Can We Remove RNG from FV4005’s in World of Tanks?

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Source: DezGamez

World of Tanks FV4005 Stage II Gameplay, Tier 10 British Destroyer. World of Tanks New HESH and HE Ammo FV4005 Stage II Gameplay. Destroyer, Most Dangerous Tank.

Today I am going to use new field modifications combined with some juicy equipment units trying to make FV4005s gun better.

What next?

Enjoy show!


  1. I have tried max accuracy and other MEME builds… But does going full Acc + Aim time build actually helps? 🙂
    Let me know what you wanna see next! <3

  2. My God, it’s good to know Dez is staying naked & sexy… Like myself of course 🤓

  3. WoT=Diabetes

  4. IMHO the only way to minimize RNG to have a higher chance to “hit the bull’s eye” so to speak, is to maximize accuracy – which is really just the “disperson at 100m” stat. I know it’s a trade-off in a real battle situation, but at the end of the day, I’d prefer to sacrifice a bit of aim time for accuracy, just so I know that when I’m fully aimed, I’d have a better chance to actually hitting my target. Better accuracy = smaller fully aimed reticle = sigma spread around the bullseye is tighter.

    • KV-2 laughing and score a penetration on the move from 550m

    • Don’t forget RNG is a compilation since start of the game of your work(bad and right things)and for a little pourcentage of your team work(bad and right too), and it is all the time compared with your direct ennemy work(and his entire ennemy team work for few %, like for you). It evolves all the time, after every action, and recalculated fonction of your direct ennemy(if you aim an other ennemy, your personnal rng will changes). I can speak about it for few hours…
      To be invisible for players, this positive or negative bonus percentage will be applied by little (or big actions for my eyes) on all parts of the game, traction, turret rotation, aiming time, reload, accuracy, armor or not, chance to bounce or just track or missed, camo, spot, tank speed, rotation speed, penetration value, gun depression/elevation, rare incredible missed shot trough ennemy, the little stone under your track at last moment(rare), and rare too, the no-start of shell when you click to fire it, etc etc I forget here many things.
      Easier to think it is a “random” generator. Absolutly not random in real but mathematic lines of codes in WG servers.
      Sorry for my english, I am french people.

  5. I cant play wot now days because i keep getting disconnected at the start of the battle like I changed the internet it works for a while but again it starts to get disconnected sometimes i cant even log in if i delete the game entirely and download it again
    It works for a while but DC problem brings up its ugly head
    Does anyone have a solution to this stüpid problem?
    I put all the wot launchers into allow in firewall but still

  6. Feels like accuracy or gun disperssion are completely irrelevant in WoT nowadays.

  7. Did you notice that Bounty and innovative equipment no longer the boost in the right slot?

  8. Why no VStab?

  9. Nailed it. “You can do whatever you want…” Just shouldn’t call it RNG as that would suggest that there would be anything random in all of this.
    Whatever happens to your shots has absolutely nothing to do with any displayed values for anything.

  10. Conways the same for rng.

  11. “Russian” stars on this green do look a lot more like Heineken beer stars. Your shots might become inebriated from that. Be careful with drinking and sniping!

  12. DezMan u are heav Haineken tank. Stalinium its red man dezman man…

  13. Mihajlo Petrovski

    DUDE russian tanks aren’t Lego brick green
    There is actually a special paint for every nation’s tank if you want to change the nationality of the tank
    next time add that color for EXTRA rng

  14. I saw mini dez when i was scrolling on insta. Nice vid

  15. Oh hell no it was akoakko in his FV in the enemy team… if you are a German WoT player you know who he is *facepalm*

  16. This tank is joke from all aspects.. direct hit @ TVP T 50/51 front armor did only 167HP damage. wtf!?

  17. I cant play testserver when there arent any tests going on like the field mods, how can Dez play it outside of the tests?

  18. wargaming are full of S*** so quitting the game i pray wargaming get desrtoyed

  19. congrats, you now are Heineken, serving barrels of splashing water XD

  20. I see, your favourit beer is heineken.

  21. does a video about rng, aiming circle color is bright green

  22. How did u not pen a leopard 1?

  23. text on screen barely readable

  24. I hate this tank. It was the first tier X I went for and can’t stand it. It was one of those “if you can’t beat them, join them” scenarios. But I can’t win for the life of me in it.

    • Sounds like me with the jgpze100 – it only serves to wind me up now.

      Introduction of new heavy line with 2 clip autoloader which can dish out jgpz damage in seconds, has equivalent reload, has a turret, has good armour, has decent gun depression, decent speed … It just reminds me how out of the meta and crap the jgpz is.

  25. Dez… this tank is already dangerous enough lol

  26. Thanks, Dez! I was waiting for this build for months! You still have to do it one more time though… When Crew 2.0 comes out.

  27. Thanks Dez for making this tank better but at this stage still (no matter what you do) this is one of the most frustrating tank in the game and have contributed to a lot of high blood pressure to people! 🤦‍♂️

  28. Jean-Philippe Morin

    I’d like this on grille 15, because it feels like this when I play it…

  29. Jean-Philippe Morin

    Nice heineeken beer camo

  30. RNG doesn’t care how accurate or inaccurate your gun is. This is the entire problem with RNG in the first place.

  31. Is it worth faming this tank??

  32. All this stupid equipment is another reason players are quitting in droves.

  33. We want to see Jagdpeezda mobility build!!!!

  34. Dez, next time you should try 0.31 dispersion FV

  35. Nice builds. I might need to grind the Brits TD line now :p i wonder what you can do whit the borsig waffenträger and how it will effect its stats and how fast it will be when its maxed out.

  36. Kristoffer Johansson

    That RNG… To make it more playable WG Should use 2 deviations; one if not fully aimed and one if you are. The later should use normal distribution (bell curve) instead of even distribution. But that would of course not promote action packed 2 minute games…

  37. If you say russia before shooting, you will hit all of your shots

  38. *Misses 42069 shots*

    *Hits Broadside of Chieftain*

    “WHAT A LEAD!” xD

  39. Where can I activate the setting for the minimap to show tank corpses?
    Previous thanks for the answer.
    Keep up the good work Dez.

  40. Your fv looks like an advertisment from heineken😂

  41. Aim time is useless for this tank. I have VStab, -aim circle thing in first slot, I hit most of my shots. Doing damage is another topic now. You can fully aim in and the shot fly out of the circle. So Aim Time is useless.

  42. Is this test server or live? Cuz if life, why does this man have 2m gold D:

  43. Interesting video, Dez. Don’t know what they’ve done to the Skorpion G – but it’s accuracy has definitely fallen in the last few months.

  44. I give up, knowing the stats of your tank agains other tanks won’t matter anymore, because they are gonna get so modified. The only stat that can’t be changed is armor, but armor itself doesn’t matter either because of gold ammunition. I feel like the game just becomes more unpredictable

  45. It reminds me of heineken! 😀

  46. My god your crew skills are all top level just how do you get that high ?

  47. Heineken 4005, new strong dark beer

  48. 18 minutes of super entertainment. I love it 🤩🤩👍🏻👍🏻

  49. Game 12vs 12 score I met another fv4005 week ago on the same corner, we both fired imidietely ať supershort range… he bounced i did 84dmg he had 207hp. It was fucking hilarious and sad ať the same time… and yes this rework just buffed chieftains or 279 or obj 264 even more…” great change WG” as usualy without using brain cells whatsoever… avarage hit to chiefs head frontaly 200 and moustly bounce.
    Literaly no threat whatsoever

  50. Day 45 still waiting for meme review 🙃

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