CANADIANS Are Coming, Eh? (War Thunder 1.61)

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Source: BaronVonGamez

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  1. 6:20 that SPAA was required to stop after that barrage of cannon fire

  2. TheCanadianLanBoy


  3. This is a tank I’ll buy cause I’m Canadian

  4. Canadian over here lol

  5. As a Canadian I cannot be any more HYPED!!!

  6. How many fucking premium items are going to be in this update ?

  7. I don’t like that they lumped canada in with america. it is actually
    infuriating. No canadian wants to be associated with the states.

  8. are they going to say “i’m sorry” every time you shoot?

  9. another M4

  10. The Soviet Conquerer

    The mantlet on the front of the turret looks like a heavy duty t60 mantlet.

  11. baron you did the sung it wrong

  12. You cant mock Canada you american prick, they fougth from the beginning
    till the end, and did many many heriocs that hollywood will never write

  13. Baron I am asking you politely to STOP SINING MY NATIONAL ANTHEM!!

  14. These tanks run on maple syrup and apologize after every kill.

  15. Don’t forget a Canadian tank regiment took out Michael Wittman

  16. Ash ketchum: im gonna throw my balls at these ppl and use them for later

  17. Australian Thunderbolt…. it’s a fucking sentinel not thunderbolt, it
    drives me nuts when people use unofficial nicknames for military vehicles

  18. Looks like a Locust mixed with an M4A1

  19. Better not be over $20

  20. Dakota Tucker (CarbonFrozen423)

    “true patriot love in all thy sons command” don’t change our mother fucking
    anthem you anti-canadian culture fucks

  21. us canadians will win (i wish there was a cfaction choice for it)

  22. there should be heavier and more shots in every arty shots

  23. Canadians fighting? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  24. The Penetrator 9000

    Canadians copying Muricans, the tracks are the same

  25. The Penetrator 9000

    Canadians should make there own like the cruiser, medium 1,2,3, churchill,
    and etc…

  26. So why the fuck is it in the U.S. tree? How stupid is Gaijin hahaha?

  27. Baron the Canadians did a HUGE amount of shit in WW2. We protected the
    naval supply convoys, liberated the Netherlands, fought long and hard
    through France and Italy and a lot more.

  28. Why are there rubber on the tracks? Are they that dumb? Did they research
    it at all?

  29. nice a M4A5 Canada

  30. that first tank looks like the Sherman……..if it did coke :/

  31. I think Japanese tanks need to be considered so every nation has tanks.

  32. 6:25 Fast firing 57 pounder? Wow good for you Canada good for you.

  33. y is the turret different in the pics and the vid?

  34. ‘Terrible’ attempt at the Canadian National anthem says Baron, I challenge
    you to sing the Welsh national anthem whilst driving out any British tank
    with a Welsh flag painted on it (if that’s possible)

  35. I’m still waiting for a croc or ze sturmtiger

  36. อทิตยา อิงแก้ว

    It’s Ram from Canada. No Rem or RE:Zero intended

  37. Wtf… It’s in the American tech tree?.. Okey that’s it, Gaijin has
    officially had too much vodka. First the matchmaker then the mixed nations
    battle for realistic battles and now this.. It’s always “something”. While
    this might not be a huge deal, all this shit ads up to become one huge pile
    of shit.

  38. Keep our land glorious and free from Stalin 11:26

  39. guys,i downloaded war thunder today but before it’s complete i got
    notification “DISK READ ERROR” i’ve retry the download multiple times and
    also reboot my pc but it’s has no efect did anyone know how to fix? my free
    space on pc is 145 gb it’s should be more than enough

  40. Another cash grab

  41. That is a very nice tank
    I like the machine gun of the tank :)

  42. vanossgaming bias

  43. Captain Dreadnought

    75mm of armour and a 6 pounder? sounds pretty amazing

  44. cealera alexandru

    Collectors :)))))

  45. what about the Grizzly?

  46. why they are not adding japanese tanks already?:)

  47. why is it designated as a m4a5 a m4a5 would be the 5th version of the m4 so
    this should be the m4 prototype

  48. Ain stead of tanks they should have goalies

  49. Where de fu*k is finnish tanks and planes? Or finnish versions of some
    tanks and planes.. I’m pissed. Perkele!

  50. ThePokemonSoldier

    Canadian Tanks…
    Fueled by Maple Syrup and friendliness.

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