Caliban & WZ-114 Changes + 6 New Assault Maps | World of Tanks Update 1.15+ News

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World of Tanks Caliban, New Tier Premium . World of Tanks WZ-114, New Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks New Maps Added for The Assault . World of Tanks Update 1.15+ Patch News.

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Today let's talk about 6 upcoming Assault mode maps added to the pool, quite trastical changes to the Caliban play style and WZ-114.

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. 2 questions:
    1) Do you have Assault mode activated?
    2) Where do you think Caliban ends up being?
    Have a SMEXY rest of your day!

  2. I’m so excited for all those Assault map, we are going to experience them way more differently and I love it

    • Good idea from WG to try it BUT stuff like this always can raise problems like how long will them to take out 1 or 2 from this mode in case its obviously wont work? Like how long they needed to realize Province is a JOKE for tier 10s? Also how much time passed until WG blocked that ridicolously powerful balcony on Erlenberg’s middle position??
      And BTW Mines still not fixed…after years of complaining… :/

  3. I hope caliban is not going to be in the loot boxes. I think it is unnecessary tank

  4. 1) No. I don’t play assault mode. 2) Caliban is going to be another tank buy for some players an fogotten in the garage.

  5. All i can say they need add year seasons to maps and times of the day like might evening and morning also weathers like rain and snow and that experience would be completly different ^^

    • They’ve tried it. It makes map even more unbalanced.

      It only makes sense if maps are mirrored.
      Night – with visibility reduced – as an event, would be nice

  6. With all those new assault maps, they could reintroduce the assault on Malinovka as well. That one was entertaining (at least I liked it).

  7. I want Caliban soo mutch meme tanks go brrrrrr

  8. I rather chew my left testicle then enabling Assult or Enc.

  9. WG: how do we make the game better … new maps.
    everyone else: fix the MM FFS.

    • @Torben Dinesen but then you get a 60% WR players playing his E 100 against a 60% WR player playing his 279 e. sounds fair? idk man.

    • @Jean Longsden so many mistakes..
      first of all, stats wont help, ill just copy paste this…. im lazy and dont want to waste too much time on this OBVIOUS crap. ”then you get a 60% WR players playing his E 100 against a 60% WR player playing his 279 e. sounds fair? idk man.” stats wont help if some tanks will remain OP. like you get this right? ..right?? oh lord..

      second of all.. you expect to get quick games (not waiting 10 mins before getting a game) when mm is supposed to do all that? putting equal amount of ebrs in each teams and slower LTs? what if 2 ebrs and 2 slower lts sign up for battle at the same time? ONLY ONE EBR HAS 60% WR. you are gonna get either the shit ebr player or the op one. its never gonna be fair and balanced as long as the tanks are not balanced.

      Fucking Tier MM isnt the FUCKING problem. they need to give Every Fucking Tank Good Enough Weakpoints. so that a tier 8 can easily pen that tier 10 (all you need is to have good aim and to just not suck) in his weakpoints. getting battles with only your tier over and over would be the most fucking boring ass thing this game could have. Also GOLD AMMO should be changed. it needs a drawback, like give it slightly more pen than normal ammo, but make it do 75% of the dmg normal ammo does.

    • @Jean Longsden also same tiers, so you can pen all the vehicles..? yeah right 279 e. right, pz b1. right, valentine. right,defender. right, KV 5. rightttttttt all the other OP tanks.

      imagine playing your stock tier 8 heavy and you end up against a defender only bcs your stats are as good as his. Fucking NO.


    • @LionCat TC ok Mr intolerant. so what is your solution to fixing the MM?

    • @Jean Longsden hey, we are on the same side here. I just wish for people to work with each other more, instead of making it harder for one another.

      Anyway, all i can say is, it would be VERY HARD to fix this game. Especially since wg doesnt nerf prem tanks, which is beyond stupid.

      Id say fix op tanks, fix gold ammo, and fix HE. THEN maybe mm by stats would work, yes. Man, how much id love for WoT to become a balanced playable game.

      There are a lot of little things id change. And try out. And id listen to the community.

      Hmm.. if i wanted to show you how id change this game it would have to happen irl. Im not good with words, and eng isnt even my first language.

      Look i know all this isnt your guys faults, im just frustrated i guess. I just wish ppl would listen to others more. And stop getting to a conclusion so fast without even 50% of all the info about the topic.

      But yeah who am i to talk. If you look closely, im just another nobody.

  10. Using the term “meme” is, in itself, a meme.

  11. lol caliban in the gamble boxes for sure.

  12. I agree with ghost town new cap point because it is so easy to defend it unless you have a really bad team. The starting point in the beach i dont get it when the attack team can reach the point faster while the others are still climbing the beach. Like u said Dez at least probably 1 of the new tanks is coming in the loot boxes this christmas.

  13. Sometimes in assault the enemy tries to cap our spawn, or vice versa…

  14. 4:30 missed opportunity in my opinion to have a Normandy invasion scenario, have everyone attacking (red) from the beach at the start of the game and the defending (green) start at the far east side. (The base can stay where the images show)

    • I heard they already tried that once, but apparently it really didn’t work since the defending team has a huge advantage and will just kill the attacking team as they come up the slopes.

    • @Wouter Voogd hmm yeah maybe, but thats how it was at Normandy 😛

    • @Wouter Voogd You see that way is better then, cause when you on defense side you have always autowin. 🙂

  15. i felt the same , loot boxes tank:))

  16. Mannerheim. Overlord, and tundra are way to small for this. Tundra shoukd be for t4 and less anyway. Overlord should just be removed. All broken by an ebr.

  17. Watching rhe gameplay, wonder why any new players continue playing

  18. I don’t have Assault turned on because it doesn’t follow my map bans, I wish they would change that.

  19. Scatterbrain Brain

    T1 rules

  20. I like assault mode a lot, the only one that makes me go “hmm” here is overlord with the split spawn.

  21. Both of those two tanks will get out before the end of the year..
    One for Lootboxes and the other for the Marathon.

  22. people pointing out the calibans accuracy and ignoring all of its other charactaristics are the reason the game runs so damn fast now. people are forgetting to realize that this tank can shotgun for 1900 damage in 3.5 seconds as a tier 8 heavy THAT HAS ARMOUR. you are going 150 more damage then an fv4005 at two tiers lower while having armour. if this thing gets actually decent accuracy then the game will be fucked. it can even load AP shells with 650 damage per shot and 292mm of pen. thats enough to go through tier 10 heavies extremely reliably. and if this tank had good accuracy it would litterally be able to sit on a ridgeline and shotgun type 5’s for 1300 damage within just 3 seconds

    • I have been saying stuff like this for years now. People think its okay for nearly all tanks to have 2s max aimtie, can do over a 1000 dmg in a shot, or have autoloader who do over 1000 dmg in 2 to 4 seconds, can run around the battlefield at 40 50km/h while being a hevium with trollarmor.
      And then a tank comes around and people complain about its aimtime and blook being ‘to long’ WTF people!

  23. oh man, poor choice of words. no new maps will be added, only 6 will be ENABLED for a particular format.

  24. Why when i hear about new tanks all i hear in my head is ‘STFU and take my money’ i need help 🙁

  25. Mannerheim Line will play like the real-life Manmerheim Line.

  26. I would play assult if I could turn it on as a single option. Not all of My tanks are suiteble for assult mode and most tanks that are suiteble isn’t any good in normal mode.

  27. I don’t like assaults, so I don’t play them. Beside where are 9 new maps we tested recently?

  28. More variety on assault maps is a good thing but some of the starting positions and base locations are a bit awkward, i hope those will be adjusted after testing.

  29. WG: Overlord should be an Assault map.
    Everyone: Okay cool
    WG: It’s obvious that the beach should be where the defenders spawn
    Everyone: You had one job

  30. hanikrummi hundursvin

    Everything switched off, I only play random.

  31. YEs it does, but it will be extremely hard to cap. The upperground team will be a lot OP. I think this is way is better

  32. I feel like WG did picked some of the worst maps for assault

    -Redshire will probably have most of the team fighting over the mid ridgeline because the flanks are pretty open and you would need to push them really far to be able to actually flank the guys on the ridgeline
    -Steppes is already extremely open but now you will almost exclusively need to push over open ground because the ditches that usually are used for pushing only allow you to Change flanks
    -Mannerheim will have a lot of Potential crossfires for defenders especially if wheelies can probably spot attackers while still in base/leaving base
    -Tundra& Overlord seem to be the worst of the bunch
    The hill on Tundra is such a dominant position and you spawn on it as attacker. This gives the defenders very little room to safely move around and makes counterattacks risky at best.
    Spawning on the beach on Overlord must be a sick joke of WG to ruin your fun

    • Well normally attacks are coming from beachs, this is so stupid

    • @Efe Gecili While thats a point as well the beach on Overlord has the reputation to be the graveyard of tomatoes. Because if some people of your team go there your chances to win on Overlord plummets. All the other Team has to realise that the beachtards cannot support everyone else and use their Superior numbers to push everyone thats not on the beach. And here half your Team SPAWNS on that useless beach and probably enters the fight after the attackers.

      Whoever did this probably never played this map or even this game

  33. Not new maps, per say, just re-purposed maps.

  34. More maps is VERY good. I think with quantum computers there will be generated NEW map every time you go into battle. Ultimate similarity with real battleS.

  35. Those assault maps look utter pile of shit. On each map one side has huuuge adventage and it won’t be fun, maybe except tundra. But tundra is my blacklisted map and now it won’t work anymore… WG who asked you to do that mode on those maps?

    • That Tundra where Attackers spawn on the bloody hill and can Support both flanks, the cap and can stop counterpushes. The only saving grace might be too many Camping the hill to farm

  36. I do like the assault modes in general, but I hate to see any map I excluded for these modes where the excluded map is still not excluded.

  37. I would Overlord in an assault mode where you spawn with 30 attackers on beach and you have 10 to 15 defenders up hill. Would be interesting I think.

  38. The only maps that have a chance of working for assault that they offered are Steppes, Redshire, and Safe Haven. Cliff, Berlin, and Kharkov would work better than the other 3.

  39. The Assault mode on Redshire already looks flawed.
    The defending team starts in a bad position and has no real map control.
    The attacking team can flank pretty easy with terraincover into the defending teams edges.
    The moment that happens the attacking team has a cross fire from 3 sides onto the defending team.
    To prevent that the defending team must hold the corners of the map which brings them not benefit at all other than preventing said crossfire.
    Meanwhile the attacking team can shoot into the edges when ever someone spots the enemy there.
    The problem here is the V-shape hill and the passages into the edges that are covered with terrain only for the attacking team.
    This is in a way the same problem as on mines. But no you are forced to hold and taking the hill brings little to no advantage and you are cornered in from the start.

  40. 1.) Assault off all the time.
    2.) Caliban is pure BS from WG side, i think just like U, loot box bait, we will see soon 🙂
    Good video, keep up 😉

  41. Overlord is a bulshit idea. Swich the side.

  42. 5 seconds past the intro = please more of those xD

  43. Sounds like I’m just never going to play assault anymore. I already had to remove encounter so I stopped getting Ensk 24/7 like some call of duty bs playlist and now Tundra will be in assault? Time to uninstall assault from my memory.

  44. @Skorpion Nah they should it make like in real Overlord, 30 attackers on beach and zero tanks at defence points. 🙂

  45. What to I think? I think someone needs to tell WG that April and april fool’s day is way behind us and this isn’t even funny, this is so, so sad. Assault mode is ON but this map picking and all that is so lame. I was hoping for some new map, assault mode only and maybe later, to be added to random (standard) battles but nope…and about those tanks, yap New Year gambling vibe it is. And I don’t think honestly there will be so many guys who will spend so much money for tanks which are meh (in my opinion). That’s all.

  46. It stinks of lootbox

  47. its everytime nice how wg fuck it up when they bring out new stuff i mean who wants these new assault modes on old mapes why no new mapes there not like 3 lines to push and than die i give up on wg the game is getting worst and worster after each patch…….

  48. Overlord should not be here at all any assault Version of that map that puts one spawn on the beach dooms that team

  49. Ghost town is now gonna be so hard to defend for lights and meds :/

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