Call to Mars and Opening LOOT CRATES in World of Tanks!

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Source: QuickyBaby

Call to Mars is the latest fun mode in of ! Here's everything you need to know about the event and opening 50 x Martian loot crates!
Disclosure, 50 x Martian boxes were provided by .



  1. Stop Telling Me What To Write

    Meh, skipping the crates. Mode looks decently fun however.

  2. STOP BUYING LOOT CRATES. Punish people that do, if you see a TL7 on your side and none on the other team then just suicide and let them lose game after game.

  3. 65 boxes, single tank. I should have known 馃槈

  4. Dee-cals not Day-cals

  5. Belgium the worse country in Europe for fire arms…but hey they ban loot crates….good on em….eh?

  6. No longer can just buy the new premium tank. now you gotta buy 50+ loot crates.

  7. I remember when these special gamemodes were actually fun like the ball tank one, but now this new one just looks like some cheap knockoff mobile game.

  8. thevicar1968 vic

    So much fun lmao

  9. oh man, that is a boring mode. i’d say, that even the ramming LT432 was more interesting to play to get the witch crew half a year ago.

  10. Konstantin Kronenberg

    I hate boxes. This is just horrible what WG is doing with donations. Yes, I want to spend my money, but I want to know what exactly I will get. Same with Christmas boxes. Screw you, WG!

  11. Hopefully WG fix the issues where people crash because of the mars gamemode. You can also get thrown and crash into the cube like object

  12. I really wish WG wouldn’t put the experimental equipment exclusively in these stupid game modes. I have 0 interest in playing it, but feel forced if I want to be as competitive as possible in the game I actually enjoy. Definitely not a great way to handle things.

  13. QB: “This looks like one of the best one they have ever done”?
    Say what? Looks terribly boring. You like this more than Frontline? My favorite event by far.
    I rest my case, this is the way, I have spoken.

  14. new event is fun for like 10 mins, then gets pretty fckin boring and u need a LOT of points to grind through it, its pretty dumb event

  15. Reminds me of the lunar Rover game mode where people were driving around in IS-8 balls

  16. The another ability is the sinkhole, the yellow one in the map, which sucks the enemy vehicles around its radius and
    throws them all over the map.

  17. This mode is testing that british weeled tanks.

  18. I was bored after 10 minutes. I played for an hour to get the three missions and free stuff.
    NO WOT, I will not waste money on loot boxes.

  19. Loot crate awful

  20. Tried it a few times, rage-quit almost every time. It’s actually pretty boring. If I wanted to play Rocket League, I would play Rocket League. Also, rewards are not worth the time spent on this mode.

  21. the Mars mode for me is boring and repetitive so for those of you playing have fun but its not for me.

  22. wargaming was awfully generous to me today. Got the Chieftain P, Astron, IS3a and KV from only 50 boxes lol.

  23. what a shitting money grab company they become the greed is uncountable 50 cases just to get one tank I remember those days when I was buying 100boxes in x mas event and just to get all of those premiums
    gonna wait for x mas to get that TL7 I guess

  24. i bought 2×5 boxes and got t-44-100, one i absolutely adore, gues luck was on my side this time 馃槈

  25. 砖讞专 讗专讘讬诇讬

    the new mode are awful ,and make us keep grind to be relevant

  26. how much they paid you for this ad qb?

  27. I purchased 50 boxes. I had all tanks,but the tl7 from before. I got the tl7 and gold compensation for 3 tamks, total over 30k gold. For me, boxes was worth it

  28. Thanks. Your frustrations really helped me avoid these boxes of dissapointment. Thanks for your efforts

  29. WG Greedenest 80 level!!!!

  30. I think I’ll pass. I buy enough loot crates at Christmas to last me the full year on Gold, premium days, etc.

  31. Another poorly implemented game mod. After getting screen freeze in onslaught in mars I’m getting game crash (mainly after respawn) and falling through ground after vortex ends. GG WG

  32. Unfortunately these crates are designed very lazily, no animations when opening, no animations when you are getting the tank. But value vise I got 6 premium tanks (including both tier IX) from 150 crates, (20eur per premium tank is super cheap, especially tier IX), and as a bonus a lot of credits, crew books, premium days and x5 missions (also styles and decals, but I dont count them as value). I guess I was lucky.

  33. There are no doubles.

  34. Jan Schaffstall

    Bought 15 crates, first one got the kv5 – im happy.

  35. I got TL-7 in my 1st box.

  36. QB, if you don’t like the lootboxes and disagree with the fact WG keep forcing them onto players, then stop advertising them.
    Instead of spending half a video opening them and showing their content, just say that you disagree, refuse the boxes, that will send WG a message.

    But perhaps you like receiving and opening these boxes, perhaps you are under contract to do this, who knows.
    But please, stop pretending you are doing this to inform players. This video would have been far more interesting with just the new game mode.

  37. Wot Addict Global

    This is the most HILARIOUS Mode I have ever played!
    I have never laughed so much in WoT!

  38. I got both the Chieftain and the TL7 on the bad luck prevention box (50 boxes). The only reason I considered buying those 100 crates (75+15+5+5) is because I have all the other tanks, so was guaranteed to get the two I wanted.

  39. So, a few years back the loot boxes would come with gold and re-roll mechanic. If you didn’t care about keeping gold, that meant you could buy max 25, re-roll once for the gold that was in the crate you just opened, break even on gold and get two chances for a tank, for the price of one. Which, WG realised, was far too generous.
    So they removed the re-roll mechanic. Still, the crates would have gold in them and if you bought 50, the price would be pretty much equivalent to buying as much gold as you would, on average, find in the crates. Meaning, the guaranteed tank in the 50th crate and all the other stuff were pretty much extra. Which, WG realised, was far too generous.
    So we are, where we are. No gold, abysmal crate content, but same prices. Why? Because people will still buy it. The only reason they can monetise the game the way they do is because people don’t care, they still keep throwing cash at WG no matter how shit the content gets. It’s not the WG ruining the game for everybody, it’s the players, a bunch of grown up people, who don’t seem to be capable of keeping their money in their pockets when they are being taken for mugs.

  40. I got 15 crates and the very first one I opened was the Chieftain so I was super happy

  41. I bought 20 of these crates because I had cash to spare, and my luck was terrifyingly good
    Got the TL-7, E75 TS (which I sold lol), the T77, and the Astron Rex
    …am I going to be hit by a car while crossing the road one of these days?

  42. 50 euro every 3 months is not a bad cost, premium time carries on to next set of boxes, you dont need to spend another penny really.

  43. john stevenhaagen

    not playing this or buying any loot boxes. i can only play tier5 on anz most of time. xmas boxes yes but stealing our money the rest of the year . A big no

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