Canadian BIAS Confirmed! EPIC Double Ace (War Thunder 1.61 Ram II Gameplay)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. Anderson Oliveira da Silva

    This Tank is Really Beautiful with this Smooth lines, Color and this
    Design, GG man!

  2. Do the ‘merican sherman

  3. T62 plz

  4. Oh, Canada! :D

  5. im only tanksexual

  6. Doom Bringer of Death!

    (T62 and Tu 4) welcome to the apocalypse

  7. and baron i know you did it but Please do the Panzer Werfer its so fun

  8. M48 Patton & F-84b with Tiny Tims and HVRAR! Six Days War combo!

  9. Where’s world of warships Wednesday?

  10. Lunar “Eclipse” MoonStone

    HESH = High Explosive Squash-Head

  11. 11:35 that moment of realisation :p

  12. The BloodRedDragon

    The only reason you should ever Friendly Fire against your team mates is
    when they are being annoying and are getting in your way. On purpose. I had
    this one StuG ramming my Marauder. So I shot him after the sixth or seventh

  13. Research Tree preview?

  14. Mathieu Joannette

    damn right Canadian bias… we we’re the only nation thst the germains
    we’re scared of… the only nation that the germains never defeated during
    WW1 … NEVER.

  15. yoto you only tank once

  16. I have not seen the Valentine mk ix I would like to see you play that

  17. go vegan biatch

  18. Finally a Canadian vehicle eh?!?

  19. The Amnesia Grunt2356

    i know you get you “eagles” from free golden eagles, but i’m pretty sure
    that’s just something you said to get paid extra money, cause i checked out
    the app and unless you gave out your information to half the internet there
    is no way you would get 10k eagles let alone your 80k

  20. The IS 5 Obj. pls


  22. Not as good as a sherman

  23. This is the smallest patch I’ve seen in years. I hope the next patch has
    more content.

  24. T-92!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. This game looks sick, ima try it. Good gameplay

  26. The Grizzly I cruiser since it had had thicker and more heavily sloped
    armor than the M1A1

  27. richie thach (TitanicMan2)

    baron is so boring now that even Vietnam is more exciting

  28. RAMalam ding dong RAMalam ding ding dong RAMalamalamalamalamadingdong
    RAMalamalamalamalamadingdong woooooohoooooo XD

  29. Since Canada op I hereby sentence you to the Cobra King & P-39 Airacobra

  30. Ram’s front machine gunner must has a Russian relevant work in KV-5.

  31. I already have a Ram II in that other game, and its good.
    This video convince me to do same in War Thunder.

    Time for budgeting i guess.

  32. Two Tailed Warrior

    When I took it out for a spin, it didn’t end too well for my crew.

  33. Do the cearnarvon

  34. You’ve got better, Baron

  35. 6:50 that might be the T-62

  36. does anyone else think that AI’s are loko

  37. ahahaha…Baron won’t talk shit about Canadian tanks now lol…Thanx for
    being a bit more sensitive!!

  38. I think the ram depresses the gun much better at the sides. but it is also
    a risky way to depress the gun

  39. waited 8hrs to download patch 1.61 XDDDDD

  40. Boobs !

  41. Game needs jap tanks now like renault otsu and that stuff

  42. Why the F is the M3 based canadian tank stronger than the real M3, and even
    than the M4!?

  43. The music always ruins these posts now.

  44. t44-122

  45. Fun Fact about the Archer tank destroyer, it wasn’t going backwards they
    mounted the AT gun facing rearwards.

  46. I’ve heard you need a new mouse…Try the logitech G502 Proteus Core….

  47. That Strategy Gamer

    Personally while I am happy there is a Canadian tank, I don’t think it
    should be an American premium but it should be a British premium tank
    instead, anyone else think so?

  48. Hey I was playing custom battle and a tiger 2 was friendly fire on a panzer

  49. I have had a great time with the RAM II i can confirm its not OP but very
    good tiny medium tank Easy to hide and take cover behind walls etc it does
    have some weak points that you have to find out your self

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