Can you stop the Train in Warthunder??🤔 #warthunder

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  1. It’s a “Train”. It can’t leave its track. So, blow the tracks when it runs over an explosive under said rails and you get a high-speed derailment, no more Choo-choo. So, in answer, it takes one person with at least some intelligence.

  2. 10* 2000kg bombs

  3. Use a strumtiger

  4. “All we had to do was stop the Damm train M113!”

    -Big Abram

  5. Try a 50m canon

  6. Use Sturm tiger💀

  7. Don’t destroy the train, destroy the track.

  8. Crowbar 💀

  9. The 380mm tank: Let me introduce myself🗿

  10. Give Ivan in the first car more guns!

  11. maus and a10🗿

  12. the milk truck do the japanese plane thing

  13. @jessicaarsenault6672

    Bro a10 worthog would make easy work if this

  14. Just use the 15cm potato launcher

  15. Stürm: 🗿

  16. Why flare???

  17. “cheese”

  18. @Ohio_butt_tickler69

    Me destroys tracks

  19. The train is straight up just a metal brick with some weapons, an engine, and micro gunners

  20. “Nice, now try stopping the train from GTA V”

  21. Stumtiger laughing at the corner

  22. The milkman when you forgot to pay the him

  23. can we just salute those 3 soldiers that sacrifice their lives

  24. WT train = GTA V train

  25. To destroy it you need a couple of dudes with crowbars

  26. Nuke!)

  27. Gta 5 train laughing in the corner🗿

  28. The first guy from sacrificed his life just to slightly scratch the paint 💀

  29. The train: “nobody can destroy me”

    A Maus tank: “let me introduce myself” 😎

  30. The gta train’s baby 💀


  32. sturmtiger 🗿

  33. Rip to the confidence those men in the first one had 💀

  34. The milk truck got upgraded to the Daesh special. 💀😂

  35. Here’s a truck and here is a 20mm cannon see the difference *vsause* music starts

  36. heres a recommendation:
    place some rocks on the track, that should do it.

  37. 2 men and some crowbars

  38. He missed the train with the last one

  39. According to COD WW2 all you need is a Willy MB

  40. All fun till I derail it with a block of wood or a crowbar

  41. Suicide truck 😂

  42. I don’t do too many test drives with vehicles in war thunder, so I’m wondering is that a mod or an actual model in game?

  43. Suggestions: 50KG Bomb, Little Boy, Fat man, AIM-9 (All variants

  44. The sturmtiger : *laughs while setting the angle*

  45. “next up, Fab-5000 spam.”

  46. Try the A10 😂

  47. POV you’re a afghani

  48. Lol might have lit the coal,though..

  49. The truck really just said “Allahuackbar”

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