Can We Make the WORST Tank GOOD in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

Today I'm going to try and make the Tier tank in World Tanks actually playable!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download.


  1. I love this tank, fast, great HE and view range

  2. Found a way to create the most stealthy LT-432 possible according to tanks gg stationary camo is 51.28 when not firing 38.78 while on the move not firing

    Equipment is camo net slot 1, improved compressor slot 2, and CVS in slot 3.
    Consumables are lend-lease oil, extra combat rations, and repair kit.
    Perks are brothers in arms, concealment on all crew members. also camo paint.
    Directive fuel filter replacement
    Field modifications: Valves tuning setup 2, loading mechanism tuning, reinforced spalling protection, and mobility slot. Top speed: 78 Km/h engine power: 1045.62 hp/t ratio: 38.37

  3. Short review … this is a crap tank that needs bond equipment to make it borderline acceptable.

  4. QB keeps selling equipment 2.0 — the fact is, that most if not all tanks got better … Will QB also sell (s)crew 2.0 ?

  5. Ok you sold this. I like of the Sheridan, maybe this will do too. GG

  6. Thumbnail was ELITE

  7. Don’t waste your money on this game. It’s broken beyond repair. QB and others are just a shill and will do whatever their masters tell them.

  8. I have an All-Axis account, until Italy gets a mag-fed Ferrari-esque light line this is all I’m gonna have there.

  9. what is your opinion on the Sheridan?

  10. Quackybaby world of tanks console is adding the stometirger!!

  11. This is very similar to my setup i use on my HWK 30, but I have a rammer instead of the ventilation. it seems to work quite well.

    • Seen many great games from players who used bino’s on the hwk30. Carried some of the games I was in, I literally just used my medium to farm everything they spotted several times over. Pulled the game back from what looked like a loss. Of course your free to use what you like, but I find the players with 8-9 or tier 10 and binos seemed to out spot everything when they have been on my team

  12. Can We Make the WORST Tank Game Good like it was b4 ?

  13. just goes to show how pay to win this game is now

  14. Ramiro Víctor Eduardo Paca Chumbes

    That thumbnail lol! *Mafia City! Download for free* noises lol

  15. Doesn’t matter what the camo rating is when a teammate parks directly behind the light tank.

  16. Anyone else remember the awfulpanther in the old leopard1 line? I don’t miss those days. (Leo1 was my first tier X back in the day such a horrible grind)

  17. *MAFIA City ads flashbacks*

  18. The fact you ahve to use a rare and premium consumable (bonds) just to make it playable.. nope.

  19. Yes its true equip. 2.0 is good , like i use noiseless equipment to increase the concealment on the M60 , now i can use bushes as this tank has 420 m view range

  20. Now imagine a tank with already good camo with that extra 9% lol.

  21. People need to use that HE more
    120 he pen is amazing, especially with how many medium tanks don’t have that much armour on the sides and sometimes not even on the front

  22. The 9% increase is a 9% of the original concealment value, not an absolute 9% additional increase. Go look it up

  23. You lookin nice quackybaby. Love your videos

  24. Sakuya in Maelstrom's Mansion

    Now show us the Manticore with Equipment 2.0.

  25. Mafia tanker hahaha

  26. Oh boy do I love that thumbnail!

  27. But QB i like this tank (i test it on the test server and i got first mark in 53 battles)

  28. I try it with CVS+bounty low noise+ bonds optics and it work really well to spot actually the optics helps u pierce more in cammo
    Still i prefer a manticore for team work with TDs

  29. That’s not a Rhinoceronte!? CLICKBAIT

  30. With the way this game is going, you should probably prepare for the fact that you will soon be out looking for a real job.
    Even all your promotional videos can’t change that. 😉

  31. Friedrich Der Große

    LVL. 1 CROOK V.S. LVL. 100 BOSS.

  32. How can i send Qb a replay, last night i had a game with 4k dmg and 4k blocked in t150 in tier 7 match

  33. Lol the game says 15-9 in the start

  34. In my experience, as long as your opponents (especially LTs) on the enemy side are noobs or stupid enough, any vehicle you were driving is a ‘Unicum’ tank.

  35. Ichimaru_Holly3FSt_All_Box

    WG watching this video: “Excellent, it’s working. So, this trashes don’t need a rework!” XD

  36. 10:40 shoot the tracks and he is on fire. Wtf !!!

  37. Quickybaby! My longest subscribed to guy, love your content! As always… wondering if you can ride wargaming for fixing the crew training books! You can’t use them when you throw the crew in the premium tank :/

  38. Hold on, is this the quip 2.0 that was classed as being GROSSLY overpowered if upon release?

  39. thats not the type 5 heavy

  40. Thank god you gave us the equipment this time no crew show so must be all 7s

  41. I’d still rather play this than my FV215b, that is a grind to play.
    Saying that, I’ve uninstalled both WOT & WOWS this week, enough was enough.

  42. I thought this was gonna be a video on a tank that actually is the WORST, not just a bad tier X tank. I can think of a couple dozen other tanks that are in contest for the title of WORST tank in WOT….

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