  46. its a crap tank from any point of view you see it. They should at least give it a more accurate gun in an upcoming update or other type of shells. it does not have armor to go face to face so the inaccuracy is minimal and it does not have small dispersion alues to stay away and snipe. i dont know why they did it. The only fact i see it is thye had to put a tank for selling more loot boxes.

  47. Caliban is quite fun to play 🙂

  48. 4 mins in the video and I already get an ad… Goodbye!

  49. Words cannot describe my hate towards this POS tank. Missed my first 10 shots outs of this but I get pegged by it constantly

  50. The Sanity Assassin

    All this content on Youtube and still able to spend time with the Beasts in the DezNation for 9 hours on Twitch. You’re OP Dez

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