Can Sturmtiger Get 10 Kills in one Battle? (War Thunder)

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Source: DOLLARplays

War Thunder Sturmtiger gameplay .

Today we’re back playing with the Sturmtiger. This we’re doing “10 kills Cchallenge”. I’ll be trying to destroy 10 tanks in match with the Sturmtiger.
It’s not an easy task…

Sturmtiger was a II German assault gun built on the Tiger I chassis and armed with a 380mm rocket-propelled mortar. The official German designation was Sturmmörserwagen 606/4 mit 38 cm RW 61. Its primary task was to provide heavy fire support for infantry units fighting in urban areas.



Intro: Going Equals Winning – Magnus Ringblom
Never Right Now (Instrumental Version) – ELFL

Background: Stealing Mushrooms – The Fly Guy Five
Papa Funk – spring gang
Go Cat Go – Gabriel Lucas
Night Rider 87 – Warzone
Careless Wandering – Arthur Benson

Outro: On the Way Home – Steven Davies

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  1. It’s very possible to get 10 kills(if you’re lucky not getting bombed)
    We’ll do part 2 a bit later 😉

  2. ”Sturmtiger come to warthunder” dollar”well this gonna be my personality for the rest on my life”

  3. 03-07-17 ด.ช.ธราเทพ สุนทรมาลัย

    hey dollar i have a question so im try to use your link for the decal and 3% discount but i didnt get the decal did you change the link or else🤔?

  4. how to get that beacon/orange flaslight?

  5. some epic gamer channel

    Do a video where you play with all of the Russian milk trucks

  6. We dollar love to have fun but don’t underestimate him look what happened when he get angry 😂

  7. Can sturmtiger reload 10 times in one battle?

  8. War thunder plays raging and hating planes while having fun in tank… World of tanks players hating on arty… We have a common issue my dear sir

  9. Please don’t raise repair costssssss i don’t suicide….

  10. So many bombs in this game it is not funny anymore…

  11. I love how a literal naval size++ mortar shell of explosives do NOTHING to some tanks and that object, while smaller plane bombs create shockwaves and instagib anything within their kill radious. gaijin PLEASE

  12. Dollar do a FACE REVILE PLEAZ !!!

  13. I love ur vidios kan u pleaz do a l3/33cc vidio

  14. U just make my Day so god

  15. 9:30 this is not a bruh moment anymore
    What the actual freak is wrong with gaijin?

  16. I love those memes, Dollar you’re the best YouTuber “Gringo” I ever seen before

  17. 13:04 and that My Friends is a frustrated and sad dollar why? because he have been bombed tooooo many times by those planes

  18. When you’re so bad at tank combat you need to use cas to boost your kd

  19. another great dolla video to make my day with another revenge simulator called warthunder

  20. Soumyadeep Choudhury

    Someone should say dollar that too much smoking is bad for his health XD

  21. AA on the base of Panther. Everyday you learn something new

  22. First of all the gameplay sucks
    Wezzzzz here for the action and betty

  23. How did you learn to shoot so well with AA?

  24. Coelian. ….the best ant.air

  25. I want to see you play with the cm11 in the Chinese tank 🥺🥺

  26. It’s a small chance that you see this, but the chaos could be done even worse now that the sturmtiger got 5.7 of br lol

  27. Repaor costą od Cas planes should stary at this lvl. But costs for repaor after crash (suicide bombing) should be 5x higher

  28. Plane kill montage was beautiful, like killing annoying mosquitoes.

  29. Well in 17:30, it was a pure masterplay

  30. hey dollar, i dare you to play only with atgm

  31. Not sure how big of a difference it’s made, but the sturm did just get adjusted down to 5.7br, might have made some of this a tiny bit less painful, especially with the lowered CAS br

  32. Really enjoy your vids doller!

  33. That amount of time you got bombed brooooo

  34. playing this game you pay taxes to the Russian Federation to support the war of occupation and the genocide of the Ukrainian people

  35. Love me some Big Splody Bois.
    11:43, One thing I like about WoT is status affects because it means that non-pens might still be useful.
    Imagine just chilling in your tank and almost 300 lbs of TNT goes off right next to you.

  36. I love how this turned into a flakpanzer highlight vid

  37. Army men sarge’s heros “time to go” nostalgia

  38. can i send you a replay?

  39. EU JOGANDO e morrendo das variadas formas por bombers, frustante, agora você morrendo kkk é muito bom ver

  40. ant aereá> exercito de um homem só

  41. Hey I gotta ask, is there any good way of making silver lions?

  42. May I suggest removing that homing beacon from the top of your sturmboi to better your chances

  43. Dollar, how you so good at the game man! Too good!

  44. The object 210 was designed to survive a nuclear explosion so it makes sense you ca t kill it

  45. Dollar:
    if people still suicide it means repair cost too low
    Me, with 25 million spare lions, taking expensive vehicles, playing like a troll and still gaining money: ._.

  46. i can feel your sufering

  47. I live you dollar big fan been watching you for a couple of week really motivated me in playing war thunder even with horrible experience

  48. 5:30 that Wait timer is older than most people watching these videos

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