Call an Ambulance, but not FOR ME… World of Tanks

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Source: QuickyBaby

Outnumbered and out gunned in of Tanks… Better call an ambulance… BUT NOT FOR THIS SUPER CONQUEROR!!!



  1. S. Conq is one of the best heavies in the game, hope i get it one day

  2. I feel like getting that tank is painfull until tier VIII 😭
    I will grind it only if they will do top of the tree to that line

    • I feel your pain before the gun replacement for the (20pdr to 32 pdr) Caernarvon I torture myself getting the top gun from the Centurion Mk 1 and bought the Caernarvon before they changed it …..

  3. Call an ambulance for Argentina.

    • @Sean yeah they are gonna fuck up, everyone does but the Saudi players were clearly only going for players to foul or injure them to narrow the already useless defence Argentina had

    • @da lechi (imo, ik i sound old but im not) tech gone to far its far better back then where ther was no things lime offside after 0.001 mm ahead of another player and var completely ruined it for me, a goal is a goal not this other shite

    • @sken i mean i kinda agree, but if you have VAR you gotta use it right

    • @sken 🤣🤣🤣🤣 Cry more…Ofside magic by Saudis….Reff in the other hand gave Argentina a chanse to make a draw with his dubios decision making…Argentina needs to drop Messi from the sqad if they want to go to the second stage…

    • @sken yeah they were a lil rough but it might just be the American in me or the fact that I grew up idolizing Sergio Ramos, but I didn’t mind their intensity and aggressiveness. Especially against a powerhouse like Argentina, they were able to shut down Alejandro Gomez bc of it

  4. @5:08 orrrrrr…… can carry more AP Mr. Quackybaby

  5. 4:09 shot T30 ass with HE? No QB, u switched to APCR already. 😂

  6. lol WG economy: 9k dmg and 6 kills, still lose credit AFTER using premium account

  7. LordMasterKingSlayerGodGeilerTyp

    4:56 :

  8. Arty ” i don’t have friends ”

    well of course no ones wanted to be your buddy meme ( kidding ) 🤣

  9. omg hes so good at this game call 911 fast if you see him facing you

  10. I don’t know why I read this as Whambulance. Maybe it’s the time of the year.

  11. Dont you mean waaambulance. For all those tears.

  12. Perfect title

  13. Many mistakes in the commentary QB. You didnt ammorack the Leopard and you used the APCR not the HE on the T30

  14. I love the Conqueror and S. Conqueror

  15. I never got the s conq but i feel like its a bad hulldown tank because when i encounter it i aim at the gun mantlet and i pen him with 330 pen

  16. I used to like the Conqueror at tier 9 but sometimes I hated the tank mobility, limited ammunition and I get more module damage … I’m looking at you ammo rack and fuel tanks ….

  17. While I do enjoy watching QB, usually for map knowledge and tactics, important to remember tho, the playing field is no where close to equal, QB starts with bond Equipment, maxed skill crews, premium consumables and fully maxed tank. I’m not wanting to take anything away cause he is Gooood(extra o’s) but it is important to realize our basic load out from the git go is far different. sit back enjoy the show.

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