Call Me Big Daddy – War Thunder Gameplay KV-122

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  1. can someone tell me how to use the T29?

  2. I have a hard time believing that a 122mm gun just goes ‘plink’ when it

  3. ahah ah Vive la France ! What ?!

  4. How do you fire machine guns

  5. I like the “vive la france “in the end.

  6. Game mode? ( I just started war thunder)

  7. Vote Gary Johnson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. juan manuel marchioli

    BT-7 in T4 games… is funfunfun!!!!

  9. this tank is cursed by Stalin, you can only kill 2 enemy tank by it

  10. baron can i play with you on war thunder My name is Sniper1009 please p.s i
    am a really big fan of you

  11. “AHAHAHA HAA! VIVA LA FRANCE!… what?” xDD You are crazy Baron!

  12. can you do soviet t-62a medium tank

  13. Where’s Men of War Mondays?

  14. I don’t understand why fuel tanks still explode in War Thunder those
    Russian diesels especially even though they’ve already proven that gas
    doesn’t do that either, FIRE YES EXPLOSION NO come on GIJIAN fix it.

  15. It’s overtiered. Should be at 5.7 BR, not 6.0.

  16. Hay baron, can you do a vid of the kV 1 or 2

  17. A fuckin’ ostwind can blow up a kv112 but my long 88 shells can’t even
    explode a t34 85’s fuel tanks.

  18. yea who puts winter camo on summer map. and the t34 u r in got winter camo.

  19. i just ran into the most russian bias earlier, it was so much bullshit, no
    one will belive me

  20. When will the B-36 be added (with 72,000 lb bombs, of course)?

  21. where is men of war ?

  22. Plz baronvongamez more heroes and genrals

  23. Enemy kill assist “We’ll take it”

  24. 6.0 so it should be. that’s the penalty for having another 122mm heavy at
    6.0. now if they boost the t34-85 dst to 5.3 and the 85 to 5.7 balance will
    be restored. either that or downtier all other nations 5.0’s to 4.7

  25. Challenger tank pweez!

  26. oRange “Butters” FloRa

    Men of war Monday’s?

  27. Baron! Baron! Where the FUCK is Men of War?!?

  28. Play the Jagdpanzer 4-5 1966 ramp TD, germans need ramp tanks in any
    battle, that is why we have so many tank destroyers with slopped frontal

  29. do the pz4 h and the fw190 with the rockets for the father land!!!

  30. yes, both candidates suck

  31. So basically this is just a big, slow, glass canon with a slow reload to
    boot. Sorry B. but I’m not too stoked on this thing. Won’t buy it as I’m
    happy with my IS-2.

  32. The turtle modler “Turtle”

    They guy who invented Russian gun depression was drunk on vodka so that’s
    why it’s garbage

  33. play as the matilda

  34. My player card is Dig_Daddy420

  35. yo call me big daddy
    ping ping ping boom
    camera zooms in at the ostwind
    nazi germany flag on the background
    für das vaterland indeed

  36. Hey baron I want to show a forgotten tank of 1.63, the Swing Fire it was
    hyped a bit but then forgotten please play it.

  37. Cromwell 75mm is broken. Same matchmaking as Matilda, but faster, basically
    same armor, and almost same fire rate with a 75mm.

  38. Fuck that tank

  39. what is your video setting baron? I’m playing ultra option but I can
    recognize enemy tank better with your video than my actual game. Is there
    any mode or something?

  40. Baron you fought against one of my squadron mate that are from ZANDF

  41. tommy is more entertaining than baron

  42. baron take out the IS-3

  43. that br is too low lol… 122mm is like more than a tigers 88mm

  44. Politics, they say millennials are what is going to ruin this election.
    Well as I am a millennial I have to say having the clintons in office or in
    the position they have been in for as long as they have is a horrible way
    for the boomers (ww2 era folks)to have chosen our leaders. I for one would
    not mind Trump in office (no im not fucking retarded) if simply just for
    the change of pace. Ex-Gov Johnson or Sanders would have been the obvious
    choices but main stream media have the presidency in hand so thats why we
    have who we do in the debates compared to who we should have instead. Just
    my opinion but then again I didnt vote for Obama to begin with so our
    country has already been run into the ground why the hell not see how far
    we can fall!!! BTW im not voting this year the president has already been
    chosen by the media anyway we the people are not in charge of shit anymore
    it really is sad.

  45. Where is Men Of War Mondays???????????

  46. Baron you are playing to many Russian tanks plz play more american

  47. The russian bias goes on. T44-122, T34-100 and now this thing? They should
    put 88’s on pz IV’s and 120’s on the panther to balance this shit out

  48. Yes Baron, there are more than two candidates. I supported Bernie in the
    primaries. I’m voting for Dr. Jill Stein in November. BTW, you are the only
    game play channel I watch. It’s really the only one worth watching. May I
    suggest TYT on YouTube as a good source for news.

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