Called Me Cheater in Russian Grille 15 | World of Tanks Grille 15 Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

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Today let's play with the Russian Grille 15, because you know… Russian star is know to boost the RNG of your vehicles. 🙂

What next?

Enjoy the show!


  1. *Tell me you funniest stories when people call you cheaters and report you for NOTHING… I want to hear them! :D*
    Hope you enjoy the show, consider subscribing and catch you next time!

    • I got called a cheater by a grille 15 I blindshoted. Made me feel great to know my skill level to where I was shot from has improved lol

    • 110% agreed dez.

    • I blindshooted a fv4005 in t92 , he was behind of the house in the other part of the map . after mathc , turns out i pen it for 1400 hp , and he was mad as fk on me

    • Also I very much enjoy your videos because of your way of narrating them because it’s just great I dont know why but it is keep up the great work!

  2. E 100 DPM beast with 128MM gun please

    • Is it better?, I’m still undecided if I should get the 15 cm or not… =/

    • @Luis Abelardo depends in your game style, for me 128MM works better because it has good DPM and decent gun hundling

    • @_Coelho Zueira_ In a E100 I just go hyper aggressive front line. Which is bad enough but I can’t change my status on that tank. =P

  3. Saw the 803 roll Live. It was crazy good.

  4. Well, i didn’t get some gold but in the end its a pleasure watching you and the way you explain everything!? o boy o day i hope to be as good as you are. P. S. You are one of a kind

  5. Will never understand players who cursing enemies, especially moms. I do cursing a lot, my team ofc..

  6. I dont know who to believe! One Unicum says this tank is shit, another says its great….

    • Im not a unicum but this tank is crazy fun. Its fast and it takes big chunks out of your enemies. It can also spot for itself wich is nice

    • It’s not the best, it’s not the worst. It’s good and has a potential to be Amazing!

    • @DezGamez Thank You! I like German TD’s and I am grinding for this tank. I just realized that it is my game play that will make it a success for Me.

  7. I hit more shots with fv 4005 than with grille.

  8. The Impr. Aiming Equip seem generally quite underrated by the player base.

    • It’s great yes but I’m not going to grind 3 million to upgrade it tbh. I’d rather use the normal in the fire power slot and save myself some credits.

  9. Also fun to HE with a innacurate gun

  10. Dez, can we see a video where you Soviet a vehicle up and it doesn’t make it perform better?

  11. i absolutely hate the optics effect in sniper mode. everything turns blue. just look at 4:00

  12. If it was me I would’ve been blind shotted and ammo racked by a small caliber gun.

  13. Argh I didn’t win but HEY!, I was expecting a “comment review” just to see what they said to you. =P. I am the *WORST* player in the game, and even I received some “you’re using cheats” comments… And lol… I was in a Pz 38H (I used to complete the daily missions and farm free xp), and a guy in a Bt-2 or something like that spamming HE to me, with 0 shots pen. Not only I was accused of cheating (like yeah, I forced the other guy to use HE?) but worst than that!. This guy said he was going to send the replay to WG (I always say: feel free to do it) but he was going to HACK my PC. So I just sent the conversation to WG and guess who was banned. =P

  14. a new build: super acurate 705A or 60TP with equipment that only boosts aiming

  15. Nice video Dez! 😀 Happy Easter buddy! Btw you missed the 60tp once 😀

  16. Heyo Mr. Dez. Have you ever try the unbreakable amx 40 set up xD?!?! you have made my year with your content. <3

  17. How can I play better with EBR 105? I accept only reasonable comments. TY <3

    • not mean to be rude but after whole EBR 105 line you should know how to play it.. on the other side i understand the reason why are you asking this because tier10 is a circus on its own… just try to get better knowledge of some important locations on maps, master your movement and try to max out your view range and camo :*

    • @six feet under I skipped with bleuprints 😉

  18. It’s like they made its gun very accurate, but removed all the good sigma.

  19. Mihajlo Petrovski

    How to nerf german accurate tanks?
    add USSR stars to them and the hammer and sickle,and then grille 15 will aim for the enemies but shoot and miss it at an angle of 150 degrees to the left of where the enemy tanks is-all jokes aside i rage quitted bcz of russian “accuracy”

  20. The grille is one of my most hated tanks …… great on paper but as always the soft stats fuck you up really hard

  21. Jan Ram. Dodge2727

    what a day. I’m celebrating my birthday. And I won 10 000 gold.

  22. Aim bot Dez lol

  23. Jamie Collingwood

    I love my grille but the pen is the biggest thing holding it back imo

  24. Erik Gudmann Hansen


  25. Amazing Vid Dez loved it & totally agree on the G 15 awesome tank but have always thought the Roll of the dice was loaded =) but now maybe not lol great kills & snaps & big congratz to GOLD winners!!!! Hope u find ur Sponsor soon for all your hard work Dez!

  26. I use bounty Rotation device, vents and the aim reducer, I find it’s the insane bloom that caused the grille to miss everything.

  27. Once I was playing a KV-2 and I was fighting KV-220-2 spamming gold
    2.2k blocked and he called me a reroll after the battle

    casual Russian armor

  28. Tbh I feel like a lot of ppl feel like they win never

  29. Is it real or joke

  30. if you put instead of optics and rammer, purple IRM and Vents, then i think you can make it even better…sacrifice DPM and view range, but you can make it snapshot GOD.

  31. Could you make a video comparing v stab, gun laying drive and most importantly improved aiming?

    Also one for optics and the enemy foliage reducer I forgot the name of

  32. Udes 03 has the same accuracy as str 103b

  33. So no one in the chat won?… don’t see any winners

  34. Always making my days little better when u upload a video. Tbh at the start I couldn’t watch u bec of ur English “accent, but now I cang stop watching. Ur the best 😀 And love that u does so much for ur community


    I see has has the extra 10mm armor plate on the front.

  36. can you make a build for vk 100 01p?

  37. Dez, honestly You are showing the same tanks with same equipment over and over Again. Show us something Fresh ;))

  38. I think this is just RNG give-it for couple of games or whatever… I have same the set up and the gun is still trolling me super hard when sniping. Obj.268 (the “normal” object) is better sniper shnitzel than this piece of garbazh.

  39. Although i 3rd MoE this tank
    i still think this is one of the worst TD to play
    This gun just so disappointed
    268 just feel more comfortable with Ruski power

  40. For all german users: They should introduce the Merkel-UvdL I Tank. Bigger than Maus, ammunition: blanks and barrel bursts only, RNG is auto-aiming at every weakpoint of this tank, no camo, armor 1 mm, price per shot 100000 gold. Would be like a caricature of our present politics.

  41. I’m using bond rammer,bounty rotation mechanism and bounty aiming.

  42. never saw a grille played so aggresiv on a city map. WP GG

  43. Luís Augusto Panadés

    Bull shit. I was at 300m from a T48 Patton fully aimed with the gun just locked in and it missed 3 shots in a roll. It is not only the gun handling, the accuracy is a piece of shit. If have some battles in Grille 15 and can assure you, 4139 battles until now.

  44. Unbekannter Nr. 1

    Since i applied 15 times blue paint not camo and american stars and circon roofs on my IS-tutu
    it hits much better and bounces alot more.

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