Can we just STOP this please? – New Auction Tank K-2 | World of Tanks Auction 2023

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World of Tanks K-2, New Tier 8 Premium Heavy Tank. World of Tanks Auction 2023 – K-2.

Day 2 in auction event and our next offer is K-2, new tier 8 premium heavy tank, Soviet heavy tank, number 13.

What do you think?


  1. so another toxic tank for T6-T8 matchmaking. GJ WG

  2. another garbage tank

  3. I would exchange my IS-6 for this tank.


  5. They will spam more and more thick armor tanks to deal with eceonomy in the game. It is fault of the players and especially streamers who spammed “premium” ammo. It has spread a lot and now we will use “premium” almost all the time. The only drawback of it is spending more silver so why not? No silver – buy premium. Higher penetration – lower damage!! If not it is clearly for the reason I have mentioned before.

  6. I would love to see a french or a Sweden tank in the auction instead of Russia, Germany and US

    • They are running out of new make-believe tanks from the western nations. NATO countries never had a billion different design plants like the Soviet Union.

    • @overcorpse I know. But they could model prototype that were designed. Instead of just adding Russian HTs…

  7. K-2 stants for Kirovets-2 (from Kirovets-1) and it is the same garbage, obsolete tank as IS-3… WG really has 0 (ZERO) respect for our community and they really take us for fools… and maybe we deserve it because we buy every shit they have for sale

  8. I wont be buying, i got the defender after all the hype and its awful, i never play it. K-2 feels almost like a defender re-skin. not fun.

  9. welcome to WORLD OF USSR if you Think this is bad Go over the past patch notes and See how many of them get nerfed Vs buffed on EACH Bloody patch going back to 0.7 I am talking WAYYYY back they nerfed soo many other tanks to keep making there TURD POS tanks remain in the spot light this is WG down fall all they care about is RUSSA RUSSA RUSSA this is why I cannot Stand the USSR tank Tech tree I would rather go down the French Line and I am a Brit saything this..!! that is how much I Hate the USSR polished Turds All of them..

  10. If i see correctly, K-2 gun mantlet under the barrel is weak, so it might be not a very good idea to raise your gun to cover roof, because then mantlet is easy to pen aswell and creates bigger target 🙂

  11. It is crap. Horrible gun, slow and the armor is worthless because of the turret

  12. Could be nice for the blocked damage mission

  13. K2 is the reason why they implemented the experimental equipment… i think you need all 3 of them to make it atleast bearable :** muck love from salty cracker :**

  14. You can overmatch the roof with 91 mm guns


  16. At least this one is selling for gold, hopefully we get something good for free XP now there’s a sale on.

  17. So glad I got TS5 instead of this lol

  18. WG might be better renting out premium tanks for a fixed period, that way they could manage the rebalancing of premium tanks.
    Of course that would not solve the problem of existing premiums, though time & power creep might resolve that issue, assuming the game lasts that long.

  19. Just based on the Thumbnail, I am so glad I no longer play WOT

  20. I would be okay with this tank as a tier 6 as long as wg went back to the old HE mechanics

  21. I would have expected to see the Udarny today not this new tank.

  22. Tbh i feel like its IS-6 all over again….

  23. I have my defender much better tank so no thanks wg

  24. War in Ukraine isnt going well, WG needs funding.

  25. open the eyes guys. Just stop playing this money-maker game

  26. They’re gonna make all the t8s on auction cost gold, arent they?
    And here i was hoping i could get myself a new premium for credits…

  27. Errr I think K-2 has super armor and the gun is not good and a normal shell penetrate 203 Damm K-2 does not op but has super armor oh normal bullet does not go fast and the Premium bullet goes fast LoL And the weakness on the head is very retarded.

  28. I’m just tired of seeing “new” russian premium tanks.

  29. Worser than 252U
    Change my mind

  30. Finaly a soviet Premium Heavy tank

  31. WG intruduces ‘bad’ soviet premium heavy, all it has is armour… 6 months later WG listens to the ppl and turns it into yet another 100% hit snap shot, bounce everything, soviet.

  32. R.I.P Strap On Gun

  33. i need to do blocking missions so i m gonna take it… since i don t have a t8 premium HT in my garage

  34. so let me understand…we want WG to stop getting money since ppl give their money non stop everytime they(WG) sell something.
    sure…its ppl to blame not WG. WG is a trash company and you cant expect any better from a trash company.
    reason i dont play WOT more than like 10 games per month till i get sick of it again…

  35. Nice sales job! [sarc]

  36. that tank is literally IS-6 without pref MM

  37. seeing how far this game has come to, i will stop here. quitting this game for good :’) back then the defender came it was shit ton op, and ever since then the powercreep has been increasing. but its no fault of theirs, its you players who continue to fund the game with your cash buy 200$ loot boxes and cry about game balance. played ever since 2012 and today will be the last. anyway you guys know its gg when wg an is4 with same armour profile at tier 8.

  38. wg hahhaahahahahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahah omg hahahhaha

  39. nope not get it

  40. remember when IS3 had that roof weakspot and they took it away

  41. $35.95 USD just for the minimum bid for the K2. $36.35 USD for actually bidding it.

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