Can You Beat 7 Players in World of Tanks?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks just released the Art of Strategy gamemode enabling 1 7 tank combat – but how hard is it?



  1. i liked watching your match but dont like the game mode at all. I mean let the people play this mode that wants to 🙂

  2. this just proves that p2w gold ammo + autoaim works and allows you to do something
    that’s exactly what bots do and…it works !

    wonder why there is only fkin p2w ammo on their load… -,-

    absolutely miserable

    the idea is good…execution? – disgusting

  3. When are you going to do Cobra review

  4. This mode is boring and too learning intensive. Don’t see it being a popularly successful offering from WOT

  5. For me it just makes QB look rubbish at World Of Tanks, and World Of Tanks look like a very poor RTS. Not good content for subscribers.

  6. I totally enjoyed this video. On your live streams random battles are much more enjoyable to watch.

  7. I am honestly really loving this mode, while the AI may be a bit poor it is still fairly fun, I also used it to test tanks out that I don’t have yet

  8. this was fun

  9. i like the video

  10. Rattus Norvegicus

    For what it’s worth, my favorite thing you do is when you play multiple games, with multiple tanks, and you commentate on the game. Win or lose, I always enjoy those videos and it’s fun to watch your excitement.

  11. i love you quacky babs. gottta be the best youtuber out here. perfection. not at all annoying. great commentary. i think its because you treat youtube like a “real” job and take it serious(i think you do anyway) i think ive been here for about 8 years???? i started tanking because of you and now i have an 8 year tanker badge. long time. you put time effort and thought into your work and its amazing because of it. others will dump out a video and go ” yeah that’s good enough” quicky baby vids are always of the highest standard. its almost like watching a nature documentary narrated by david attenborough.

    i supposed the only suggestion i could ever make would be to maybe do a cool cinematic shot on a rare occasion not too much to make it boring but just every so often when someone hits a really lucky/”skillful” shot go into free cam and follow it in slow mo.

    thats just a thought i had maybe others wont enjoy it and maybe they will even dislike it. im pretty sure you used to do this anyway, i remember someone did.

  12. I’m climbing up and just broke the 50% wins barrier on my account, so when I played Strategist 1v1, I didn’t expect how confusing and exhausting it would be. I thought I was starting to become a good player…

  13. A lot of the dumb AI choices can be pretty easily mitigated. Want your scout tank to sit in a bush? Put it into scout mode, and click stop when it gets there. Tanks facing thr wrong way? When you tell them where to go you can select which way for them to face. Tanks coming out from behind cover in a bad way? Set Tanks off of aggressive stance so they won’t aggro into other tanks. Also, keep in mind this is the first iteration on PC for this mode. It does have areas needing improvement. Overall the game mode is a lot of fun and once you get the feel for what tanks to bring and how to play it. Wins come a LOT easier even when the enemy camps. As someone with over 100 matches and a 65%is winrate in the mode I love when enemies camp because they give me full map control and I can easily arty them.

  14. Game modes that has been very fun to play are: Frontlines, Karl, Football, Moon mission, Halloween mission, Sturmtiger, Tank Race, Waffentrager event, Convoy, Steel hunter, winter showdown. Those are genuinely fun game modes that WoT came up with. You can Yolo the hell out as you please

  15. Playing tanker against strategist has so much sky cancer that its worse than playing against 3 arty. Id rather play randoms with 4 arty than play this game mode.

  16. I love to watch you play any mode.

  17. The worst part is that you have to play 4-5 games as a tanker just to play a single 1vs1 as a strategist, so you can’t just spam the mode and learn and get better at it instead spending most of the just 7v1 bots. I hate that decision and that’s the sole reason I’m not playing the mode which otherwise would have been fun…

  18. My problem of big braining strategies in AoS is the rewards of winning is still the same… I won twice and I got 100 points of progression. When I lose, I gain 80 points of progression. This would matter if you only need 200 points to get the daily 2 stamps, but no, it requires 240. So win or lose, I still need 300 envelopes anyway. So I just put every fast moderate armor heavies and meds and just rush every time

  19. I like watching the art of strategy game mode

  20. Lindisfarne Druid AKA Ganja Wallah

    More blatant pandering to the wallet warriors instead of finding new ways to fleece money from gutless suckers maybe they should focus on making the game playable without money..oh wait no they won’t do that will they, too many idiots who think paying for a massive advantage isn’t cheating!!!

  21. i don’t mind watching 1v7

  22. i would prefer random que because 1 vs 15 players

  23. Stale doesn’t quite cover how that meta feels, abysmal maybe?

  24. Wow lol massive props to ya QB for actually WINNING that dude! That’s extremely hard and a. Huge disadvantage lol when it’s only you and bots against 7 real players I definitely know i couldn’t have done it lol ggg

  25. i like the game mode tbh its a bit stressful and bots are really bad but sometimes you can make it work

  26. Being an NA player, my experience so far is maybe a bit odd since a surprising amount of strategists are grouping their tanks up at the back of the map and just…camping. It’s weird. Idk if it’s NA specific, but I won every single tanker battle I played today because most of them camped, and it turned out to be relatively easy to dig out. The one that didn’t camp the entire game played 4 of his tanks at the back, sending 3 out at the start but not any more of them. Very odd, I must say.

  27. if bots had at least better pathing it would be a bit better, but the bots are so bad to control, it’s weary rage inducing. when sending multiple bots to attack or occupy a position they get stuck on each other, block each other, take some awkward routs etc..

  28. I like it,

  29. Don’t the tanks take the same equipment as your own tanks?

  30. Dont like content about this mode

  31. The best example of why your tactics SUCK.

  32. Its funny how they use lots of their resources to make a game mode like this, however in modes such as advance, theres still major balancing and matchmaking issues. For eg – a new team going into an advance match gets put up againts top 50 teams with 15 chiefs every time they enter.

  33. When a mind too weak to play 1 tank plays 7 …… Myself, I won every game 1v7.

  34. QB, Art of strategy is not TEAM game except 7 vs 1. All other is typical strategy with action elements. So, if you like teams play 7 vs 1 or standard WOT.

  35. QB are you sure you love the badger?
    Last I recall you hated it.

  36. Random queue is much better. I would love to see your tanker skills more than strategic skills. Hard to perform ur best while controlling 7 tanks at once.

  37. what’s wrong in this mode is all bots shot gold

  38. I really enjoy watching this. Maybe can do a live 1v7 YT video QB?

  39. Still enjoy random more.

  40. I really enjoy watching you play the Art of Strategy game mode. It’s something new, and different than the usual World of Tanks gameplay. I hope you play and record more of it as well as your usual gameplay.


  42. Personally I love this mode, It tests your true skill without having to rely on potato players in randoms, that being said I still do kinda prefer randoms as there is no real point into playing this mode outside of the 2500 bonds at the end.

  43. my advice is remenber to take watchtower, due to strange equipment choices almost none of the tanks on commander’s side have view range above 445, I’ve been enjoying this gamemode way more in 7v1 because of that, since I’m a manticore main and my manticore is min/maxed to the teeth… On the other hand, those watchtowers have 48% camo and 450 view range and are actually effective in countering scout gameplay.

  44. The tankers use their owned tier X tanks can use fields modifications can switch between ammo types

  45. I would like to see a bit of “art of strategy” content on Twitch. Not too much, but maybe 2-3 games each stream session

  46. Kenneth Fortugaleza

    Only qb can pull this kind of comeback…

  47. I feel like this is something that somebody who’s really good at strategy in micromanaging would do very well at. Cuz you can take an average group of players or bots and you can make them into winners if you have a strategy greater than really good players. This will probably be a very niche game mode for niche players I’d be I would lose it at one versus seven all the time I’d rather, fight against bots and control bots to fight other bots. If I want to play this kind of game mode I’d rather just play like red alert old school style or starcraft or Warcraft 3

  48. I would like this for training room with botz but i don’t like the event.

  49. You are a scrub. This game is 1 versus 29 players not a team game like wow. This game mode is awesome!! So just shut up and go to bierussia and stay there!

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