Can DERPS Penetrate ANYTHING?! | World of Tanks XM551 Sheridan Gameplay

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks XM551 Derp Gameplay. World of Tanks World of Tanks 9 XM551 Sheridan Derp Guns.

Okay guys, you wanted to see me bringing out the with le Derp cannon. So let’s see if we can still penerate something… I do not havesuper high hopes, but let’s see! 🙂

Let me know what you think about that!


  1. What next? What do you want to see me testing next? 😛
    Hopefully no more derp guns! 😀

  2. HE not only became basically a sort of AP, it does not even work properly. Because else how one would explain 400dmg to arty and light tanks like ELC90, using HE rounds in a obj704?

  3. T49

  4. High tier autoloading HE tank?
    Ign :ToIki
    Server : Asia, HK

  5. is 3,Gigel31 eu 2

  6. When they nerfed the HE at least they should’ve made the guns accurate… Anyway can you show game play with KV-13?
    Server: EU
    User: AngelVel

  7. Hi Dez, i Would like to see the comeback of the epic Series 15 vs15 or 30vs30. Lot of tanks did changed so Maybe you can start from beginning. Thanks a lot.
    Server: eu
    Username: ms911

  8. I would like to see you play with T30, just that you can enjoy the game as well.
    Name: geri334
    Server: EU

  9. Let’s throw Chi-Ri’s pop-pop-pop into the mix and shred some tier VIs.
    EU, piotrtw5

  10. Imo, derp guns have lost a lot of fun 🙁
    Need to buff the accuracy to bring back his fun. If they buff it, they could have some chance to hit on weak points and be more reliable on doing low and constant damage for armoured tanks and from time to time those juicy pens

  11. MT-25 with ramming 🙂

  12. Nice vid Dez! Saad to see how bad the Sheridan is now… Any way, how about some lower tiers like Su-100M?

  13. Leo PTA .. play with something epic, relax a litlle 😉

  14. the whole game is going worse and worse…..its nearly unplayable

  15. Greetings…would love to see you play the t3485m with he.
    Fe44lodz. NA

  16. Honestly, the HE changes and the arty changes shouldn’t have been introduced together. That way we could see what was happening more gradually.

  17. Your channel is one of the best 👍👍

  18. xNoodleSx
    EU Server

  19. Oh so you like derps? then why don’t you play with the Churchill VII with the Howitzer?
    Username: dutchdestroyer5000
    Server: EU

  20. Syahareen Sha Rani

    So what’s the point playing the derp gun when is HE got nerfed …

  21. I would like to see you play Jagdtiger 8.8, Panther 8.8 or Progetto 46 or Char Futur with full bonds load. I wish developers did a better job balancing HE. Most of the tanks that used HE as primary are quite unplayable right now.

  22. Play Sturer Emil
    EU server: Kornists

  23. Play with tog but full crew and equipment.


  24. This isn’t the M551 Sheridan. It’s a fantasy tank created by Wargaming that they call the M551 Sheridan. Wargaming could have introduced a new an interesting game mechanic wuth this tank in the form of wire guided TOW anti-tank rounds used by the Sheridan. But, no.

  25. The HE change is the BIGGEST reason I’m not giving WG any more money. I’ll keep playing with what I have already until I get bored. Dez I’d like to see you play some ramming tank builds, KV5, E75TS, E50M, AFKPanther, PzV/IV. Name InfernoJack Server EU.

  26. Play the progetto 65

  27. King Tiger aka. Tiger 2 User : DrinkCola Server : Eu

  28. I would be happy to see you playing with SU-122-44 it’s just so fun tank!

  29. Hi Dez, very good video as always, i would love to see you play the amx 50b.
    Ign: BlackEnigma
    Server NA

  30. Make the ultimate sniper guard with awesome camo

  31. How about stb 1 or udes 15/16 gameplay?

  32. With the Field Modification implemented, i would love to see you play the Rhm Borsig Waffenträger with both of guns. i want to know if this tech tree tank is still OP or not.

    Username: LtAndi
    Server: Asia

  33. I eod love to see you play the Bulldog. I know it’s not as good since they took the 10 shot autoloader away but maybe it can still do some good.

  34. i would like to see the O-HO derp gun full He have fun 😉

    server EU
    Username: whelsen25

  35. I’d love to see you play with AMX 30B
    Server: EU
    Ign: DenyKek

  36. I’d love to see you play the OI Experimental :). Back in the days when he appeared I got 12 kills whit that beast.

  37. Play pz4h or m4 with derp gun. That is real suffering.

  38. Is really cool to see Sherridan! I do not know why but I really like it! Is a really cool vehicle despite it’s drawbacks. Personally am curious to see which of the french tech tree heavy lines you prefer,between the autoloading line and regular line.

    Username: Nebellica
    Server: EU

  39. Βαγγέλης Τζ.

    Dez and the Churchill GC! Make it real….
    Username: ET75
    Server: EU

  40. I would like to see STB 1 Folkisher on MA

  41. Play e100 next time.

    Server: EU
    IGN: AlexanderKarelin

  42. Play the tank you love the most
    nando2u / EU

  43. One of my favourite tank is obj 268 and i would like to see you play and hopefully learn something🤣


  44. Would like to see some tips and tricks with Bulldog.
    Thanks for the video

    Username: pokkepuck
    Server: EU

  45. I would like you to play Type 5 heavy after the HE nerfs

    Server EU : nightwraith52

  46. VK.30.00.2 t7 is a hidden jem, iwould like to see you play it.

  47. I want to see u playing 60TP with 8k dmg
    Username : _ AbbatH _
    Server :EU

  48. Please make tier X German light to work 🤣

  49. I’d really like to see you have a rip in the IS-4 🙂 Cheers!

    ID: HamboneDeluxe
    Server: NA

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